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I don't know what I'm doing 90% of the time. Really bad at updating things I've said I'm going to update.


Chrysalis and Celestia discover they are soulmates the second time they meet.

Soulmate-identifying marks.


Chapters (2)
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Twas cute. Pacing was really fast. More Chrysalis is always nice

Yeah, the pacing left something to be desired. But good nonetheless.

Thank you! I'm glad you think so. Cute was what I was aiming for but I wasn't confidant in my ability to pull it off.

Thanks! Understandable, those three scenes were all that I wanted to write and I didn't want to bog myself down trying to fit more in when I wasn't feeling it.

How sweet and well written.

y'know, I usually despise the whole 'soulmate' thing, as it brings to mind a few rather, ah, somewhat triggering concepts. like brainwashing. and rape. The way it's usually done tends to drift towards the non consensual, but you managed to stray away from mainstream. I genuinely enjoyed this. Well done.

wait wtf have you read to think that having a soulmate is bad?

Not bad. Wish it was a little more fleshed out.

Cute, little fast.

Thank you!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

If I can motivate myself I might turn that last scene into two or three different scenes, do a bit more showing than telling. We'll see.

I just wanted to actually finish the story and see how I felt about it before I deviated from my original plan. At least then I'd have a complete story even if I decided not to expand it.


I'm sorry I don't know which soulmate fics you've been reading
All the ones I've read have been pleasant

That was wonderful and I desire more.

I'm glad you liked it, unfortunately I cannot promise anything.

I'll take a soft "maybe".

At least source the image! Lopoddity is a pretty well known artist, I hope you got permission. Link to the original is here!

Apparently the wrong one. It was a while ago, but I can still remember enough to know that it left me with the impression that the concept of soulmates was a bit rapey as a whole.
Edit: the first book in the series was A Court of Thorns and Roses, or something of the sort, and the way the series did soulmates was pheromone based and very rapey/brainwashy

Now, with all my revulsion of the concept as a whole, I still want more of this. This is good. This is sweet. ΖœΙ› ΠΈΙ›Ι›βˆ‚ мσяɛ.

That was cute, but that pun was horrendous. Good job :rainbowlaugh:


Well there's your problem right there. There were fey involved.

There's something sweet, yet inherently creepy about this kind of interpretation of soulmates.
It's love, pure love and affection with no strings attached and it's beautiful. Yet it also seems to be compelling one to get together with their destiny chosen soulmate. It's the dilemma of Love vs freedom of choice and which you think is more important.

Of course I don't know the specifics of this specific interpretation in the story. It's just an interesting thought trail to follow.

Great story by the way. Despite my theories on the more glum nature of the main theme, it was written rather well and I enjoyed the story.
You get a mustache of approval :moustache:

Thank you for the eloquent response! I won't confirm or deny anything because I'd rather leave such topics open to interpretation, but I'm glad you found some enjoyment in it.

Fair point. Fair point indeed. Maybe I should just steer clear of fae romance stories? Actually, come to think of it, maybe I should just avoid any stories written for a primary audience of horny teenage girls?

So fluffy and saccharine it's practically cotton candy.


This whole soulmate thing is stupid. This story on the other hand is very neat. Good job.

I seem to remember another Soulmate fic that addressed that. I can't recall the title, but it was a RariTwi fic where Rarity, upon finding her soulmate one day, still decides to stay with Twilight.

Very cute, very fluffy. You have succeeded. Thank you.

Comment posted by thefroggyninja deleted Last Friday

" No . You couldn't have known. Okay?" Chrysalis shuddered and drew in a deep breath, but eventually submitted to her mates' wishes.

That should probably be " 'mate's." The first apostrophe indicates contraction, but an apostrophe after an "s" indicates collective ownership.

Do you mind if I suggest another? I will PM it to you if that's alright. Granted, I don't know if you'll care for the pairing or not, but still. Figure I can offer.

Dang, my heart can't keep up anymore.

Sure. Go ahead. I would love to cleanse myselves of this affliction

*sharp inhale*
Okay. I have mixed feelings about this, because on the one appendage, this is absolutely adorable, but on the other appendage, this is also exactly what I would do if I had a signifigcant other.

Yay! An extra! And it was just as cute as the first bit! Thank you!

Too adorable!!! Must have more!

I was an idiot to not read this story sooner. And this update made a great story even better than it was before.
Edit: you have earned a new follower in me.

Chrylestia is the best thing :twilightsmile:

More Cheesecake is a good thing.

Can you recommend a few? And whose getting together. :twilightsmile:

Don't look at me like that I had some free time.

*Looks even harder*

I'm still wondering what the rest of Equestria thought about Celestia marrying someone who not only tried to take over the country once, but twice.

Anyway, nice chapter!

Their not mlp ones tho

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