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A soul mate is a rare and precious gift.


Celestia isn't so sure about hers.

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Inspired by AlphaRidley's I'd like to soulmate with you.

Art by StarBlaze25.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 66 )

Well that was a cute story, honestly glad tia had to kick bug butts ass first before any serious talking happened.

Daww, such a sweet ending. I love this.

"'I'm sorry.'"

Such a beautiful little knife to slip between Celestia's ribs.

I can see Luna doing the calculations now. "This should give me roughly 438 years worth of ribbing material. This is better than the chickens!"

She was just in it for the love energy. That was all.


Mhm... Sure, Chrysy... sure...

Oh, wow, I am really looking forwards to getting a chance to read this! Hopefully later this evening :twilightsheepish:

Chrysalis: Not like I like you or anything.

Tsundere bug is adorable bug.

That went well.

Why do I feel like I've read this before?

You might be thinking of this fic?

That or just... I dunno. It's not an uncommon premise.

You appear to be correct. The little checkbox by that story's first chapter was ticked indicating that I've read it before.
Knew there was something familiar.

I am so happy you wrote this! Those two are definitely the most interesting pairing in MLP. And the notion of them being forced together like that makes for a great story. I liked how it took us through A Canterlot Wedding but then changed it once they met, that was a good change of course. Also, I loved the way you built it up with the opening chapter, it made those few paragraphs of the fateful words being said really very dramatic indeed. A fantastic way to bring Sunset's backstory into it, too.

I had a few issues, here and there. Aside from the entire tsundere thing being hideously problematic at best, I just don't think it fits that well with an immortal character. You'd think that after six centuries with themselves as the only constant company, they'd know themselves, and be honest with themselves. And the ending, hmmmm - none of Chrysalis' points have actually been addressed. Ponies will tame and defang changelings, whether intentionally or not, and ultimately leave them defenceless. There is nothing ponies require from changelings in anything like the absolute sense that changelings require love from ponies, so changelings will forever be effectively enslaved by whatever conditions ponies wish to set. Hard to see Chrysalis condemning them to that fate as her 'being a hero.' I liked the way you wrote Celestia's perspective during their fight, but it felt rather one-sided. I liked how that fit with Chrysalis already running on empty, and agree that changeling strengths are very much subterfuge and not direct confrontation, so it made sense. I just think the pairing works better when they're more equally matched.

I liked how you showed Chrysalis being present through the intervening scenes, especially the maid Celestia barely even noticed other than to thank for tea. I also really liked the quiet, unassuming nature of Celestia's private quarters, and her forgoing tea for something stronger. The line about moonshine was great too. I'm not much of a Cadence fan, but I really liked the idea that all her outrage over what she's gone through at Chrysalis' hooves was balanced out by 'Yes, but, soulmates!' ...I also like how there was no mention of Cadence and Shining Armor being soulmates :trollestia:

I wish there were more Chrylestia stories on the site, and this is definitely a good addition to their ranks. Thanks again for writing! :pinkiehappy:

She was just in it for the love energy. That was all.


For a shapeshifting monster whose very being is centered around deception... You're a terrible liar.

This story is inspired by another story of similar premise.

Very intresting, though the chapter 7 at the start confused me at first, I double checked started at first chapter of story


They always appear somewhere readily visible. On a quadruped, such as a pony, this may be the neck or the face. On a biped, such as a minotaur, this may be the face or the palm of the hand.


Coincidence? I think not!

I can see how that little revelation would alter events rather dramatically.

That was fun. Love Luna’s reactions especially.

Diggin it :D

Short, sweet, and straight to the heart of the matter. I love the unique addition of the soul-mark and how it played a twist on the "first words of your soulmate" trope. I would love to see Chysalis' side of the story and learn about what the changelings know/believe about the soul-mark.


Oh look, nobody died. About the best you could hope for really, given the circumstances.

Has little Twilight Sparkle made it home to her library tree safe and sound?

...The only reason a library tree is a "place of importance" is because a certain purple mare sleeps in it, and runs it. If it wasn't for her, like it was before she first moved to Ponyville, I'd bet good bits no changeling would care in the slightest about it.

Absolutely brilliant!
Original and engaging storyline, very well written.
Look forward to more from you.


aaaaaaaaaaaa this is a really good comment. Okay. Let's see.

Aside from the entire tsundere thing being hideously problematic at best,

Yep, can't argue with that. I probably could have defused some of this by being a little less flippant in the closing lines, but I didn't even pick up on it until just after publishing. Next time.

...I just don't think it fits that well with an immortal character. You'd think that after six centuries with themselves as the only constant company, they'd know themselves, and be honest with themselves.

This is the part where I huddle behind a thin shield of artistic license! This is pure character interpretation on my part; all the canon examples we get of Chrysalis seem to demonstrate someone who is a) stubbon, b) proud to the point of mania, and c) aggressively uninterested in introspection. I don't think it's unreasonable to for her to be someone who would be deeply in denial about any hint of sentimentality she feels--she'd see it as weakness, and something to be abhorred.

Which brings us to...

...none of Chrysalis' points have actually been addressed.

True! And this is the weakest part of the story's framing, I think: I (almost) never allow the PoV inside Chrysalis' head. That means that unless her actions reveal her thoughts, or she says it outright to Celestia, we have no idea what she's thinking. And her entire decision making process here is internal, and goes something like this:

In canon, she gets blasted out of Canterlot after overplaying her hand, revealing the changelings, and all her work is for naught. She's got no choice but to scramble to find some kind of solution (and presumably does). But here, she flees of her own accord, and remains in (or near) Canterlot because she's intensely curious now that she's realized who her soul mate is convinced she can salvage this somehow. But then she meets Celestia who promptly wipes the floor with her, which impresses the hell out of her.

Even though she manages to turn the tables on Celestia afterward, Celestia's words still leave her rattled. It's an inflection point; if anything had happened in that moment to send her winging away, events probably proceed pretty similarly to canon. But here, she has a moment where she's alone, desperate, and the consequences of her choices are crashing through her mind...

...and maybe Celestia doesn't seem like such a bad choice.

But! All of this is internal! And it is at best, implied. And it makes total sense that not all of that came through. That's on me!

I wish there were more Chrylestia stories on the site, and this is definitely a good addition to their ranks. Thanks again for writing!

Thank you for reading and leaving such a detailed, thoughtful comment! I love it! I want to respond to every piece of your comment but don't have tiiiiiime

damnit! I didn't realise this was the epilogue and was fully geared up to see what happens next.
Fantastic work though

The concept of soul marks reminds me a bit of the Solar/Lunar bond in Exalted. You may find this person and they will be a powerful force in your life. Romantic, platonic, advisory, or antagonistic.
It's a very cool idea narratively here, though I wonder if Celestia hasn't spoken to disguised Chrysalis at all before the wedding to have the words match, or does it not count because she wasn't knowingly speaking to Her. Same in reverse, Chrysalis would have been knowingly speaking to Celestia. Maybe it only covers their first true meeting I suppose.

well, somewhat of a disturbing premise, and rendered free from the usual overarching lovesongs, but very interesting bit of writing, and certainly leaving me wanting more :)

Low blow.

Jeez, talk about paranoid.

Royalty brawl!

"It's not like I like you, b-baka!"

Nice story, i like it.

Very interesting. Some thoughts.

First, it’s kindof odd that you can only have one soulmate at once. Doesn’t seem to match reality. Ah well.

Second, I very much like that it specifically doesn’t have to be romantic.

Third, saying that they aren’t divine because the beings in question aren’t otherwise remarkable seems to be rather missing the point :p

I. Want. MORE!

Edit as of July 26, 2020; this is still true.

I was wondering that too, whether Celestia might have already heard the first words from Chrissi and missed them because she was in disguise.

So yeah, that’s a notable addition to Soulmark theory actually: the first words directly to you when you are both capable of recognizing each other.

Also, we now know that they can be magically concealed. Lings don’t always show them regardless of form. These two facts may be related.

And that’s going to change things isn’t it?

Side note, I really liked Luna’s cameo and the way Celestia wanted to apologize but Twilight has already been trapped.

Not sure what this has to do with celebrating LGBTQ people, but it was fun.

She’s Chrissi. I wonder if that’s true, or if she’s just learned enough to hurt her.

Chrissi’s paranoia, this is a serious friendship problem. Fortunately they’re already heading to Twilight. She specializes in this.

But yeah Chrissi, if you wanted to ENSURE Celestia tried to kill you, that’s how.

That was a heck of a throw down, and then the exchange afterwards. You can already see how they’ll complement each other once, you know, they settle into the rhythm of all this.

But whether friends, lovers, or gadara, you’re definitely selling how they’ll matter to each other.

Just keep telling yourself that Chrissi. Whatever keeps you sane. Wait...

But yeah. I don’t expect Chrissi to be ready for a healthy relationship of ANY kind right away. But it’s a start. Definitely a start.

Ended to soon. Needs a sequel and more content. I want to know the aftermath and more funny moments. Will Celestia ever get a new teapot?

Comment posted by RegMoD deleted June 10th

But... that had been before Twilight's uncharacteristic, shocking outburst during the wedding rehearsal. She'd known that she and Shining Armor were close, but to be this jealous and protective? Especially with Cadance? The girls had always gotten along beautifully—what could have happened?

I don't know - maybe the fact Cadence wasn't acting like Cadence? She was extremely out-of-character, and not just because of wedding nerves? Because Twilight had spent so much time with Cadence, especially as a filly (where younglings are often more observant and pick things up easier than adults), that this much OoC was a major red flag?

You, Celestia, told Twilight's friends to listen to her and consider her problems back when she used the Want-It Need-it spell, remember? Yet none of you remembered that for this incident; not even you, Celestia, who had spent the most time with Twilight out of them all. You, who should have known Twilight the most, failed to realise she might be onto something; she might have a reason for being so aggressive.

Pretty stupid though, to be honest. Insinuating she killed Sunset is an excellent way to ensure the changelings are hunted at every turn. Now that their existence has been exposed, taking what they need by force is going to be far harder. Not really an ideal situation for them.

This chapter got a chuckle out of me right away. 'Conflict Resolution' opens with Celestia utterly crushing Chrysalis in a fight.

Error: Tale of Soulmates missing scheduled update. Recommended action: Sequel to be written.

Well, Celestia and Chrysalis are both females, and they are soulmates. Lesbians, if you will. There is so much Lesbianity on this website that the implication that this is supporting LGBTQ almost goes over one's head. You just kind of take it for granted with all of the appledashery.

Haven't read this, but it sounds like it's the sort of gift where you hope that someone kept the receipt so it can be exchanged :trollestia:

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