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Tallest of all the bronies! Maybe. Socal resident that likes ponies, war related things, and the use of the word saucy. Feel free to drop a line or whatever. I love to talk with people. Brony on!

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Do you mea Twilight?

298477Oh wow thank you for pointing that out:facehoof:

You've got me interested. I'm looking forward to more.

So wait... are the Characters that Miles meet are sort of Human version of the ponies? or is Miles going to be sucked into i different dimension???:rainbowderp:

302649 Dont worry baby bird, ill feed you...:pinkiehappy:
umm i cant say but once i get to chapter six, most will be explained:moustache:

Okay, definitely enjoying it. Well done sir.

304583 Thank you sir but.. we've only just started :trixieshiftright:

:fluttercry: NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE!!

inb4 first fags

Outstanding. I would love more character development but at the same time I'm itching to get to the HiE part of the story.

Well done, looking forward to more.

Very similar currancy system to D&D. Very interesting story I was thinking this was a crossover with halo but I'm not sure.


318126 Nope no cross over. The money system actually just came to mind when I started all the pre-writing stuff


It's a very common currancy system and it works well. If anything this story reminds me more of a game called "Shadow Run". A science fiction magic and techno logic game. I will say its interesting so keep up the good work.

318244 lol my friends play that. thanks Ill try my best to keep it ineresting:twilightsheepish:

Nice little ending *man tear*

Haha I finally caught up:pinkiehappy:

Miles is so proud he bested twilight with his penis:moustache:

305074...............Now i am even more determanded to read all of these.

Fire the cannons of first!

329771 ...at your face
F@cking firsters

NEW CHAPTER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm very interesting I can't wait to see what will happen.

Seeing an update for this story made my day. I always love when stories have a question and answer chapter.

Holy crap Im first:rainbowlaugh:

First at 2:37 am what:coolphoto:

That's. Hard core bro

Ha ha ha, "how the fuck ya like me now..."

Love it.

Add that to my bucket list. Fist fight a bull. Maybe I'll put it towards the bottom. If in 40 years you hear about a 70 year old man being killed by a bull for some unknown reason, yeah....

Bull riding is about the same as fighting one. I have a crazy nephew that dose that kind of crap so I know how bad the brusing can get. If he had a front armor plate on he might have been fine but it was lost from being burned by the magic.
Great chapter keep up the awesome work .

346977 it wasn't burned off. it was removed when Eximius healed him on chapter 7(7 or 6).
thanks for the support :pinkiehappy:

inb4 morons... rly great work on this man... i c u churn em out pretty fast too


only one problem im finding, but its a personal one... i read rly fast... :twilightsmile:
so 3000-4000 words is quick work for me... :raritycry:

352698.......Oh my gosh i read fast too......:raritycry:

Great work as usual!

Ha! Just finished yesterdays update not half an hour ago and here is another!

It's gonna be a good day.

this confuses me in a good way.

354205 honestly, th' whole premise of th' story.

354223 well to put it simply Miles is a soldier in equestria. If thats too vague send me an amail and I'll try to explain it better

man tear for the last part

First story I've read that has this much backstory to it. I have a feeling I'm gonna enjoy this greatly.

ADDENDUM: First MLP: FiM HiE story that has so much interesting backstory.

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