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Hearts and Hooves day is a day to be celebrated. Indeed, the whole of Manehattan set itself up for the day of Love. Pink streamers in Mane Street, couples posing together, discounts on the most romantic restaurants, swaying ponies, joyful smiles... it all accentuated the urban sights.

But not everypony can afford to live on Mane Street. Happy Bundle sure can't.

So she planned to celebrate this date in the same way she survived all other dates of the year: with alcohol, succor, and not a single second of daylight more than necessary.

She just forgot an important detail.

Many thanks to Bean, Mykola, RDT and Gay For Gadot for directly critiquing this piece, and everyone else on Bean's Writing Group for the support and feedback.

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Comments ( 6 )

Still a wonderfully sad story, and holds up to multiple readings to truly appreciate the foreshadowing.

What a way to start off a piece. It was tough to stomach, but so are many things worth reading. Wonderful work as always, pulling on those heartstrings.

Fuck, dude. I don't know what to say to this one except that you sure know how to be short and snappy as brutally as possible.

Hmm It is not really a pony story.

Damn, it sucks that Bundle is so relatable; intimacy really is a cruel thing. This is an absolute sucker punch straight to the heart.
10/10 bang up story as usual.

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