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Everyone knows the Dragonborn! The savior of Tamriel and the slayer of dragons. But what happened after the events of Alduins defeat and the death of Miraak and his Dragonborn Cult? No one knew, except of the greybeards and Paarthurnax. He spends most of his time meditating at the Throat of the World, pondering what he can do to feel useful once more. So Paarthurnax teaches him one final Thu'um. A Thu'um to sent him on a journey anew. Now he finds himself on a path on which he cannot turn back, he will find new allies and friends, he will have a purpose once more.


Hello everyone! I've been playing Skyrim for so long now I started to feel a bond with my Character, then this popped up within my overly chaotic brain.
Btw, the armor he wears here is the Nordic Armor that came with the Dragonborn DLC, and the same for his sword.
(Cover art belongs to SeanDonnanArt, go show some love!)
Gore tag for minor gore, sex tag for hinting at it and possible sexy times in the future.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 55 )

With this chapter, you have my eye looking to this:trixieshiftright:

I want you to go to Ponyville and keep an eye out while I sent another platoon to the old castle.

You mean 'send'

With this chapter, you have my like:ajsmug:

And with this chapter, you have my tracker and a new follower:eeyup:

I love skyrim story's like these, this one in particular is quite Good.


If he truly was bored would he not learn the master spells if so this would be my favorite fic if not its still up there.

Heh minor detail that passed my watchful eye xD
Glad you have taken a liking to it. t'is good for my moral ;)

Well it passed my mind a few times, but I wanted to stay true to the lore concerning the Nords. Their distrust towards magic had grown onto him but does not shun those who practice it.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. :twilightsmile:

7828276 mine too keeping an eye on this

7828432 fair enough, if you can be bothered to write one about an arch mage in equestria I will be on it like blowfly's on legham. But still I will be watching this one, always watching.

I realy like this! i mean i <3 LOVE Skyrim and MLP i love this!!! :moustache:

Glad to hear that, I hope I will continue to entertain you and the other watchers.

...hes gonna eat Angel bunny!
can i have some?

I can't confirm nor deny the fact that he might have eaten Angel Bunny.
Though I think he would gladly share some.

I'm waiting for the rag dolls from a very certain shout...FUS RO DAH!

You need to be patient, for it WILL be used later on and ponies will fly and not in a good way xD
I try to use all the shouts that are known in Tamriel.

*Insert evil chuckle, followed by laughter*
As it should! Hahahahahaha :pinkiecrazy:

I thought that the Dragonborn is immortal because of all the dragon souls.

7849194 perhaps his soul is but not his body or he is an ageless immortal but can still die to normal causes even if he has greater resistance to such things due to him having a dragon soul and absorbing many other dragon souls:applejackunsure:

Idk.... just throwing theories here:unsuresweetie:

From what I could find in the lore, the soul and blood of a Dragonborn make them indeed more durable but they are not immortal. While they are known to live somewhat longer (depending on their work, duh) than most other races of Tamriel they can still succumb to age, poisons and diseases. While the 'normal' people might see them as immortal they are just like you and me, just stronger and more resilient.

This is what I could find but I'm sure there are many theories out there that claim otherwise. So please don't quote me on this xD

7849396 *goes off to a scientific study to quote this*:trollestia::rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

Not yet! but you are going to!
I'm watching you.... :duck:

Good chapter, two things that put me off though. The dragonborn speaking to himself would flow much nicely as internal monologue, since he is speaking to himself for no reason otherwise. The second is the debreifing that the thestrals do, and how the commander explains the dangers after they have already searched the rest of the forest. I also don't understand why they would search the rest of the forest anyway if they thought he was at the castle in the first place? Seems like a waste of time.

Other than that:
"The forest was quite since most creatures..."
I believe you mean to have "quiet" there.

There are some confusing bits also, but I am no editor so I will say nothing, my writing is filled with confusing bits too.

Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for pointing some things out and I will fix them when I come to it.
As for the debriefing part, I'm not a military tactician so I'm trying my best to be as reasonable as possible. But I agree that it was a little tactless for me to put it there xD
And for the part that they searched the forest. They had a hunch that he -might- be at the castle, but he could have been sleeping in the forest if he was out and about or something. So they took the precaution of making sure he wasn't within the forest.

Thanks again for pointing these things out for I will try to be less confusing in the future! :ajsmug:

As for now the thing you could really improve is the sequence of tenses... in a few places (I'm sure a simple slow careful rereading of your text will help you to catch those). But TBH it doesn't interfere the reading much. I'm keeping an eye on this definitely. Thank you for an interesting approach.

Nope, I'm just very busy IRL with school and work. I'm still working on it, but never get around to posting something.

I wish Miraak would be a follower somehow in the game, that would be great, right? I mean, having the first Dragonborn fight alongside the last Dragonborn, that would be epic to say the least.

So.. Hypothetically speaking? Does he barbecue it or grill?

*drops poison joke on your head* just the one actually.

"From the report that Shining Armor personally told me, it used some kind of magic to deflect four tier II seductive bolts with ease.

Seems like an odd way to subdue an enemy.

Still working on it. work is simply getting in the way. so I only have a limited time in which I'm able to write.

but it's on its way.

Odd, but more than likely effective. And the ponies being a race at peace for so long, of course they would use gentle means of incapacitation.

Makes the affected see the ponies as giant fluffy pillows. Or in de Nords case a large tankard of mead. :trollestia:

And make Kahjit see large piles of gold, moon sugar, and skooma!

Kahjiit always sees skooma. even when drinking nordic mead. This one speaks with experience.

*In the background, you can see a high elf with... colorful clothing laughing his ass off... Literally. As well as another high elf wearing Deathbrand's armor with a stahlrim war axe on his waist and a palm on his face. * "Honestly, I should have seen that coming." Says the icy one.


Oh, fantastic, you got Merlinius Sheogorath to laugh so hard he'll be in stitches for the next month. Good thing my Oblivion playthrough was well and done with. And yes, MD, you should have. (Merlinius Dovahkiin. Surprisingly, sided with the Stormcloaks.)

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