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Just your average hobby fanfiction writer and everyday highschool student. I like MLP, anime, and video games.


And Yet I Must Scream · 9:01am Feb 25th, 2016

So uh, my computer wiped everything off my hard drive today.

Not the unimportant one.

Not the one I selected.

The one which literally had just under a terabyte of stuff on it from my five years of high school combined with all the music, videos, documents I had stored on there.

Stuff that was irreplaceable, important, and will never get back. Some things with which I actually NEEDED tomorrow and also included everything I had on the future chapters of my story.

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2110721 Agreed, it's weird, in just 2 1\2 months, I've managed to gain a bunch of followers, with you being #29!
(I joined the site in November on the 26th)

2110717 The fact that we seem to share the same interests is a good start wouldn't you say? :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow and welcome to the crew! What made you decide to follow me?

Thanks for the follow!:twilightsmile:You have gained a stalker....

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