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See historical references on my stories, and also amateur writing.. Kofi!


Twilight Sparkle, diligent protégée of Princess Luna, has been tasked with supervising the Lunar Moon Celebration in Ponyville.

However, as it comes to a close, Daybreaker returns from her millennium-long imprisonment. Now, with Princess Luna at death's door by Daybreaker, Twilight plans to find the Elements of Harmony to use against her, and stop Daybreaker's wrath against the entire kingdom.

Thanks to Lord Regulus, Arkadios and the fellow writers at discord for proofreading my fic for me and giving me advice!

Cover art by DarkFlame75, unfortunately artist hasn’t been online in recent years, at least where I’m aware.

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What is it with Celestia being a paranoid bitch anyway? Not the only story where she is.

“PFUUUHHH!!” as Twilight spat the remaining tea she was sipping right at Spike’s face.


“Good evening changelings, thestrals, and ponies alike, my name is Colter Hoofkite.

thestrals are also ponies so it wouldn't be appropriate to refer to them separately.

other than that good story

Lunar Republic story? Wow, never through that Luna have a lot of fan that like to take down her sister.:duck:

I wonder why Twilight didn't use magic to fix her mane after RD messed it up... :facehoof:

Edit: I JUST realized that was an old comment... I uh... heh... here it is anyway:

In my meager experience celestia is in a prime position that effects the entire world, and subsequently, the story quite easily. So she is often the subject of alterations to achieve a desired effect.
Or she is used to explain certain things in the world, like: "why there aren't many non-ponies in pony society, why ponies don't know many non-ponies, and why changelings have to hide COULD be because she is xenophobic and keeps them away."
Also she is just fun to play with... lots of room to mess around with her character to create DRAMATIC changes to not just her, but everything around her.

There are a quite a few "versions" of her.
My personal favorites are "Mom-lestia" where she is more of a motherly character, and "cracked masked celestia" where she is struggling with her past and mistakes but she is trying to still build a bright future so she hides her pain until she can't anymore.

Here are but a few more generalized categories:
There is also "overbearing ruler celestia" or "tyrant celestia" (depending on severity) where she is a paranoid bitch and/or extremely manipulative for what she believes is the necessary path for equestria.

"Broken celestia" where she was broken completely by something... this is the version that is most often used in making Daybreaker in my experience.

"Standard ruler celestia" where she is a bit more of a boring side character who happens to be a normal queen who just does what... she does...

She even has "stereotypical politician queen celestia"

She is a popular character to mess around with... and tends to go through trends.

Hahaha, I actually appreciate any kinds of comments, It's fun to read them!:raritystarry:

Twilight is being rather mean but it is fitting considering it is the first episode. looking forward to more chapters

True, but they're often depicted as having a significant difference in culture from regular ponies, so it's rather understandable

As for the chapter, I'm surprised Donut Joe didn't specify that the TV would be for the restaurant, after all it sounds like a luxury item, so having one could bring in customers that can't afford one of their own.

Most productive and peaceful parliament session in Asia :troll:

I swear the parliament of my country is this close to being a brawl pit.

good chapter

Spike didn't see Angel on Twilight's head all this time?

Twilight is a bitch. There is no changing my mind.

I want a flying moving cart to fall unto Twilight's fat head for what she did here!😡

Guess the Elements of Harmony will say *nope* to this bit**! :ajbemused::rainbowderp::raritydespair::flutterrage::pinkiesad2:

“What a party, when the host herself kicks the planner out.” one of them muttered on as he passed them.

Yeah, a party she didn't even ask for in the first place

Nice... shall give this a read.

the virgin "scared of trees" vs the chad "laugh at shitty jumpscares"

looking forward to more

Damn, i really havent read this story in a while, Sorrie🇷🇸

hm, I wonder will this just be rewrite the 1st 2 episodes of FIM but Luna replaces Tia or Will it be something different

“Turns out it’s just a book that’s so bland, that it would rival you, I can’t even use my imagination to think of it, and I have a great imagination!”

Spike didn't need to be this harsh 😭 💀

Interesting story. Added to read list. Good work! :twilightsmile:

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Very interesting. I look forward to continuing your work.

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