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Wings of Black Glass

The worst fanfic ever written is still better than the greatest story never told.


Shortly after becoming an Alicorn, Twilight asks the princesses about her new body. She doesn't get the answers she expected. Instead she gets a series of secrets known only to the other Alicorns, as well as a revelation which might change Equestria forever.

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An then Flurry Heart was born 3 seasons later.

Interesting perspective on alicorns.

Ohhh, that is a nice piece of headcanon regarding Flurry at the end there.

A good take on the alicorn "ascension".

Good story!

the idea of alicorns being created with a spell is actual fact if the comics are any indication. Sunset shimmer (before Equestria Girls), found out Princess Celestia does in fact know the spell and could have done it at any time. This was what also lead to her losing her place as Celestia’s protege and her self imposed exile.

Except The Journal of the Sisters mentioned an entire tribe of natural-born alicorns that Celestia and Luna would've belonged to.

While i both havent read it nor doubt your claim, the Alicorn spell does exist.
Besides that, when Flurry Heart was born, Princess Celestia (or Princess Luna) said she had never heard of a natural born alicorn.

Its definitely a glaring contradiction, though i guess thatll happen with mulitple media formats; somebody is gonna fuck up the canon somewhere.

To be fair, they said the birth of an alicorn was something Equestria had never seen before. And the Journal said that the alicorn tribe had disappeared at some point.

Hey if official cannon can't keep it straight how can you expect better from fannon? That's pretty much why we get the contradictions and plot holes in the shows. One source says one thing another source has a another explanation for the same thing.

This is an interesting take on how the Sisters seems to be much less powerful than their reputations imply and how Flurry could be the first naturally born alicorn.
I tend to go with the explanation that Celestia and Luna were not born in Equestria and where raised by unicorns. Explaining how "Equestrian has never seen a natural born alicorn" and the sisters ignorance of their own race. But like I said this is a interesting take too.


Ok, so I haven't read the journal of the sisters, or any of the comics. I was proceeding along the lines of what was said about the birth of Flurry in the episode itself and taking that as canon. By that measure, Flurry was the first natural born Alicorn and I extrapolated what that might mean regarding Luna and Celestia.

The point i was making was that your story holds some actual truth.
I understand that most people on this site havent read any of the comics or other stories that are supposedly canon (Like how i mentioned i didnt read the tale of the two sisters). I was just chiming in that this story could have been entirely possible.

I am making an attempt to make all of my fictions fit into canon wherever possible, as well as all of them part of the same continuity.

How do I sign up to be part of the "Alicorn Bone Squad?"

I’m surprised she didn’t inquire why they didn’t just give the power to everyone.

I thought about asking that directly, but concluded the answer was

The three races of pony have thousands of years of history and culture. If we were to reveal that everypony could become an Alicorn, can you imagine the chaos?"

Can you imagine if everyone in real life was suddenly bright blue?

Oddly enough that was the plan of an organization in the Cable Deadpool series.

The was pretty cool, man. I haven't read the Journal of the Sisters either and have only read, like, five of the comics. This was a fun read and I wish I had read it sooner.


Thank you for reading, and commenting. I'm pleased that you all enjoyed it.

“I would be happy to.” At this from Celestia, Twilight nearly bursts into excited squees.

Excitable Student Twilight is Adorable! :rainbowkiss:

Really liked this story. Lots of little nods and callbacks. And though Season 3 Twilight would definitely keep those alicorn secrets, I can't see her keeping them from her friends forever.

Greetings from the My Little Reviews and Feedback group, have a review!

Hm Cadance canonically was a Pegasus.

"We gave her a crown, and wings to go with it"
Ah, hmm... good catch. I must have either not known that at time of writing, or forgot.
I'll go fix that.

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