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I love anime and fanfics and I will try to make fanfics.


I should explain this._. · 6:33am May 9th, 2021

Ok.... I should explain this
1: With everything that happen I forgotten about my Fanfic's plan... And I'm sorry.
2: To those who was on my Tumbler... I did not delete it, My Sister did that... And quite sad with it too... I am sorry for what my Jackass of a sister did and I will think of all of y'all.
3: My birthday was last wensday so YEAH! I'M 21 NOW!

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So a lot happened.. · 4:57am May 9th, 2020

Ok.... So I know I was... Having writers block for good ideas but I can say... Tuesday was my Birthday! Yeah and this reminded me that I'm here... But I will make something.... Maybe... I don't know.

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It almost time. · 5:00am May 21st, 2019

Hi everyone in the fandom. WHO IS READY FOR SCHOOL TO END? It almost time for 2019 kids to get to college.
(And if you asking I'm a 2018 kid) And my sister is in the 2019 depratmet. So I might be gone for a whole day so I will tell you this don't disappoint you parents by failing finals.

Good luck 2019

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IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY · 6:45am May 6th, 2019

Yesterday was my birthday and I went to see avengers endgame it show me that when everything looks bad and your on your last legs don't give up. So I'm going to bring back my first fanfic and whatever happens happens
And I hope you have a good May the 5th.

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Happy new year · 7:08pm Feb 17th, 2019

Here to a new year. 1: Before everyone ask where I was frist thing two weeks before Thanksgiving my brother die & Me and my family went to new york for Thanksgiving break. During the time there I ask myself do I keep my idea for fanfic's or stop? And I dedicate I will keep trying to make fanfics.

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The ghost cat of Equestria · 10:45pm Oct 22nd, 2018

I getting help now so NEXT STOP GET IT DONE!

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