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I swear I'm not a brony.

Who's this Starbright Rimmer character people keep going on about?

Why are the changelings like pretty-ified now?

Where are all the Quake crossovers?

I'm on the fimfic discord, if anyone wants to chat.

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Thanks for the favourite on Cards Against Starlight!

Could've sworn you favorited it... Nevermind then. Enjoy reading.

... I haven't read it yet though.

Glad to see you also liked I Thought You'd Never Ask. It and the first one are DEFINITELY easier reads than Displaced into Nothing, and I'm hoping to have more up soon...

Oh yeah, it's a THICK fucker. Hope you can get back to it though: I tried to keep it short in the outlining phase, even though it's spun a bit out of control on me.

  • Viewing 47 - 51 of 51
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