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This is a group about Spiders, Spider Ponies/People and Getting trapped in the webs!

Are you fascinated by spiders, the way the scuttle about, laying webs catching prey and/or laying eggs? These forums and story folders are here for you!

Note: If the story contains webbing that is from an insect other than spiders, then this is fine.

But if the featured insect is incapable of spinning a web and isn’t a spider either, then the story should not be added.

Rules are pretty general.
1. No Hateful/Threatening Comments.
2. No Spam. Try to make your posts relevant to the group. If you wanna announce that you made a story for this group then go ahead! Just don't write anything too off topic or request a video game live stream or anything completely unrelated to the group.
3. No NSFW images, This is site policy.
4. No unrelated stories, unless there is at least one chapter featuring spiders or spider like insects, it should not be added.


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