• Published 20th Mar 2021
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Guess I'm a Pokémon now - Delta-Boio

A man finds himself in the body of a legendary Pokémon, and is thrown into an unknown world.

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Chapter II

Author's Note:

Hey! Sorry it's been awhile but I've had insane writers block for a while now. But! I think I'm getting back into the swing of things. Figured I'd write some for this story rather then PV cause it's less stress inducing.

Any critisism helps, good or bad, hope you enjoyed!

Ronan's point of view

I awoke to the sound of chirping. And when I say chirping, I mean straight up squawking. I slowly opened my eye lids, and sat up. Waking up in a new body scared me for a split second, but then the events from yesterday came to me, and I remembered how weird of a predicament I was in.

Stretching my arms out, I looked around in search of the intense squawking. It seemed to belong to a Spearow, perched atop a rock. The smug look on it's face and the proud posture it took fit the Spearow's role in the Pokemon universe perfectly; I frickin hated them with every fibre of my being. Growling at it, it turned it's head to look at me and immediately shot forward. Peck. I managed to dodge the attack with ease, and the flying type swerved back up into the air.

Mornings are the worst.

Dropping down onto all fours, I waited for it's next attempt. It only took a second for the Spearow to start spiralling towards me once more, but this time I was ready. Narrowly dodging to the side, I took a hold of it's right wing in my mouth. Spark. Electricity shot through the bird, causing it to start shaking and making all kinds of unpleasant sounds. Eventually it fainted in my mouth, and I placed it down on the floor. I then stood back up.

Hearing a strange sound, I looked up from the ground to see a blue box, similar to the one above the Skiddo- and now the Spearow's- head. It read ' Zeraora Level 2'.

So levelling is a thing. I guess if I was the one to take down Lunala I would have gained way more exp. Wait............. I took on Ultra-Lunala......... At level 1............. what the hell is wrong with me?! Now that's a suicide mission if ever I've heard one! "Good thing those girls were there." I mumbled to myself.

Hearing more squawking from behind me, I turned around to see a flock of maybe eight Spearow. Followed by another flock........ followed by another........ and another........... and another........... Fuck me that's a lot of ticked off birds.

"Please god, let PP not be a thing." I said, lowering myself once more and preparing for a slug fest.

It took me twenty minutes to finish every last one of them, and I had reached level 8 whilst doing so. I felt myself become just a little bit faster every time, and once I had it level 8, a familiar blue box appeared before me, asking if I'd like to swap a move for Fury Swipes. I did so, and my arsenal became:

Fake out
Fury Swipes

Not bad for a level eight I suppose, and Spark does hit pretty hard, with a base damage of 65. Once I was done with the last of the Spearow, I lead down to replenish my health; though I had to make some room from within the piles of fainted Spearow's I had made.

????????'s point of view

"I just don't understand! There has to be a book on it somewhere; there hasn't been a new Pokemon in decades! I probably just missed a class at Poke school, and they covered this creature on that day." I was searching through book after book in the library, but I couldn't manage to find one on the Pokemon in the Sisters Castle.

"Just relax Twilight," My trusty assistant said. "Why are you so worked up over it? It's probably just some new variation of Torracat or something."

"It used Spark Spike, Spark! Torracat's don't do that!" Closing the book I had just finished, I put it to the side and began flipping through the next in the pile. Alakazam did the same.

"Okay, than if it is a new Pokemon, what's so bad about that?" Spike asked, grabbing more books and placing them on my desk.

"If it is undiscovered, it may be a threat. Just because it helped us before, doesn't mean it'll do it again; what if it's another case like Darkrai?" I said, finally looking up from my books and towards Spike.

"Fine, then wouldn't it be more effective to go and search for it?" Spike asked.

"I wouldn't want to waste my time scouring the Everfree just to find out it's an already discovered Pokemon." I finished another book and placed it onto another pile before starting another one. "Even though the Princesses didn't recognise the description we gave them, it doesn't mean it's undiscovered."

"Well, if you say so." Spike said, turning to leave the library. "I'm gonna go look for my first Pokemon again, so I'll see you later."

"Have fun!" I called out. "Remember, the more Pokemon you catch, the easier it will get. The first ones always difficult, but you'll get there!"

"Right. Thanks Twilight." Spike then took his leave, allowing me to fully focus on my research.

"What exactly are you........."

Ronan's point of view

After resting up a bit, I decided to get away from the area before the Spearow's woke up again. Not sure I could take that many at once again, even with my speed. So, I picked a direction, and just began walking.

It had been about half an hour since I began, and I hadn't come across any humans. I did come across the odd Weedle here and there, but other than that my journey was quite uneventful. It was still nice though, gave me a chance to clear my head and form a plan. I call it, 'Operation get the hell out of this place!'

1. Find a safe place to sleep/hide from the rain
2. Gather info on people that could help me
3. Confront said humans
4. Bounce, boogie and bump back to my world!

Easier said than done, but I didn't exactly feel like traversing the world until I stumbled across Palkia.

After a bit more walking, I stumbled across a large ledge. And when I say large, I mean fatal. The view from the top was magnificent, and the landscape around was nothing short of a spectacle. Though, my attention was taken away from the view by a voice coming from...................... over the ledge? Taking cautious steps towards the cliff face, I began to make out the voice a bit better. Though, the only words they seemed to be saying were, un-child-friendly to say the least.

Finally peaking over, I saw a thin but sturdy looking branch hanging out of the cliff side. But what was more interesting was the small boy hanging off of it. I couldn't see much about him other than he had green hair, and looked incredibly calm all things considered. Then it clicked; it was the boy from before.

I contemplated whether to leave him to it or step in, because it seemed to be that he had something planned. However, I quickly came to a decision once the branch began to snap.

Sliding down the cliff side with my left claw, I came to a halt directly next to the kid. I faced him for a moment, and our eyes met. He had a wide range of emotions at the time. The most prominent being bewilderment. I turned my back over slightly, and tilted my head to gesture for him to hop on. With a sceptical look, and slightly shaky legs, he did so; and I shot up the cliff side, making sure he didn't slip off.

It only took a few moments to reach the top, and I found that my vertical running was almost just as fast as my horizontal. I skidded to a holt on the grass with the boy still clinging to my back and waited for him to climb off of me. He did so, but not with as much grace as I suspect he planned.

"Thanks." The boy began flicking dust off of himself as he mumbled. "That's the fifth time this week some Pokemon has had to save me....."

"Fifth?" This kid has been through some shiz. I tilted my head in confusion as I stood back up onto my hind legs; though I guess all he would have heard was a weird growl.

My 'words' caught his attention, and he looked back to me. The green haired boy completely froze upon seeing me, and his mouth fell agape. It took him a few seconds, but he managed to form a sentence as he continued to stare. "It's you......" I nodded. "From before." I nodded. "This is amazing!" I nodded. "I can make you my first Pokemon!" I no- wait what?!