• Published 20th Mar 2021
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Guess I'm a Pokémon now - Delta-Boio

A man finds himself in the body of a legendary Pokémon, and is thrown into an unknown world.

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Chapter I

Ronan's point of view

I was warm. Very warm in fact. It felt as if my entire was being hugged by a big fluffy animal. I didn't know what it was at first, but whatever my back was resting on felt like heaven itself. My limbs felt relaxed, and not a single ache in my body decided to make it self known. However, as I came to, I began to realise something was up.

I slowly opened my eyes, allowing rays of sunlight to slip through my eye lids, and moved my hand to wipe away the rheum. But, what made contact with my face wasn't a hand. I shot my hand forward into the air and away from me in shock, still lying on my back. The sensation I had felt on my face was not that of a hand, but a paw........ A paw that was connected to my yellow furred arm......... which was connected to my yellow furred chest.........

Shooting up from a mixture of shock and confusion, I began checking myself over; only to confirm what I had just seen. My hands had been replaced with paws as well as my feet. Black patterns ran down my bulky yellow forearms which lead to slim upper arms. My chest had fluffy yellow fur, with a light blue tips underneath. My abs had become a grey colour, which lead down to my waist. My thighs and waist were yellow coat, the same as my forearms, and a black pattern surrounded the both of them. These led to my feet and calves, which were the same grey as my abs, and seemed to resemble those of a cat; however with three sharp claws at the ends of, well, I guess toes? The bone structure was there, but there were no evident toes, and if there were, they were webbed together.

My form was very.......... feline. I blinked a couple times, and pinched my side for good measure, but sure enough, it wasn't a dream. I was really in a new body. Standing up on wabbly legs, I looked my self over one more time. If I wasn't sure whether this was some elaborate prank before, then the long tail coming from my upper back and curling at the end sealed the deal. I tugged on it, and found that I could control it as an extra limb; albeit very slowly and without precision. I struggled to stand on my new legs, let alone use a new limb.

Many questions raced threw my mind, attempting to gain my priority, and the one that won was, "What the fuck?"

It was only then did I think to check my surroundings. Looking around, I found myself in some kind of forest. The trees were dense, and you couldn't see far out, but the area I woke up in seemed to be fairly open. Vibrant flowers blanketed the area, and a few larger stones were dotted around the place. A small ledge stood over a crystal clear lake, not something you'd think to find in such a dense forest.

Turning to the lake, I stepped down a small slope towards it and peered in. I instantly noticed my reflection, and all the dots connected in my head. "Zeraora............" My mouth fell open in confusion as I stared at myself. "How the heck did I become Zeraora?!"

My shout seemed to disturb the few fish that were in the water, and they swam away to the sides. After a minute, I closed my mouth, and began contemplating the many ways I could have arrived in this forest, and how I could have been given this new body; but all I came up with was some cruel god.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love Pokémon. As a kid, I'd kill to become a Pokémon trainer. But that's the thing. I'm not a trainer, I'm a fricking Pokémon! How the heck am I supposed to explain this to my sister?! And my professor?! I'm gonna be locked up and tested on for gods sake!!

My panicking was interrupted by the sound of a bush rustling behind me. My ears perked up, god dammit, and I turned around to see nothing at first. The bush was still, but after a few moments passed it shook again. I curiously stepped towards it with my guard up, and made it about ten feat away from the bush before the creature inside jumped out. I leaped back in surprise, and found myself raising my fists in defence; but, my fear turned to confusion as I gave the creature another good look.

It was a small goat with horns spilt like handle bars atop it's head. It's hooves were orange, and it had a green mane like thing going around his neck and towards the end of his back. The rest of it's fur was a dark brown, with the skin on its face being white.

It was a Skiddo. It was a real life Skiddo. A Pokémon, just like me. Was it also sentient? Did it also wake up in this place like me?

Taking a slow step forward, I reached out my hand to the creature, but was cut short by something quite unexpected. An o' so familiar song began to play, as if ringing out into the forest.

X and Y wild battle theme

Looking around for the source of the music, I found nothing. The song appeared from seemingly nowhere.

Turning back to the Skiddo, I saw that it seemed to be unfazed by the music. Instead, it began digging at the ground with it's front hoof. Realising it was going to charge at me, I prepared for it to make it's move. Though, as I began to prepare, my instincts told me to stand on all fours, so I obliged. It felt.... right. Like this was what I was supposed to be doing.

After a moment, the small grass Pokémon charged towards me, it's held tilted down. Dodging to the right, it missed me by a long shot, and I found that my reaction time and speed had increased exponentially. Facing the Skiddo, my instincts took over once more, and I found my self chanting something in my head. Fake out

Pouncing upon the small goat, I clapped my hands directly next to it's ear, creating a blaring pop. The Skiddo shook for a moment, before turning completely still. It was then that I realised what was going on.

Taking advantage of the situation I ran in front of the small thing and began chanting in my head once more. Snarl

Pulling the most intimidating face I could muster, I stared the Skiddo down. Unsurprisingly, a few flashes of dark blue light trickled down his sides like a fountain, signifying that the de-buff was successful.

The goat squealed a bit, before going for another tackle. This time I was too close to dodge, and it planted it's horn right up against my face. I bounced back from the impact, and regained my footing before pouncing at it once more. Scratch

The Skiddo didn't receive a mark or anything of the sort, but you could tell the hit had really lowered his health.


I'm not sure how I knew that was what it used, I just did. A stream of orange lights shot up his body, and I was well versed enough to know that the move he used boosted his attack as well as special attack. And so, wanting to end it fast, I ran towards the Skiddo once more. Scratch

After receiving the blow, the Pokémon fell onto it's side, his eyes making the signature swirling shape. I knew it wasn't dead, but I still felt bad for it. How do these things even heal anyways?

My question was answered when a small blue rectangle appeared above his head. It read, 06:00:00. The timer began going down, and for a moment I thought it was how long he had left to live, but the small green plus symbols rising from his body indicated otherwise. Standing back up onto my hindlegs, I looked down at the creature as it slept.

"I really am in another world, aren't I?" I mumbled to myself, shell shocked at the recent events. Looking around to make sure no one else wished to challenge me, I decided to flee the scene in order to heal up. My face didn't exactly feel great after the tackle.

I walked for about ten minutes until I came to a small river. On the way there, I came to a few conclusions: A) If I am in the world of Pokémon, then there has to be trainers. Trainers that might be able to help me get back to my own world. B) Depending on which region I'm currently in, I may be able to find Palkia and have them take me back to my world. And C) I'm no where near my real height! I don't know why it took so long for me to realise, but I was somewhere near a foot shorter than my original height, maybe around five foot!

I walked down the river for a while, wallowing in self pity, until I came across a man and a small boy. I made sure to stay close to the tree line as to not be seen, and watched as the two spoke.

The boy seemed to be in a rush, and looked to be explaining something to the old man. The man simply nodded along to what he was being told before pulling out a pokeball. I should have been more surprised, but I had assumed they would be a thing. The man then faced it towards the river, and a familiar red light burst out of it. Then, in it's wake, left a gigantic Gyarados in all its glory.

The sea serpent stretched out its body, forming a bridge over the river. Thanking the old man, the kid swiftly jumped on top and made his way over, before exiting into the trees. The situation was odd, and the boy seemed to be in a panic; so I decided I would follow him. If luck is on my side, he's going to a village somewhere.

Falling onto all fours, I took a stance as if to pounce before running towards the river. With a big leap, I sawed through the air and landed cleanly on the other side. Well, I did wobble a bit, but not too shabby for a first try.

I followed shortly behind the boy, making sure to hide behind trees and keep my volume to a minimum, until we reached a cliff side. To my surprise, the boy just charged on over the rickety old bridge connecting the cavern to the other side. Speaking of the other side, there was a god damn castle! Just sitting there! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd get to see something like this.

I traced the kids steps over the bridge -albeit a lot slower- before quickly taking cover behind a broken stone wall. Peering over it, I saw the kid enter the castle with a pace, despite it being dark out. The clouds had gathered around this particular spot, and the sun had been completely blocked out, leaving nothing but complete darkness.

Obviously I followed the boy in, winding round hallways and up stairs until we came to a large door.

The boy peered inside, and ran straight in once he saw the contents of the room. Following in his foot steps, I peeped round the side of the door frame. A few things stood out to me. There were eight people in the room, and seven Pokémon. One of which happened to be Ultra-Fuckin-Lunala! Damn was she a sight to behold.

One of the people inside were behind her, wearing a stunning black dress. She was quite short with galaxy-like hair that only reached her shoulders. Around the rest of the room seemed to be six more women, along with the boy. The women seemed to be tending to their Pokémon, and the boy had ran over to one of them to help.

"I told thee!" My attention was drawn to the lady in back behind Lunala. "Ye will never be strong enough to defeat the Princess of the Moon! Now the sun shall be no more!!" She practically screeched the last line.

"That will never come to happen!" My gaze shot back to the boy. The woman he was with had stood up and decided to defy the 'Princess of the Moon'.

"Just stay down you plebeian!" The woman behind Lunala shouted, before nodding to the legendary Pokémon. Lunala turned to the woman and the boy and began to charge what I could only assume was Moongeist Beam.

Knowing how powerful the move was, I thought quickly, running straight through the group and towards the Moon Pokémon. Once I was at a fair distance, I leaped forward, hearing many gasps behind me. Latching onto it's ear/crescent thingy with my teeth, I chanted in my head once more. Spark

I heard the legendary make an odd sound in pain, as I clung to its ear. Once I had ran out of juice, I used its body as a spring board and leaped backwards, halting a good ten meters away. I had paralyzed Lunala, luckily, but she wouldn't stay like that for long.

Now, usually I like to stay out of other peoples business. But I make exceptions from time to time. Like when maniacs are aiming lethal blasts of energy at defenceless women, and threatening to end the sun.

"What are you?" The Princess of the Moon asked. "No matter, you'll die along with the rest of them!"

"What the......." I turned my head to the right to see the boy and the woman he was with staring at me in bewilderment.

"That's a....." The woman began. "New Pokémon!" She stared at me for a moment, looking me up and down, until I nodded my head towards Lunala and she remembered that we were in the middle of something. "Oh right. Ummmm, could you buy us some time?"

I nodded, assuming she had a plan, and turned back to Lunala. Drawing my front right paw back, I pounced once more, slashing at her eye. Scratch

She reeled back in pain, but by now the paralysis had worn off. "Lunala use Ice Beam!" I heard a shout from behind Lunala, and realised that the woman in black was her trainer. That makes things even more difficult.

Preparing to dodge the beam, I underrated it's speed. I managed to evade any real damage, but a large icicle formed around my back left leg where I had been hit. I attempted to break it by slapping it on the ground a couple times, but no dice.

And so, I went for my only 'long range attack'. Snarl. I shot Lunala a deadly gaze, and blue light began to drip around her. Thankfully, the move actually does damage as well, for some reason, and she was taken aback by it.

"Got it!!" I heard a shout from my right, and turned my head to see the boy and the woman. The kid, had somethings in his hands, and he ran towards the rest of the group and started handing them out. I couldn't tell what they were at first, but they appeared to be some sort of stone.

The woman nodded to me, and gestured with her head for me to back up. I did so, and stepped behind the rest of the group so that they could do their job; whatever that might be.

Only then did I really pay attention to the people in the room. The boy had green hair, and was wearing black jeans and a purple hoody. The woman he was with had purple hair, and a long pink strip running down it. She was wearing what appeared to be a school uniform, but without any form of school logo. But what intrigued me most was the Alakazam to her side. Another woman had long blond hair tied up in a pony tail, and was donned in a Stetson and dungarees. Next to her stood a Heracross. The third woman was quit short, and had long light pink locks. She had a large yellow sweater on, and a pair of skinny blue jeans. To her right was an Audino. The fourth woman was fairly tall, with purple hair fit for a model. Next to her stood a stunning Gardevoir. The fifth was short with Pink hair, and she had been bouncing in place for quite some time. She was wearing a pink hoodie that was way too big for her, as well as pink and black striped thigh highs. A Banette floated next to her. The last woman was, interesting, to say the least. Her hair was multicoloured, featuring every colour of the rainbow, and she was donned in a cyan sports best and black shorts. Her Pokemon was an Aerodactyl.

I watched as the women looked over the stones they were given, before they handed them to their Pokemon. A bright flash of white light took over the whole room, and I brought an arm up to my eyes to shield myself. I waited until it was over, before letting my arm fall to my side once again. In the lights wake, was left six mega evolved Pokemon.

Mega Alakazam
Mega Heracross
Mega Audino
Mega Gardevoir
Mega Banette
Mega Aerodactyl

The six Pokemon turned to Ultra-Lunala with their proud trainers just behind them.

Mega Horn!
Helping hand!
Moon Blast!
Shadow Ball!

One by one, the six woman chanted, and their respective Pokemon began to charge up there moves. After a few moments of charging, all of the Mega Pokemon released their attack towards Ultra-Luna, in a blinding light. The attacks began to form into one pillar of energy, before hitting Lunala in the chest.

The beam lasted a good five seconds before dissipating. Once the Smoke had cleared, two Pokemon remained, rather than one. Lunala and Necrozma. The two stared each other down, before Necrozma fled the scene threw a large broken mosaic. I watched on as he disappeared into the night, leaving a trail of darkness in his wake.

Looking back at my back leg, I saw that the ice had been cracked, so I wacked it against the floor to crack it. Deciding my work here was done, I began to back out of the door as quietly as possible as to not alert the others. Once I was around the corner I began sprinting towards the exit. I made it out in good time, and crossed over the bridge and back into the forest.

Now, staying with the humans mat have been a good shout, but I don't have enough info. The one with the school outfit did say I was a new species. What if they start running tests? Yeah, no thank you. For now, I'm contempt with hiding in the shadows until I get a lead on how to get home.

I walked through the forest for a short while, and began to notice it was getting late, and so, I made my way back over to the flower garden I had woken up in. Once I was there, I led back down in the same spot, and let sleep take me. Boy was this an eventful day.

Author's Note:

Hey guys thanks for reading! Just felt like writing about Pokemon. Can't say I know why. This won't become some big thing or something, I'll most likely just sit down with my laptop, and write what comes to mind!

Any critisism is appreciated, good or bad. Hope you enjoyed!