• Published 20th Mar 2021
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Guess I'm a Pokémon now - Delta-Boio

A man finds himself in the body of a legendary Pokémon, and is thrown into an unknown world.

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Chapter III

Ronan's point of view

"It's you......" I nodded. "From before." I nodded. "This is amazing!" I nodded. "I can make you my first Pokemon!" I no- wait what?!

The boy suddenly swung off his backpack and opened it. He then pulled out what I assumed to be a pokeball, and began tossing it up and down in his palm; a strangely scary twinkle in his eye. The bag was quickly thrown to the side as the kid stared at me in utter glee. "Now hold on there kiddo! We can talk about this!" I began stepping backwards with my arms out towards him in a 'calm the frick down' gesture.

"A Pokemon with human mannerisms....... Twilight's gonna be so happy!" The boy took a step towards me, Pokeball in hand, and began profusely mumbling to himself. "Stay still so I caaan..........." With one eye shut and his tongue, the boy pitched the ball towards me at a decent speed. However as the ball came towards me, I simply sidestepped it and let it drop as it passed me.

"Nope, nuh uh, not today!" I began hastily backing away from the boy as he continued to throw and miss. I dodged for a couple minutes, until I realised that he wasn't going to run out of pokeballs anytime soon.

"Won't you just get in the Pokeball!"

I began stepping towards him slowly with my hands out. "No. That's a hard pass. And for the record, you're supposed to damage and or inflict a status effect on a Pokemon if you want to ca-" What did I just step on? I stopped and looked down to my right foot. It was a gloom. A god damn gloom. Sleep Powder. "F*ck."


"And so, that's how I caught my first Pokemon!" The boy shouted excitedly. "Isn't he cool!" My new 'trainer' gestured to me as I stood next to him, his hands spread out as if displacing some sort of prize on a game show.

So, you may be wondering, Ronan, how did you end up like this? Yeah I'm wondering the same thing.

As soon as I was released from my pokeball I found my self in some sort of library, surrounded my five women and the boy. It's hard to describe what it was like inside the pokeball. I guess it felt like I was asleep, but the dreams I was having were parallel to what was going on in the waking world.

The women stood in the room were an odd bunch. But then it clicked, these were the people I helped fight Ultra-Lunala!

After the kid had introduced me to the group and himself, he began spinning the tail of our meeting. He explained to the group how lucky he was that I stepped on the god damn gloom, and that I was doing everything in my power to dodge the pokeballs. God damn fuckin gloom........

"Ah dunno sugarcube, sounds to me like he' don't want to be a trainers Pokemon. Besides, you, Snipe and the Cutie mark Crusaders are receiving a starter soon anyway." The tall, blond woman spoke. If I remember correctly then her name was Applejack. She wore a flannel shirt underneath some denim dungarees that suited her vibe.

"Of course he want's to be a trainers Pokemon AJ! He was obviously just testing my resilience! And also, think about how call it will be if I have two super strong Pokemon!" The kid, now known to me as Spike, was practically vibrating with joy as he spoke. Applejack was about to protest when we heard the door to the library swing open. I turned to see a short purple haired woman with glasses, taking off her shoes and kicking them to the side.

"Sorry I'm late everyone, there were a few gym challengers that needed my badge so I-" She suddenly cut off as she saw me, and froze.

"It is quite alright Twilight dear," The one it the white dress spoke as she approached the new comer. I believe her name was Rarity. "Spike here was just introducing us to his first Pokemon, though I must say I've never seen one quite like-" She was cut off as 'Twilight' stormed past her and over to me. An unreadable expression was sprawled across her face, as she reached out to grab hold of me.

I backed away from her as she approached, but just ended up bumping into Applejack, the tallest and scariest looking one. It also didn't help that I was about a foot and a bit shorter than her. I looked back towards my impending doom just before she picked me up from under my arms. I felt like a cat being given to an over exited five year old.

She held her in front of me for a few moments, examining me up and down, as she mumbled to her self at ungodly speeds. After she was satisfied, she put me back down in front of Spike. And then, what can only be described as a wall of noise exited her mouth towards Spike and I. I was beginning to be physically blown back by the continuous string of questions, but thankfully I was saved by the one they called Applejack as she placed a hand on Twilights mouth.

"Slow down there! Yer gonna scare the poor thing!" AJ reprimanded, keeping a firm grasp over Twilights still mumbling mouth. Once the purple haired, crazy woman had stopped she nodded to the farm girl who released her grip on her mouth.

"Heh heh, sorry about that......." Twilight slightly hunched over and began rubbing the back of her neck. This was followed by laughter from the rest of the group like a frickin laugh track from 'friends'. "I know!" The newest member began again. "The best way to learn about a Pokemon, is to battle them!"


"You're right Twilight! Let's go have my first battle!"


So here I am, standing on the end of an outdoor Pokemon ring, contemplating my decisions up until now. Spike was stood next to me, and Twilight was stood on the other side of the stadium, Alakazam to her left. The rest of the group was sat on a few benches of to the side. I now know that the library I was previously in wasn't meant to fit the aesthetic of a tree, it was a tree! What the hell is up with that?!

We stood just outside the library in a local park. It was kind of surreal walking though a town that was entirely medieval themed. Well, I'm pretty sure the fact that I'm a frickin Pokemon is more surreal, but who's to judge?

"Are you ready Spike?" Twilight shouted from across the 'stadium'.

"Of course, I'm ready! My Pokémon's stronger than-! Oh wait....." Spike looked at me with hopeful eyes before reaching his index and middle fingers out towards me. With a quick swipe of his fingers, a display screen was brought down. Similar to the one you'd find in Pokemon X and Y. He took a quick look at the display before turning back to our opponent with a nervous look. "Heh heh, maybe take a reign check on the Alakazam?"

"Why's that?" Twilight asked, cocking her head to the side.

"He may or may not be......level 8......" Spike muttered, looking a bit disheartened.

"What was that?" Twilight called, placing a hand over her ear as to hear better.

"I said he's level 8." My trainer called back, with more disappointment in his voice than I would have liked.

"Well of course darling!" A voice from my right called, I turned to see the posh looking one waving to Spike. "If he were already a high level, you wouldn't have been able to catch him!"

"I guess you're right...." Spike mumbled to himself, before turning back to Twi. "Could you use one of the Pokemon you use for gym trainers instead?"

Twilight reached into her satchel as she responded. "Sure! Let me just-"

She was interrupted by a large growl, one that came from your truly. I was pissed. Like, really pissed. I'm a competitive guy, and if someone's gonna try and give me an easier challenge even though they don't know what I can do, boy do they have another thing coming.

Everyone turned to me, even a few pedestrians that were passing by stopped to see what was going on. Turning to Spike, I gave him an angered glare before pointing towards Alakazam.

"You mean you want to...." He trailed off. I gave him a firm nod and let my cocky side take over. Turning to Alakazam, who was stood across the pitch next to Twilight, I gave him a 'come get some gesture' with both my hands. His response was stoic as expected; he just kinda looked at me funny before waltzing onto the pitch, without the go ahead from Twilight.

I did the same, and lowered onto all fours as I stared down my opponent. "Prepare to lose...."

"Well, it seems like it's no longer our choice really." Twilight chuckled to herself as she watched Alakazam take a fighting stance.

"Guess not....." Spike looked down to the ground, as if not expecting much, before he suddenly had a change of heart. He looked up once more in one quick motion, before shaking his head rapidly. "We got this! If my new Pokemon thinks we can win, then I do too!"

Applejack stood up from the bench before waling towards the edge of the arena. "Without further ado, let the battle begin!"

X and Y battle theme

"Time for my first battle!" Spike began. "I know that we haven't been partners for long, and our opponent may already be at level 60, but I'm sure we can win this!!!"

Level 60......... "Wait what?!" I kept my feat planted but turned my entire torso around to face Spike with fear sprawled across my face. He, on the other hand, looked like a kid on Christmas morning.


Yep. That was about an inch away from my head. Time to run.

Author's Note:

Hey guys! Nothing to say here really other than I really enjoyed writing this part.

Any critisism helps, good or bad, hope you enjoyed!

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