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The Fields of Ice

Hello Everyone! If any of you met me in real life, I doubt you'd know this by looking at me, but I love reading and writing romance stories. My favorite ships are Spilight and Spike x any CMC.


Over one hundred years in the future, Equestria is almost unrecognizable. Magic and technology exist side by side, working together to push the equine nation into a new age of scientific advancement. Now with the discovery of potentially habitable worlds only a few light years away, their civilization has decided to reach out breaking the bonds of their solar system, and affirming its place in the universe. However, with technology advancing at such a sudden rate, Twilight and Spike must face several moral, ethical, and personal questions throughout this journey into the cosmos. 

(Shipping spoilers below, just in case they're not your cup of tea.)
Initial SpikeBelle shipping and eventual Spilight shipping

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 38 )

Could be interesting I will keep an eye on this.

my hero has returned from the ashes.

Very nice, looking forward to seeing more of this.

Interesting premise.
Does not bode well for the Sweetie Bell clone...

Hmm then... What defines one being oneself? Continuity of consciousness? then everyone becomes a new individual each time sleeps comes around. If it is memory... and there is the way to copy it that means you get a second one that IS the same person... up to the copy process. then they start diverging...
Nice philosophical question.

Your hero standards are exceptionally low...

I love the regular updates on this!

I'm surprised this hasn't gained more recognition for how well written it is. I'm really enjoying the story so far.

Aw! Thank you! :twilightsmile: I'm hoping things will pick up after launch.

Two chapters in one day? You're spoiling us. :rainbowlaugh:

Ooh, pony version of Cortana

Ayyy, this is actually very good.
Glad I waited for more chapters so I could get my first impression in a bigger chunk.

for med, before


You're love is real.


It was a decade long global space race to see who could build the first ship capable of bridging the void.

Question: Who are their competitioners? Other ponies? Or maybe Griffons and Changelings?

One Hundred Fifty years. In our year long journey shiptime, one hundred fifty years will have passed back on Earth. In the last hundred years, Equestria has become a nation reborn with technology, but to more than double it, I can't even begin to imagine the innovations we'd come back to find.

And once they arrive they will find out that Equestria in the meantime has build a faster ship that had arrived first...
Will there be any contact with Equestria after the launch or will they have their own separated world? And just how many individuals will be on the ship?

Interesting story so far.
I'm curious what will happen next.

"Let's go to the stars."

I can't wait for it!

Ok couple of things...
First of all How old do ponies get in this? Given that Granny Smith got to something between one hundred and two hundred [depending on a couple on when Ponyville got founded] it is vaguely plausible that one or more of the Mane 6 is still alive...
Then sub-light speed means slower than light speed... Up to now the discussion on the ship and everything seemed relatively normal physics, but then you start talking about "jumps", it's not clear how this ship is supposed to work. A "realistic" ship would NOT jump, it would simply start accelerating until it reached the top design speed, then cruise untill near the destination and then decelerate to enter orbit. One profile, taken from the Orion Project, is of an acceleration phase to get to 0.033 c of about ten days, during this then days the habitat should be positioned with the floor toward the "back" as the acceleration would provide the gravity, once at cruise speed the habitat may go open and start rotating for the simulated gravity.
You can also have a look to the ISV Venture Star from Avatar. There the max speed is about 0.7 c and it takes about five and half months of accelaration at 1.5 g.
Then to have a time dilation of 150:1 you should be going at 99.9978 % of c that is going to need an ASTOUNDING quantity of energy.
Moreover if it is a travel to Proxima Centauri from Earth the math of the travel does not match, as proxima is just about 4 light years away, and so at 99% of c it should take just about 4 years to reach [earth time]

Bruh, you're asking questions about season 5, and we just aired the pilot episode. Just give it some time. :twilightsheepish:

In this one, ponies live about to 90-100, with the exception of the younger generation, like Sweetie Belle, as you could add on 20 to 40 years accounting for advancements in medicine. I'm not focussing too much on canon for this one though.
As far as how I used the term "jump", I only had it stated as only a poke at FTL sci-fi. I'm well aware it's only an acceleration to near light speed.
Now for the speed. Essentially the way this craft works is very similar to the proposed Project Daedalus (hinted at in the name of the two shuttles). However, the ship's mass is kept extremely low, with there barely being enough fuel to reach a small fraction of the speed of light. This is where the shuttled Icarus and Daedalus come in. Once the fuel for the Intrepid has been burned up, the twin shuttles detach and deploy a massive magnetic net, similar to how the proposed Bussard Ramjet's fuel collection would work. Of course this would create some magnetic drag, so once fueled, the shuttles fire a fusion afterburner, capable of catching up with the Intrepid, and still only burning off a small amount of fuel in the process. This way, on approach to a star instead of missing out on all the fuel while the ship is burning retrograde, the shuttles can still drop off and collect fuel, plus it's much easier to maneuver these craft than a huge ship if a large pocket of fuel was detected.
As far as the acceleration, Twilight is using her magic to both protect the ship, and provide a sort of inertia dampening. While she could also provide gravity, the rotation is there so that when she leaves the ship, there is still gravity.
Lastly, while Proxima Centauri would take four years to reach to an Earth based observer, ship based, the trip is only 10.34 days. As with the speeds they're traveling, each year on Earth is only 2.43 days ship time.

Could you tell me the full sentence that's in, because I can't find that typo for the life of me.


The smell of new plastic, the kind you smell right after you open a toy, filled the air. The clean room we sat in was filled with workers and astronauts, each worker wore white coveralls and surgical masks. The weren't wearing them for their protection, but ours. Afterall, nothing would suck more than to have everyone onboard catch the flu at the same time.


Hm ok... but they are going to Proxima Centauri. So it is going to take just a bit more than four years to get there, Equestria time, not one hundred fifty. Where does the One Year Ship time/one hundred fifty Equestria time come out?

Ohhhh I see. Proxima Centauri is just the first stop of several. All together it's 150 years round trip.

Hm. How long are they going to stop on each step?
because then one year of subjective time is going to be REALLY little ^^;;;

Come on now. Can't give you all the answers just yet. :twilightsmile:

I am loving this story. Every inch of it. I can't wait till it's completed. About how long will it be would you say?

A very long time... So many planets to reach...

It's great to have you back, writing again. I missed your unique works.

I'm love the story so far. I'm I'm definitely tracking story

Next Chapter Never Ever

keep it up
I want to see more of spike and twilight and how they became a couple
and how they arrived on the new planet

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