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No matter who they are, everyone has a story for who they are now. And sometimes the quietest ones have the most to tell.

One Shot

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This is a very well done story. I'm still trying to decide if this needs a Sad tag on it or not. It's not exactly a sad ending, but it's not really a happy one either.

2283395 last time i put a sad tag on a recent story, people said it wasn't really that "sad" so i just decided against it.

2283432 Makes sense. As I said, it's not really that sad of an ending, just not happy. A lot of people put "Sad" on anything with a sad moment on it, so I can see wanting to be conservative with it.

I promise myself that i won't cry. :fluttercry:

This story is very touching EXTREMELY romantic, job well done :moustache:

:facehoof: D'OH! i forgot the "and"!

My bad :twilightsheepish:

This story deserves a lot more praise than it's getting. After this and then One Soldier's Twilight, I think I'll follow you.
P.S. Would you be interested in making an AU for this story where Flutters and Time get back together again?

I realized I've never liked it, despite how good I thought this was.

I liked it a lot, that it didn't throw emotions about, but just let them sit and develop.

It was so hard not to cry at the end

Awwwww that ending was so sad yet AMAZING

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