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Group of friends and those interested in each others stories. Random conversation about each others books and other subjects. Friend chat area in other words.

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Seems to be a lot of busy feverish writing these days, somehow managed to completely forget about this, Oopsie. :facehoof:

*just making my way through groups; spots nice comment about me* Aww thanks! *heads back off to finish writing that same freaking chapter I've been working on for like a week now*

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So, how's things been going?

304716 nah I have a more creative solution for the derp-pidgeys Say hello to Slap-a-pidgey-day


In nexт chapтer of Lampenт's Lamenт in Equesтria, Arceus тrying тo resтricт Weedles populaтion...

Ahahahaha, was shown something hillarious by a real life friend of mind. Thought to share it, though it contains the alternate word for Donkey. Beware!


Most faved fics:
My Little GLaDOS
For the Overlord!
Diaries of a Madman

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I think I've finaly found an avatar that perfectly represents my inner self...

Sup?(warning ahead I'm foreign. I've been studying english for... 9 years... wow...anyway I understand everything, but heavy slang.)

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