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This story is a sequel to The Living Candy Corn

While out on a date with Fluttershy, Twilight's magic missfires giving her a headache and putting an end to their night. They head home in understanding of the accident because no pony was harmed. What they don't realize is that the miss fire was the animation spell, that gave them their daughter, and it hit a prototype energy rifle.

How did this futuristic weapon arrive in Ponyville and what will happen once ponies realize that the strange new unicorn mare with a shiny metallic looking coat and stunning purple eyes is actually Candy Burn's sister?

Current Cover art is Provided By: Emerald Ray it will change if asked to be taken down or when I finally decide to make a more exact cover art.

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Who's the artist of that cover art, credit is a good thing brah.

6919016 I do need a new piece so as to actually give credit

6919286 Sadly no what I'm looking for is some art of a Unicorn Mare that looks similar to the current art but with supple differences

6919666 Do you mean the pose or just the way the art was done in general?? Cause either is fine with me

First of all, Taissy just found The Castle of the Two Sisters, didn't she? Second of all, Booksalot is in this? Cool!

6922425 Actually its not the Castle of the Two Sisters its something a little different :scootangel:

"And Yes I make it in all of his stories or at least mentioned" :moustache:

6922444 Is it an entrance to the Dimtech base?

6922453 Nope just some random ruins from an ancient war I'll explain more later I don't want spoilers in the comments

Wow, what a cliffhanger.

6928936 :rainbowlaugh: I'm working on the connecting chapter of The Royal Librarian so that Booksalot is explained a bit more :pinkiehappy:

this is really one fun story! well done to you ! next chapter will be well worth the wait!

6945798 Yup that's the plan unless you guys just beg for more

this was one beautiful and outstanding chapter! it was so moving well done to you!!

6947981 Thanks:twilightsheepish: All i really did was just change around some mannerisms from what was said at my sisters wedding :moustache:

(sobbing in background) It's so beautiful! What an ending!

A Symphony of Confusion? Awesome!!!!

I swear, I was mentally hearing Love is in Bloom (the song that Twilight sand during Cadence's and Shining Armor's wedding) throughout this entire chapter!

i like this and the idea behind it so yeah i think the crossover will be great

Conveniently has a Trajectory path towards the laser energy rifle

on the first chapter I'm pretty sure you meant prologue not epilogue
epilogues are supposed to be at the end

Um, I'm not sure, but wouldn't date night be prologue, instead of an epilogue?

As a previous person has stated yes I did use the wrong word and haven't gotten around to fixing it due to real life coming and showing its face at me once I graduated high school.

I will get to fixing that mistake asap

Until the crusaders used female pronouns with Taissy I actually thought she was a colt not a filly. Sorry if that seems a little sexist. I guess I was just confused

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