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Storing knowledge and stories slowly churning some out into semi readable works.


Precision Gears is a unicorn that is becoming bored with his classes at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns and the old ways of magic. He wants something new to study or to even look at the universe around him.

Taissy Lascher a human turned cyborg after a plane crash in her advanced technological society. She's coming to terms with her new body and trying to escape lines of code that were hard wired into her brain.

These two are from different worlds searching for a new beginning that could be closer than they would think.

This story will switch between a Sci-FI Human world and a Sci-Fi Equestria. Please leave comments on your thoughts and any editing mistakes you find.

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When Writers clash, and OC's are the pieces and weapons of war. Welcome to the Fighter's Tournament.

Twill Weave is a Pony Satyr from Everglow (Not cannon in those stories just simply my OC for that World)

Dead Eye the well respected Earth Pony Assassin (Berserk's OC)

This belongs in the Fighter's Tournament Group

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The Text choices its victims carefully. This time a member of Camp Arrowhead Staff has been chosen, bringing with him his wits, skills, and sarcastic attitude. Let's watch as a story of survival and rising high from almost nothing unfolds before us.

This story is a part of the Silververse

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This story is a sequel to Something's Always Watching

Twilight Sparkle is the last pony in Equestria and she has gotten the feeling that something is watching her with ill intent. After watching her notes upload to the servers at the Dimtec Equestrian Base, they sent Booksalot to go and comfort the lonely princess. This is his recounting of finding Twilight Sparkle and the mystery they solve.

This is just my variation of what happens at the end of Something's Always Watching

Found Coverart using google search

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In the Ancient land of Alvinailey is a lone Dragon Ranger by the name of Shobbit O'Gale. In his hunt against all dragons of his world he winds up in Equestria due to the powerful magic of the Dragon Emperor of his world. Now with no quick and easy way back Shobbit must learn to be accepted by the ponies of Equestria as he searches for a way back the only way he knows how. By hunting Dragons!!!

Cover art from Here! At least that's what Google says:pinkiehappy:

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This story is a sequel to The Living Energy Rifle

Vinyl Scratch and Octavia finally have comes to terms with living with each other. They have learned that they love each others company. While Octavia doesn't want anything to change Vinyl wants a foal. The only way to do that is to get a spell from Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, and use it on Tavi's piano.

Meanwhile Taissy the daughter of Twilight and Fluttershy is on a mission with her Drones to learn about a mysterious unicorn stallion that she noticed at the wedding.

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This story is a sequel to The Living Candy Corn

While out on a date with Fluttershy, Twilight's magic missfires giving her a headache and putting an end to their night. They head home in understanding of the accident because no pony was harmed. What they don't realize is that the miss fire was the animation spell, that gave them their daughter, and it hit a prototype energy rifle.

How did this futuristic weapon arrive in Ponyville and what will happen once ponies realize that the strange new unicorn mare with a shiny metallic looking coat and stunning purple eyes is actually Candy Burn's sister?

Current Cover art is Provided By: Emerald Ray it will change if asked to be taken down or when I finally decide to make a more exact cover art.

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This story is a sequel to The Royal Librarian

Gypsy Rose has a strange history. And its actually the future for two Pegasi that have never meet. Flaming Snowflake is a bipolar pegasus stallion. He's not fast or extremly strong but he has a strange connection to the tempurature. Toxic Smoke is a shy pegasus mare with a taste for mystery and has probably found the answer to the biggest one yet, her future.

Upon looking into the eyes of their supposed daughter they will both have different reactions to parenthood being thrust upon them.

This is actually my first attempt at something with Feels :scootangel:

Toxic Smoke is an OC of Toxic Smoke
Flaming Snowflake and Gypsy Rose are both mine.

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Booksalot is the Canterlot Royal Librarian. He is also the Librarian of Equestria and gather's magical artifacts to keep stored in the mountain under Canterlot. So, when ever something strange occurs that doesn't require the Elements of Harmony (directly) Celestia calls upon him to investigate.

This is a crossover of MLP FIM and "The Librarians" from TNT
It will also be a crossover with EVERYTHING I CAN THINK OF

Proof reading help from Toxic Smoke
Also Thanks for letting me use your character/characters: (PM me if you want your oc to make an apearance)
Toxic Smoke
Writing Little Pony

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