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Okay, I'm now a brony. Not obsessed or anything like that and I definitely like the fictions more than the show, for now.

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Future of the story's 'shipping' · 3:54am Dec 29th, 2015


I've made a survey to find out the opinions of those who read my story. The results of this survey may not influence the story, but I'd like to know your opinion. It's a simple yet complicated question, but please take the time to give me an answer.

Shipping Draigo

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2381209 Still alive, thanks. Life had gotten complicated and busy so I hadn't logged on in forever.

2439317 If Piece Bot and I do another story in that series it'll most likely focus on Twilight. We're not quite sure about doing another one right now, though.

So I read your 2 stories on Chrysalis on Sunset. They are good. What is the next story going to focus on?

Anyone know if this guy's still alive? He hasn't logged in for nearly eleven weeks.

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