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Dark Star the Crazed

I am the Boogeyman, punisher of naughty children and the older brother of Krampus. FEAR ME!


So... · 12:38am Sep 8th, 2020

I was gone for a while for personal reasons, but to sum it up, I wanted to disappear for a while, so I took out a loan and payed my rent for a full year in advance and just went off to camp in the Rocky Mountains. I'm back now.

Here's an angry Desert Rain Frog.

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You alive man

Hi! I was curious if you are still planning on working on SASA and its prequel?

And after recovering? I wish no ill will on you or your family FYI and am glad you got out of it safely.

Lol, you totally can! I never noticed until now!

My Avatar is a depiction of the Boogey man from episode 1 of Martin Mystery. A Canadian TV show based on the Italian comic Martin Mystere. It's a very good, especially for a kid's show. It's kind of like an animated, more lighthearted Supernatural. You should watch it sometime... I think it (sadly) only ran for two seasons though. The Halloween episodes are my favorites. It's a cropped screenshot from a youtube video, if you look at the bottom you can even see the timer bar thing.

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