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Team Announcements. · 7:33pm Jun 8th, 2017

Currently we have 2 teams that have been volunteered to be Team SASA’s opponents in the tournament.
Team ABIS (Abyss) of Haven (Mistral) submitted by ColvaMoon5
Team YLDD (Wild) of Shade (Vacuo) submitted by Literary.

However we still need a team from Atlas before we can get to the tournament. If you have a team to submit the rules are in the story description.

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Hi! I was curious if you are still planning on working on SASA and its prequel?

And after recovering? I wish no ill will on you or your family FYI and am glad you got out of it safely.

Lol, you totally can! I never noticed until now!

My Avatar is a depiction of the Boogey man from episode 1 of Martin Mystery. A Canadian TV show based on the Italian comic Martin Mystere. It's a very good, especially for a kid's show. It's kind of like an animated, more lighthearted Supernatural. You should watch it sometime... I think it (sadly) only ran for two seasons though. The Halloween episodes are my favorites. It's a cropped screenshot from a youtube video, if you look at the bottom you can even see the timer bar thing.

So curious, where did your avatar image come from?

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