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Team Announcements. · 7:33pm Jun 8th, 2017

Currently we have 2 teams that have been volunteered to be Team SASA’s opponents in the tournament.
Team ABIS (Abyss) of Haven (Mistral) submitted by ColvaMoon5
Team YLDD (Wild) of Shade (Vacuo) submitted by Literary.

However we still need a team from Atlas before we can get to the tournament. If you have a team to submit the rules are in the story description.

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Types of Spirits. · 9:23pm Oct 2nd, 2014

The following is a list of types of spirits (from strongest to weakest), what kinds of ponies can see them, and how rare they are on a scale of one to five, (five being the rarest).
This only applies to my story, King of Monsters.

Rank 1, Avatars.
These are physical manifestation of a concept. (Ex: Combat, Peace, Worry, a Forest.)
As these spirits are physical manifestations, they can be seen by all.
Rarity: 5.

Rank 2, Elementals.

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