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Aspiring writer and huge sci-fi fan. Also Luna is best pony.


Equestria: a land of magic, opportunity, and adventure. For Twilight Sparkle and her friends, adventure is in no short supply. And when a mysterious massive ship appears in the skies of Equestria, they find themselves on yet another adventure to discover its origins, and its reason for arriving in their small corner of the universe.

However, the ponies are not the only ones aware of the ship's presence. Triggered by the arrival of the craft, a long-forgotten being awakens, its last memories still fresh in its mind. And with the presence of the ship, it sees an opportunity for revenge.

Chapters (16)
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People on ship


O no computer go boom everyone die bad time diddly doodle noodle

Uh oh... that ending sounds foreboding...

Well, you've gotten me hooked! Activating tracking beacon...

If I was in that ship, I would be pretty pissed off that they are toying with our technology without our permission.


Damn straight.

I wouldn't go xenocidal on them but I'd make it pretty clear that they had better have a good reason other then to snoop around something for curiosity's sake. And not to mention the tech that they are using is probably getting dirty from their disgusting hooves.

This is looking very promising i await eagerly for the next chapter.

R.I.P If they fuck up the cryo.

Please do more. I'm really liking how it's going.

The description of the story piqued my interest but there have been three chapters with nothing to really draw me in besides, "Big, spoopy ship!" that left me wanting something a bit more memorable. So far it's been exposition, I use that term lightly, for the story that's to come and nothing has been all too exciting. That's just MHO :trixieshiftright:. Nothing really to set this one apart from all thet other stories about humans appearing in the sky besides the fact that the Equestrians, by that I mean the obligatory M6, entering the craft. Would recommend to get the ball rolling, and quick as I found myself somewhat skipping over number of slow parts. Maybe I'm being over critical, sorry if so.

The captain sounds like an elitist idealogue. Sounds like that is why the kid is without the father.
Plus if he looks down apon his fellow humans, things are not going to go smoothly with the ponies

So, are there going to be no living humans in this story?


I think it would be a waste if there were no survivors at all. I can see the story still going places but it kinda defeats the purpose of the human tag, I think.

7317142 That's nice to hear. I'm glad that there's going to be human survivors. I hope a lot of them.


I'm not the author or an editor, so it may be as you and I fear. I just am optimistic.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Where is the next chapter?!?!?!


Working on the last few sections now. Hopefully it'll be out tonight or tomorrow.

What was that thing that took over the ship?!?! And why did it do that to Twilight and Luna?!?!?!?!

Hmm... this is troubling.... whatever this thing is, it made two of the most powerful princesses suffer flashbacks of the most harrowing thing that happened in their life only made worse by the deaths of either their friends (in the case of Twilight) or executed(in Luna's case)... and we don't even know what kind of construct this thing even is!

I'm very hesitant to continue a story with a super-powerful villain like is the case here. There is no good outcome, at all, that is foreshadowed in the story thus far. Simply put, it will take an act of god to make this not have a terrible BAD END for ponies, and that really annoys me in stories.

are we going to see any surviving human?, or it was just for the settings?, also overpowered enemy tends to be a tricky setting usually it takes a deus ex machina setting to beat those wich ends ruining the story in most cases if not done properly


I'll answer your first question in spoiler tags: No, not every human is dead.

We're still in the early stages of setting up the antagonist, more will be revealed in the coming chapters. But the story has been planned out to the very end, and I can assure you that there is no deus ex machina. :twilightsmile:

A fucking 2001 reference.

I don't know how to feel about that.


Where was the 2001 reference? I did not put one in intentionally :twilightsheepish:

7377494 sphere/circle with red dot

Hal 9000


Ah. That actually was based on one of these. The red light simply indicates that it's recording.

That is a good catch, I hadn't even noticed the reference!

Twenty thousand coffins.

Fucking R.I.P

At the center was a very large panel, and standing in front of it was a human.


This human had not died recently.


At least the author confirmed that at least one human lives.

ALT. CRYO POD – 1/1 online

This motherfucker must be important.

Will the mystery part of this story be confusing?

Really waiting for that ship to kick that construcks butt

Screw the damn construct. Get the hell on with it...

this story is more like a horror story in chapters V & VI. I hate horror!

What if the construct is Sombra? :trixieshiftright:

7424408 That would almost make sense, considering how he treated the crystal ponies and probably anyone that was not as much of a racist/supremacist as he was.:rainbowlaugh:

Hoo boy, shit is gonna hit the fan!

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