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This story is a sequel to Bound By Stars

It has been almost 6 months since the Declaration Of Peace had been signed between the United Earth Empire and Equestria. During this signing in the Intergalactic High Council on Terra Centauri, the Princesses were the only ponies that were allowed to enter the UEE, aside from their personal Security-Team. Now, nearly half a year later, humanity has grown far more acceptant of the Equestrian civilization, with a fair amount of people even going as far as rallying to allow Equestrian citizens to be allowed into UEE-Territory, and some even want to grant ponies the option to gain UEE-Citizenship.

In order to discuss the situation and the possiblities that it presents, Equestria has asked permission to send their Minister of International Affairs, Ms. Fluttershy, on a trip to see the UEE, along with their Minister of Science and Education, Ms. Twilight Sparkle. Permission was granted, and as long as they were escorted by a special guide at all times, they were allowed to see the worlds of the United Earth Empire in all their glory.

This story is a crossover with aspects from “Star Citizen” and “Elite: Dangerous”.

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Very good so far looking forward to more

I can totally get into this!!!:pinkiehappy:

I can totally get into this!!! :pinkiehappy:

Mars is .38 g's, which is under half .8gs. The other technical issues I take are not worth bringing up. Hope you continue this one day.

After reading it again after quite a while, you’re right. I fixed that, aswell as one or two other mistakes.


Better late than never, I suppose?

Kept us waiting long? It's only been about 3 years, but with everything that's happened between then and now it feels like it's been a decade! Xp

Glad to see this back. Xd

Hope this continues.

Any chance of an update?

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