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"Equestria is...gone. Its as if it never existed at all. All these...humans. They've built up a civilization over what was once my magical, wonderful home."

"I don't hate them. I don't blame them at all. They evolved, they want to live. They don't know...They don't know the hell I've been through..."

"I just want Equestria back..."

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... Promising.

Holy shite, this prologue was very foreboding and it set in a mood of isolation and disparity.

Good work!


Its been a while since I wrote a whole chapter of anything, so thanks for the good words. :)

just gonna put this here for reading music

7439217 Yes :twilightsmile: Though I still prefer Danny's version.

well at least theirs options lol , i prefer the america version but the Danny one is alright in my book

So far it's pretty good. Looking forward to see where this goes for poor Twilight.

BTW, I enjoy America's original and Danny's cover of "The Last Unicorn." Here's another cover I enjoy too.

please tell me this is not dead


This is not dead. I'm just very slow and shitty at updates lol.

On that note, apologies for that. xD The difference in upload dates for those two chapters even disgusts myself.

8055487 it is ok but I will say this fic makes me sad

Glad it went well then! Expect much sadness, but there will be some happy moments, don't worry! It shall be a fun adventure!

8055759 what make me sad is no more pinkie

:pinkiesmile: Pinkie is always watching, even when she's gone.

8058275 hay I have a really trippy idea for this story

Man what happened to Eques? Why Twilight can't remember anything on what happened?

How in the world humans find Twilight? Did they find her in that block of ice and brought it back to that lab for examination?

It is in progress!

But I am also a slow boi. But it will be done!

Ok but what's going to happen to Twilight now? I bet whatever happened on her world must of been some kind of cosmic dimensional occurrence like something from an episode in Bakugan season 3. I think that occurrence was called a Dimensional Twister.

Great story till now. I Hope you are going to write more cuz you got a fan in me :twilightsmile:

Death Wish: You're nothing but a failure, young Princess. Can't even keep your friends by your side anymore. The Princess of Friendship, you are not! * cackles *

( Seriously though, I love these types of stories, like yours. šŸ˜„šŸ˜€ )

Huh, I have a story on hiatus with a similar concept. I'm interested in where this goes. Also, the potential for badass Twilight moments in this story is immense. An alicorn who's special talent is magic in a world of nonmagical humans, I can imagine many governments would try to make her into a weapon.

Iā€™m starting to think Equestria Was destroyed during the formation of the earth.

Very close! Not quite as natural as that but very very close!

Cannot wait for the next chapter. Keep it up.

Woah, woah, woah. Like, wait just a minute. Did Twilight's friends get turned into and/or reincarnated as humans?

Now, I don't mean to brag or anything, but that would be a pretty interesting idea.

So, that is a yes, then. Cannot wait for the next chapter.

Random reminder that this story is not dead yet! My general interest in MLP has been waning pretty low for a while now so it makes updating more difficult, but I've never been more committed to writing a story on my own than I have been with this one.

Will the ponies of Equestria slowly start to come out? It would be very interesting if they did

My interest in ponies has been pretty much dead for years...If I ever continue this, you'll just have to find out. :p

Yeah hello, I'm alive. Its a long time coming, but I'm shutting down. I have 0 interest in MLP anymore, and thus no drive to continue this fic. If someone would like to pick it up (and take it in whatever direction you want) that's fine, but as of now its cancelled. Sorry to disappoint anyone who'd been following this, but you know how it goes. We all grow up and change interests.

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