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Aspiring writer looking to practice with a favorite subject. Planed on waiting til premise of first story finished before starting account but after seeing another artist's work just had to comment:)


Inquisitor was the last surviving Reaper to have avoided the new solution. What does he do when his very existence becomes obsolete? Easy. Upgrade. In this case, ripping the mind of some poor schmuck, Jeff, and putting him in charge. And now the Great Reaper Jeff enters the land of Ponies and Friendship to study organics. What could possibly go wrong?

Little Idea that popped into my head while I was writing other stories and put it to print. Whether it goes on or gets passed to someone else willing will depend on the comments and reactions I get.

Disclaimer: I do not own, take credit for, or claim profit related to Mass Effect, MLP: Friendship is Magic or any likewise named franchise in this story. It is fanfiction purely made for nonprofit entertainment.

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Comments ( 316 )


THIS is going to be good!


There is going to be terror.
The ground will tremble.
For the Dread Reaper Jeff comes and with him comes...the....
VAUDEVILLE!!! BWAHAHA :pinkiecrazy:

Also, thanks for the fav:twilightsmile:.

Anything in particular you're looking forward to?


Spongebob the Space Opera? He's pure evil!

... :pinkiegasp: What the HELL were you smoking when you made this?!

And that's the scary part...nothing:pinkiegasp:!
This LITERALLY popped in randomly while I was working on something else.
Tis a gift and a curse:pinkiecrazy:. I think Pinkie said it best.

I always let my imagination run away with me. And sometimes it comes back with cake!

Weeell. What can you do after thirty thousand years with mindless space zombies keeping you company:moustache:?


But...SPONGEBOB. Not even thirty thousand years can account for such horror!

5398779 my thoughts as well... But I like it!

Every insane space leader needs a staple. Palpatine had the Death Star, the Shadows on Babylon 5 had Death clouds, Jeff has...the Death Play!!
But only to be used on the exceptionally evil:trixieshiftleft:.
...or if he's reeeeeally bored one night:trixieshiftright:.



Truly his is a sick mind unlike any other.

This is going to be good.

Can't wait to see when in the MLP timeline Jeff will first appear.

Unlike the other Reaper-In-Equestria stories I've seen - at least the non-pure-comedy ones - , this has serious potential. Keep it up.

Thank you good sir:moustache:. I will certainly do my best:pinkiehappy:!

Then in comes the blud rehvens whom STEHEL REHEN unto equestria and are "gifted" with a new reaper to use to hoard their massive collection of "gifted" aretifacts.

Spongebob theme: Jeff sees villain, "I see you. ZAP!"

Hmm? A reaper that doesn't want to harvest life and has a social attention depraved human consciousness in charge. I want to meet him.

For some reason, I can't help but imagine Jeff 'Joker' Moreau narrating this.

I....I don't think I've ever wanted to read something so bad in a long time. When's the next update?

You know when I first started writing Jeff's holosphere speech, I was kind of torn between writing him as a combination of Jeff from the BBC show Coupling and Wheatley from Portal 2:pinkiehappy:. After seeing this comment though...:rainbowderp:I'm kind of getting Joker's voice stuck in my head too. Maybe a combination of all of them:unsuresweetie:?

Have to say, I'm feeling kind of blown away that I'm getting such a reaction from something I just did one night on a whim:pinkiehappy:.

Glad to hear it and flattered of course, but still blown away. As for when? Eh, combined work and holiday rush maybe a week or so. I'll try to keep it fairly regular if I'm getting this kind of goo reaction to it:raritywink:.

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The description and the first few paragraphs kinda put in my head the idea that Joker got jacked by a reaper, forced to take the crummy 2nd ending of ME (the control the reapers one), and got made into the EDI of the Inquisitor. And considering this is a comedy and the irony of the situation of it, Joker would be a fitting main character, according to my headcanon anyways. Besides, it would be kinda cool if Joker got the main role for a change.

Joker: Shepard gets all the fans, all the guns, all the moves, and all the credit. Gets all the heart throbs too. And what do i get? I get one action scene where I hobble around trying not to get my crippled ass harvested and I get shipped with the animatronic doll, literally. But Shepard wouldn't have been able to get there in the first place if it wasn't for me playing chauffeur and hauling his/her ass across the damn galaxy. Why don't I get some time in the limelight for once?

Well, I did specify that Inquisitor took pains to ignore his old universe and not too sure if Joker would've appreciated limelight at the cost of being a lone Reaper for thousands of years:duck:.

But yeah, taking another look, I can totally see Joker's personality in those early paragraphs:pinkiegasp:.

Who knows? Maybe I'll find a way to work it in later. Nothing's set in stone yet:trixieshiftright:.

Well, when I saw the that the main character was named Jeff in a ME fic my first thought was 'Hey Joker is in this' and the rest of my train of thought just sort of came off of that premise. Plus the comedy tag is pretty much up his alley.

Maybe, you subconsciously made this in the spirit of Joker? Just my two bits.

Marauder Shields. nice!
Even I can see the potencial, take a fav and a like.
Also, please be Joker.


Maybe, you subconsciously made this in the spirit of Joker?

At this point, I really wouldn't be that surprised:rainbowlaugh:.

I was wondering when someone would point that out:moustache:.

Also, thanks for the fave and watch. I hope the story continues to entertain:twilightsmile:.

discord =love
twilight = freak out
spike= faint
princess Cel- L = fly swallowing and hair loss
average pony = SCREAM AND FREAK OUT
Pinkie = Happy new monstrous dancing friend party
fluttershy = cardiac arrest !! MEDIC... there goes the medic GET THE ANTI CU&(&* (pony cute level lethal event )

A dancing Destroyer.....Now someone go make a SFM of that.

man that line....dude you better get the next one soon

That would be. so . Awesome:pinkiegasp:. I've had the idea of this being done in an epic ME3 screen shots/angles in front of ponies going in my head for the longest. Sadly, have no idea how to work SFMs:pinkiesad2:, otherwise would've had one linked to this one.

If this happens, please send word back here:pinkiecrazy:!

I'm honored by the enthusiasm:twilightsmile:. I assure you I will do my best:rainbowdetermined2:.

5429207 A friend of mine does SFM animations and might like to animate this due to the absurdity of it.

Here is one of the video's he has done. :3

Oh my gosh yes:raritystarry:!
If you could get them to do this scene, even better timed with Hooked on a Feeling, you would both totally have a new best friend. Who was faceless:trixieshiftleft:. And nameless aside from usernames:trixieshiftright:.

...okay, bottom line. You would be beloved by everyone who likes this story and then some:scootangel:.

5429290 I sent him a link to this chapter awhile ago on skype. Let's see what he thinks about it. :3

It was Rainbow who broke the silence. “Did…did that thing just hit on us?”

Hahaha that was awesome.

:rainbowlaugh: Well this is certainly a first contact to remember. I'm loving it.

Well i am hooked on a feeling. Good job for humor and good story

5432581 That your in Love with Meeeeeeeeeee~

Also more


And thank you very much for the good word:pinkiehappy:!


I shall do my best:twilightsmile:.



It was Rainbow who broke the silence. “Did…did that thing just hit on us?”

yes Rainbow, I believe it did... Ponykind has officially been hit on by alien life for the first time... in the best way possible :rainbowlaugh:

… I have to see more of this. Consider this a like and follow.

Well, THAT happened. Error though.

“Even a small flare would leave devastation in the surrounding land.”

No it wouldn't, that's not how solar flares work.

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