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Welcome To My Page!

Hello, Internet!

Hello, everyone! I'm TheLadyTwilight, but you can call me Twi or Twilight if you like. Anywho, about me…

Twinkie is my OTP HA, no. It's actually Flutterdash <3 •////•

Celestia is best princess

Everypony is best pony

And I am most like…Twilight Sparkle!

So, in otherwords, I'm an awkward girl from Oregon who loves to read and write about candy cartoon horses and always spams her forum posts with images of Twilight Sparkle, rants every five seconds, and all of her fanfics are really shitty. And mostly about Twilight Sparkle…did I mention I like her? Anyway, I really want to get to know everyone, so I'll be seeing you in the forums and such. Until then, bye :pinkiehappy:

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Are you still around?

1811901 I stand correct but son of a bitch, I will torment her in Heaven or hell if she leaves us. She has writing I would love to see more of.

1784738 Let's see if ya prove meh wrong mate.

1784729 I'm not loosing hope.

1784681 *Has been gone for about 3 weeks on 4/26/15*

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Back In Black · 5:51am Jan 14th, 2015

Hello, everyone. As you know now, my suicide attempt failed, and I have been in a mental hospital ever since. That's why you haven't seen me. Tonight is my first night home, and I just wanted to tell you all that I'm so, so sorry for worrying you. I shouldn't have been so stupid. And for all you who followed me because of said suicide attempt, please stop. I didn't post about it for follows. I posted because I wanted to say my final goodbyes to all my friends on this site. I'm back now,

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