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A group for any stories that in some way or another feature the amazing off-brand cereal known to Equestrians as "Cocoa 'Splosion"

You can add it into any fic. It is possible!

And as Twilight lifted up her box of wheaty oats, she revealed the hidden box of Cocoa 'Splosion...

This was where the choice was the most difficult. Wheaty Oats... or Cocoa 'Splosion.

"Cocoa 'Splosion" Twilight proudly decided.

See? It's easy!

Feel free to mention Cocoa 'Splosion in your fic, and then drop the fic here!

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its coming back

It's gonna happen now. My story will have cocoa 'splosion now. :rainbowwild:

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