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Hey all, I'd rather not put too much info out there right away, but feel free to chat with me. I warm up quick.

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Oh My Gawd You HAVE To Read This!


Introducing: Naga Tear! · 11:11pm Dec 29th, 2016

Hello, hello! One and all, hello!

How do you all do? I have a VERY special treat for everyone here! One of my main OC's is making her first major appearance! You all know this lovely little mare I have as my avatar here, but how much do you REALLY know about her?

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Report pikammd · 234 views · Story: A Life's Treasure ·
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You've been silent for quite a while, is everything going alright? It's reasonable since you're probably busy with college, but an occasional update/blog would be good every now and then to show you're still here.

*Throws fish.*


Thanks! I look forward to you reading my stories! :twilightsmile:

2175319 Glad I could help you out. :twilightsmile: Sorry for the late return. Busy week. But I had found your pirate story (I won't attempt the spelling yet) and the other two just ended up on my list as well. I hope to get to them soon. ^-^

Hey man, thanks for adding all my stories. I needed someone to cheer me up, as I haven't been feeling myself lately. :twilightsmile:

Not anymore you don't. :heart:

Some of us miss you!

2095311 Lol no worries. My "father" left when I was five. He literally came to my party (the first one he'd ever been to) asked mom for money, and when she said no he left and never saw him again.
Most of my "issues" I've gotten pretty far in working out, but if you want to talk I'd be happy to. :twilightsmile: I may be of help. I have almost no temper and a fuse so long I've never hit the end of it. There's been a few kinks but I get past those fine.
We should probably move this to PM though.

2095290 yea I'm considered an adult too and I had a father but he might as well of not been their he abandoned me when I was ten he abandoned me for his stupid new wifes kids haven't seen him in 25 years I've been living with my mom for a while so yea.

and this may sound corny and you can take this anyway you want but maybe I can help you get through some of your issues I mean I've got plenty myself including a very short temper but maybe we can help each other out :twilightblush:

Sorry if I sound like I'm flirting with you. :facehoof: but its hard not to knowing that we kind of share the same background almost :twilightblush:

I guess I can admit that I'm flirting a bit lol :raritywink:

  • Viewing 45 - 54 of 54
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