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Hey all, I'd rather not put too much info out there right away, but feel free to chat with me. I warm up quick.


Introducing: Naga Tear! · 11:11pm Dec 29th, 2016

Hello, hello! One and all, hello!

How do you all do? I have a VERY special treat for everyone here! One of my main OC's is making her first major appearance! You all know this lovely little mare I have as my avatar here, but how much do you REALLY know about her?

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First Blog Post - Little of Everything · 3:11pm Mar 26th, 2016

Hey everyone,

So, this is my first ever blog post. I have no idea what I'm doing. Not sure why I'm even doing it to be honest. :facehoof: But, here we go. I'm going to give a little info of what I've done with this account here.

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