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This group is designed for... well, nothing important really. Come here, place a few jokes around, rant about your problems, I don't really care. So long as you stay within the bounds of the rules, it's A-OK with me!
Also, I hold the right to remove any and all posts, comments, pictures, stories, etc. that I deem unworthy of nothingness!

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Hey everybody, Strad again,
Check the forums for a little contest I got going on. Just to let you know, there are prizes... and some of them aren't even LISTED. I know, right? Unlisted prizes? Who thought this was a good idea. They're unlisted simply because I haven't got a clue what they will be yet. Also, tell your friends, and any of your followers, and also anyone you have contact with about this group! Expanding the nothingness is our main priority! Chao!

Hey everyone, spread the word about this group, let's try to get some unimportant things circling around!

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