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Welcome to the my little pony friendship is magic two sides group. You may add any story with two sides of a pony. For example:
Princess Luna is regretting her past years of being Nightmare Moon
Pinkie Pie and Pinkamena Diane Pie (crazy & evil n' stuff)
You can also find the perfect cover art for your stories when you search: My little pony two sides on your browser

enough about that, let's get to the rules:
1) Critics will be taken kindly to. Remember, they help you not screw up your stories!

2)Any trollfics or trolls will not be tolerated

3) Have fun!

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No rights on the folders. :pinkiesad2:

372492 Sure! I'll do that

372490 Also, can we have an "Other" folder? I'm writing a story that doesn't fit under either category and I know that there are plenty of others like that too.

372490 I'm here to help!:pinkiehappy:

372474 Thanks so much:rainbowkiss:!

372472 I do. Click the edit button next to the group's name and there's a green "Create Folder" button right next to a blue "Manage Folders" button used for rearranging them. When you click on the "Create Folder" button, it will give you a list of folder attributes to fill out. Fill that out and click the button at the bottom. You then have your folder.

Anyone know how to make folders? I'd appreciate the help.

  • Viewing 1 - 9 of 9
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