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A communist goat

I am a loyal servant to my lord and savior Grogar, one day all goats and donkeys will be equal, and we will see those pathetic equestrians kneel before us. LONG LIVE TAMBELON!!!!!


The real reason Hillary thinks Pepe is racist. · 11:28pm Oct 3rd, 2016

If you haven't heard, Hillary and ADL think pepe is a symbol of white supremacy. However, that's not the REAL reason they think it's offensive. The real reason is that Hillary Clinton is a reptile and is offended because of the misrepresentation of her people, but still has to stay undercover so she can take over the world. Here is my evidence:

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Facts about me

-I'm very obsessed with communism and Russia
-I have a very dark sense of humor
-I think twilight sparkle is best pony. It's okay if someone disagrees with me, it's not my fault they're wrong. :twilightsmile:
-I (usually) don't talk about my personal life online
-I'm very lazy
-I know think Karl Marx is our Lord and savior. And anyone who disagrees is a filthy capitalist rat! :flutterrage:
- I'm a filthy casual anime fan that prefers the English dub over the English sub, basically the type of fans that Anime elitists hate.
- My favorite shows include:
* MLP: FiM (duh)
* Fate/zero
* Higurashi
* Madoka Magica
* kill la kill
* Gurren laggan
* High school dxd ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
* Deathnote
Edit: I have no idea why the emoticons aren't showing up.

Best national anthem

Communism and ponies

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