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Yes! Yes Faithful, pure blooded Unicorns! The Unicorn Supremacy movement is back and it's noble cause is restored! Heil!

Here at the USM we are bent on enforcing the established fact that Unicorns are the master race, and all other races of pony are fit only to serve. Why you ask? Here is why,

Imagine, a Pure blooded Unicorn Filly playing jump rope on a playground. This filly shall represent progress and cultural and scientific enlightenment. Now, imagine an inbred dirt pony. He represents the dirt pony scum. Now, picture the dirt pony tripping the unicorn filly, slamming her face into the asphalt and blooding her nose.

I know it's a strong image but it is a true one nonetheless. The dirt ponies are holding the Unicorn race back. If we are to see the Equestrian fatherland row strong and powerful again we are to unlock the full potential by separating the dirt ponies so they will stop hindering our progress. So I shall say it once more my fellow Unicorns! Heil! Zig Heil!

About us: We are an Equestrian Political party bent on the glorification of the master Unicorn race. We believe in a strong central government, morality, and mostly free market system.

Communism is a gateway to a dictatorship of the inferiors. - BrutalAssMaster, First Fhurur of the USM.

Folders: Unicorn Supremacy Fiction: Fiction based around a Unicorn Supremacist Equestrian.
Unicorn Supremacy Propaganda: Fics dedicated to showing the true colors of the infeiriors.
Fics Worthy of the Master Race: Best of the best, will be added by admins if we deem it good enough.

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oh come on, unicorns have plenty of disadvantages compared to the other races.

like how they can't grow their own food
...except with certain spells

or how they can't fly or walk on clouds
...except with certain spells

or how they aren't nearly as strong or fast
...except with certain spells
...or just plain exercise


My OC is an earth pony. I just joined so I could add THAT FANFIC to this group. :duck:

Fuck horn head's
join the movement today for the survival of our race.

This movement has failed and is dying. Join the National Socialist Equestrian Worker's Party today and contribute to the cause to form a new order. All are welcome, only if you wish to be part of something great!

Click here to join today

Comment posted by Risec deleted Jan 29th, 2013



289030 Goddamn it I forgot we had group comments.:trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

We should raid some shitty Chatanoyance thing.

Oh I´m gonna love this group so much...

Earth ponies should be used as slaves, You know the russian concetration camps, the Gulags? They are even better then the german´s on 100% concentrated juice. Let´s take good example from J.V. Stalin.

Ponyville can be turned into a labor camp quite easily I gues, since the earth ponies are so dumb they will build it all by themselfs for themselfs. They will not get it until it will be to late!

Yes, he rather torture them.

At least that realisation of yours makes you an iota more tolerable than the rest of the USM.
I stil highly dislike you.
Don't ever forget that.
Death is too final, death is too boring. That's why Discord never kills anypony.

287731 well, tourture and sexuall slavery is much mor fun than simply killing them.

>breeding stock
>sex slaves
As minorly okay with this (having a masochistic streak) I am... What the bleating fuck?
What happened to the "pure unicorns"?
Can't you ever keep your story straight?

287680 they should be kept as sex slave and breeding stock for more slaves because Unicorns shouldn't lower themselves to manual labor. Also it will be funny to watch Rainbow Dash live without her wings. She will be totally destroyed emotionall it'll be histarical.

As long as there is opposition there is an argument.

I find this lack of agreement amusing, more so with brutalassmaster's hipocricy by saying Pegasi are worse than earth ponies then valuing said pegasi over said earth ponies.

It's even funnier that he changed his argument mid-swing when I brought up the flaws in your plans from "KILL THEM ALL" to "Okay maybe we should keep them as slaves."

Real consistant brutalasswipe.


287636 What the hell is wrong with you man? We. Need. To. Kill. Them. ALL.

Let me quote:

brutalassmaster:" OH MY FUNKING GOD! I just realized The pegusi are even worse than the dirt ponies,

1) The are lighter, more eaisily damaged, weaker and thus we wouldn't be able to use the for the meaial/ pyichical labor we origonally thought, "

Also, 287638 you are absolutely correct. That's why they need to die too.

Really? That's not what you were saying at first.
Still I doubt Pegasi would be happy as second class citizens.
Anyway they get along with earth ponies better than unicorns so I'm sure the majority would rather not kill them off for the sake of pompous horn heads.

287633 our genocide is only twards dirt ponies. Pegusi are 2nd class citezens to us and will not be killed.

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