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Monsters - A Retrospective [Part 1] · 2:03am May 9th, 2015

NOTE: Full and unblocked spoilers ahead

It’s funny, looking back now on the beginning, that this story became what it did. I started out wanting to write a short, straightforward action/adventure story, and before I knew it, it had grown significantly more than I had ever expected. I decided to write up a bit of a retrospective, for those who may be interested in it, to kind of go over the origins and ideas and just what I was thinking when I wrote this story.

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When I read your story it felt like I was being touched by an angel, except that angel is my uncle and I'm not allowed to hang around my uncle anymore :twilightoops:


Crimson, you're lucky I like you so much. Because otherwise I'd bloody hate you...

Not yet. I'll give it another go, and if they reject me purely for about 10 grammatical errors and give zero comments on the actual content of the story, then I probably will.

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