Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3

by TDR

Mitchell Duel, part 2

Twilight Gets a Puppy
Season 3

Mitchell Duel,
part 2

[Golden Oaks Library.]

Rahs Sparkle was confused, annoyed, and worried in that order.

The annoyance he understood. He was not a morning moon dog, heck that was in his species name even. Moon did not happen in the morning. Also he was rather miffed that his sister had 'noped' right out to the train station and promptly buggered off as fast as she could.

It had to be a Tuesday.

The confusion however came from Trixie being the one to wake him up.

Okay correction.

Trixie had tried to wake him up, gently in fact.

It didn't work.

Spike had decided to help with a couple of ice cubes. The little bugger only managing to get away when Rahs paused to try and figure out why Trixie was there in his room. She was being oddly coy with her answers too, clearly nervous about something, and that made him worried.

Breakfast was little more than small talk while Trixie explained what had been going on with her for the past few months.

She had made pancakes.

Rahs didn't know she knew how to make pancakes, they were good pancakes too, not as good as Spike made, but he didn't have to worry about eating one of the wrong batch and chipping a tooth on a gemstone.

Of course at this point things started to get into more confusing territory.

Jynx showed up.

Rahs still found the large bitch attractive, but highly intimidating. He ran through a mental checklist to make sure he hadn't accidentally missed one of their training sessions. After that last time and her efforts to make sure he 'caught up' to where he was supposed to be, he really didn't want to get behind again.

Her explanation of being there to see him confused him further, as did the fact that she and Trixie seemed to dislike each other instantly. He wasn't sure why, he didn't think they had met before and Jynx didn't seem the type to be a heckler at one of Trixie's shows. That was usually the only way to annoy Trixie.

And then it seemed to get even more confusing when Saturnia showed up.

He had met the pegasus not long after the wedding. She had come in for a book and wound up talking with him for a while. While she wasn't exactly a theater buff, she was quite a fan of some of the stories he read. Wolf of the Harvest Moon, and it's sequels were favorites of hers. The pair of them spent a few hours of speculation on who the mysterious author' Double Moon ' was.

He had seen her a number of times after that and she was pleasant enough. Her coloration seemed odd, rather close to his in fact and strangely she smelled like a diamond dog rather than a pony. Least he thought she smelled like a diamond. This time she smelled like a griffon.

Even having no idea what was going on he could tell that she wasn't happy to see Trixie and Jynx there. The same could be said for the other two when she was let in.

Breakfast became strangely tense after that and that worried him too.

“My brother is an idiot and I am going to kill my sister.” Spike growled to himself as he looked over the three females sitting around the table, all of them trying to sit as close to Rahs as possible and block the others from doing the same.

He had no idea how that was working since it was a rectangular table with Rahs at one end.

Rahs seemed lost in thought and or focused on his food.

Now Spike might be sorta dating some one, he still wasn't sure what to call it. Applebloom liked him and he liked her, but aside from that one kiss and enjoying hanging out with each other they hadn't done anything the books said couples did. Plus nine times out of ten the other crusaders were with them as well.

Despite being taken he still had a appreciative eye for females.

His scale went from his sister, who he viewed as a zero, up to Cadence who by all rights was a solid 20+ on the Charisma stat, simply due to the fact she looked the way every other mare in fashion mags and stuff wanted to look.

The ones before him were interesting, but they all lost at least one point for being interested in Rahs, clearly none of them were that bright.

Saturnia he was certain was a changeling. She was too perfect looking and her scent seemed to change every time he saw her. That said, she was very pretty and pushed right up into sexy when she wasn't glaring at the others like this. She was playing on Rahs romantic side rather well. Out of the three she was the best looking in his eyes, but given that was probably by design and she was a bit abrasive he dropped her to a Cha of 16. Decidedly a Rogue.

Jynx was a hard sell in his mind. She was well built, looked pretty good in that dress and had huge boobs, which he had heard was a big plus for certain species. She was decidedly the biggest and most intimidating of the three. Unfortunately the intimidation worked against her and Spike could tell that it made Rahs nervous. Still she was trying, though she didn't do cute that well. The fact she was the closest to a moon dog worked in her favor and Spike knew Rahs had some interest in her. 12 maybe 13 cha. She seemed like she was trying to hard. Clear barbarian sort there.

Then there was Trixie. She was open and honest in what she wanted, pulled off cute well enough and also managed to do sexy some as well, not as good as Saturnia, but decent. She had the best rapport with Rahs, though by that token Rahs couldn't get past the 'old friend' mentality. While that worked against her it also allowed her to get closer to him than the others. That she was shy and nervous about it kept her from just telling him outright how she felt. She was a solid 15 in his eyes despite not being able to sing very well at karaoke. She was clearly a mage of course.

After a stern warning of what would happen to the three if they damaged any of the house, his room specifically, involving a lot of fire, Spike left for school.

On the way out the door he spotted two princesses and a queen with fake beards looking in the kitchen window and sighed.

He would need to let Cheerilee know so she could move class to the school fallout bunker.

Sparks darted between the three females sitting around the table as they all glared at each other. Rahs had gone upstairs to wash up leaving the three alone at the table.

The arguing almost immediately started.

“What are you two even doing here!?” Trixie demanded with a hiss.

“Getting in your way obviously.” Saturnia smirked returning the glare Trixie was giving her.” I've finally got the time to try and get closer to him and I refuse to let you come in and ruin my efforts.”

Jynx frowned, thus far she hadn't managed to talk to him about much more than training, but there had been a few times she had managed to talk about other things. And she had been looking into this 'Bard' that she had heard him speak of before, just to have some conversation that didn't involve fighting. With the Crystal Empire mine work having taken a lot of her more rebellious mutts she could focus on what she wanted rather than keeping the pack in line.

The large black furred diamond dog pushed one of her thick white braids back over her shoulder. “ Do you think I would let you win this so easily? Clearly the Princesses want a more even competition to win his heart or they would not have warned me that you had come.”

“And you came here to get in Trixie's way too.” Trixie growled. “ Trixie has spent to long trying to get the nerve to say something and to put together this plan. Trixie is not going to allow you two ruin her chance no matter what.”

“Was that a threat?” Jynx frowned.

“Really, like I'm scared of a show mare.” Saturnia snapped back. “I'll just have to pod you up until Rahs is soly in love with me.”

“That was a threat, little flea. I find it hard to believe you will be able to do that after I drop you in a cave six miles underground.” Jynx snarled.

“Please, my minions can deal with you any day of the week” Saturnia snapped back.

“I have a whole pack to call on, your minions would be green smears on the rock, little flea.” Jynx snarled looming over the table.

“Ladies please.”Trixie spoke up. “There is no sense in bringing others into this fight. It is simply a conflict between the three of us and should remain such. I seriously doubt we want the Princesses to get involved if we take this too far. All of us want Fuzzy correct?”

“Of course.” Jynx stated, sitting back down her ears flattening to her head at the thought of Princess Luna getting personally involved.

“Right.” Saturnia sighed not liking that the show mare made sense.

“Excellent.” Trixie stated. “ So then it is agreed it shall just be the three of us competing for Fuzzy's attention, no one else shall be involved.”

Elsewhere, in three different places, three other females sneezed at the same time.

“Agreed.” Saturnia sighed. She could easily out vamp the show pony. She might have to work a bit more to draw attention away from the diamond dog though.

“Fine. Just the three of us.” Jynx frowned. The bug was still hardly a threat, though Trixie was closer to him than any of them. She briefly considered if Rahs was worth all this effort before deciding rather quickly that he was.

“Perfect. Therefor may the best mare win......” Trixie stated tapping her hoof on the table. The blue mares horn glowed bright red, her eyes and a odd amulet around her neck glowing crimson as well. Suddenly there were two pops and a flash of light and Trixie was alone in the kitchen.

“...And Trixie certainly will.” the show mare grinned.

Two loud pops sounded and a pair of disoriented females appeared on the outskirts of town drawing the attention of a few ponies milling around.

Jynx shook her head trying to clear it from the sudden transport and Saturnia screamed out in inarticulate rage charging back towards town.

She made it a good dozen steps before slamming nose first into a barrier that formed around the town, the impact knocking her out of her disguise.

Jynx blinked looking at the pink maned changeling before her. Her eyes were pink, her mane and tail were pink even her black carapace had a pearlesent sheen of pink coloration on it. She also didn't have the holes in her legs most changelings did. Instead she looked like a pony in a changeling disguise.

“That bitch!” Saturnia snarled the shout drawing the attention of a few ponies who had gathered on both sides of the shield to her instead. A few of them gasping and running off.

“Was that an insult?” Jynx asked curiously.

“Of course it was an insult, what..... oh right,... never mind. I need a new swear...” Saturnia cursed looking up at the globe over the whole town. “How did she manage this?”

[Canterlot throne room]

“ Princess Celestia!!!” a Guard shouted running into the throne room, cutting off what ever noble was complaining this time.

Princess Celestia silently thanked the guard, and made sure to find out his name so she could see a few extra bits into his paycheck for the interruption. This had been an amusing day. Showing up in court with her tail cut short was likely going to start a trend of short tails for the season. and given winter was fast approaching the nobles who acted first rather than think for them selves or asking questions would literally be freezing their plots off.

“Calm down my little pony, what's wrong?” Celestia placated raising a hoof to silence the noble before he could protest.

“ We've just received a report that a magic dome of some sort has risen over Ponyville.” the guard panted clearly having run up from the communications room.

Celestia frowned though she let out a sigh.”I see It is probably nothing to worry about. Both my sister and niece are in Ponyville today.”

And Twilight is in Canterlot so it isn't her freaking out, though given how Tuesdays seem to get in that town Celestia understood why Twilight might have opted just to seal off the whole place for a day.

“That's not all Princess there are reports of Changelings spotted.” the Guard continued.

Celestia raised an eyebrow.” Explain.”

“One was seen outside of the shield along the road cursing at it, and arguing with a black furred diamond dog with white hair.”

“A diamond dog?” Celestia questioned.

“Yes Princess. The report stated she had … HUUUUGE tracts of land as well.... what ever that means.”

“Lady Jynx.... I see.” Celestia frowned, she was unaware Cadence and Lulu were allowing a changeling into their game. Perhaps it was that mysterious Saturnia Spike told her about. “ Empress Cadence is there and the changelings have been flocking to the Empire, perhaps she is with her. So long as it's not any sort of invasion, and she is not causing any harm it's nothing to worry about.”

Princess Celestia took note of a few nobles and other ponies who seemed relieved that she wasn't calling the guards to send down to Ponyville enmasse. Seems there were some infiltrators, that would bear looking into later.

Honestly it was likely a surprise to the hidden changelings in the crowd that the Princess was so lack luster in her response to this information. She didn't really hate changelings as a whole, well not any more since it had been found out they were not abominations, but still Starswirl's fault.

“There has also been a sighting of Queen Chrysalis in town near the Golden Oaks library.” the guard continued.

“DAY COURT IS CANCELED, RALLY THE GUARDS TO HIGH ALERT. CLEAR THE COURT AND INFORM THE ARMORER I'M COMING BY!” Princes Celestia bellowed, shooting up to her hooves fast enough to knock over the throne before she stormed out of the room.