Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3

by TDR

Apple family Rheita Chapter 3

Twilight gets a Puppy
Season 3

Apple family Rheita,
Chapter 3

[Sweet Apple Acres. 2 days later]

Twilight smiled thinking back on all the charts, graphs, and plans that Applejack and she had put together. This was probably the most fun she had ever had with her friend. Not to say she didn't have fun before, but who knew Applejack was so good at spread sheets.

Every moment of the day was going to be filled with something, from the moment the others arrived until it was time for them to leave.

This was going to be a reunion long remembered in the Apple family.

That actually sounded rather menacing in her head for some reason.

They had spent the last few days preparing, getting help from their friends with supplies and snacks, Twilight also spent more time covered in candy glitter than she was comfortable with thanks to Pinkie.

Although Big Mac had helped with that issue.

“Think that'll do it.”Applejack smiled tying off the last bit of rope on a banner.

“Just in time too. Ah see a couple of kin heading up tha road there.” Grannysmith smirked.

A number of ponies were trotting up along the road, some pulling wagons others simply on hoof, one or two were flying under their own power and there were several in small airships.

“Wow.”Spike stated gawking at the throng of ponies converging on the farm.

“Seventy three RSVPs not including spouses and foals. “Twilight nodded watching as the gathered ponies started talking and milling around. Some hitched their wagons and started unloading supplies that they had brought, some had planed to stay a few days and brought their own tents, though the sight of the massive crystal barn that had already been set up for a few days lodging made most stow their gear back where they got it.

Applebloom had already set off looking for her favorite cousin and Spike was quickly surrounded by three rather nervous looking crystal ponies two mares and a young colt.

Twilight rolled her eyes at the snippets of conversation she was hearing from the three, though they spotted her and quickly bowed. Twilight rolled her eyes the other way and trotted over to the trio.

“Stop that, no bowing, I'm not royalty.” Twilight sighed. “ I'm here as a family member of the Apple's same as you are.”

“Technically you are royalty through marriage and kinship.” Spike grinned.

“Shush you.” Twilight chided.

“You're an Apple?” the apple green mare asked

“Technically since I'm dating one... So is Spike here. In either case I'm not royalty so just call me Twilight. Now I expected you to be nervous about coming out here for this so I already made the adjustments to the plan for me to help you around for the day. I've got a checklist made out on who to introduce you too.” Twilight smiled. “ Since I suppose the first thing we need to do is find out which branch of the family you're most related to we need to talk to Goldie Delicious. I was told she keeps most of the family records. I have also been informed to ask you to please not mention the cat smell.”

“ Cat smell?” The reddish hued mare asked.

“Not sure, Granny just warned me about that so, I'm passing it on.” Twilight shook her head. “Anyway let's go and mingle. You guys are safe here, having some actual family help you catch up will be better than Moon Dancer's classes. Not that I'm against Moon Dancer's classes I'm sure they are brilliant, it's just Princess Luna is my only frame of reference for how well Moon Dancer teaches and well.... any way not the point.”

Spike took note of the colt looking at the other foals running around playing.” Hey Twi. You gonna be good with the crowd?”

Twilight inhaled looking around before letting out a sigh.”Yes. I have a mission and I know exactly where Big Mac is if it becomes too much.”

“Alright.” Spike nodded before he tapped the spotted crystal colt on the shoulder.

“Come on. I'll introduce you.” Spike smirked waddling off with the colt. The red mare looked on worried.

“It's okay Aventurine, the Honorable, Brave, and Glorious Prince Spike is with Jasper, he'll be fine...” The green mare said.

“I just said that.” Twilight sighed. ”Without the titles.”

“Don't mind her Noble....”

“No, no titles. Just call me Twilight. I didn't even want any titles.”Twilight sighed. “I'm not a Princess, I don't need titles. And neither does Spike. I deal enough with his ego.”

“Err sorry, it's just this is the first time we've been away from the Crystal Empire and Jasper's all she has left....please don't be mad.”

“I'm not mad, it's just I don't want any titles, you're with family here. Everything's going to be alright... umm you were Chrysoprase right?”

“Yes N... Yes Twilight.” The green mare smiled.

“I'm sorry as well, it's just coming from the train station we over heard some of the locals talking about their new bell tower by the library being destroyed. There was a blast of mysterious fire that launched the bell into orbit. So I'm a little leery about letting Jasper out of my sight.” Aventurine admitted.

Twilight's ear twitched. “I'm sure it was just faulty wiring, that bell was rather loud....”

“Oh, will the Great and Powerful Rahs be here?” Chrysoprase perked up at the thought, with a rather odd look on her face that Twilight was certain she had seen on Applebloom in regards to Spike.

“I'm afraid not, he's actually in the Crystal Empire now helping Cadence and Shining deal with some dangerous magic items.” Twilight explained.

“Oh.” The mare deflated.

“Any way, Big Mac is got the oil for the fritters going and they should be ready in a while.”Twilight offered changing the subject and silently cursing Cadence for starting up another Cloudsdale incident. “ Until then I'll introduce you to every pony once Applejack makes the opening announcements. Now, just a heads up, there are a couple of nox-cal here and I know there's a bit of issue with them. Please bear in mind that despite what it seems like it's been over a thousand years since any of them worked with Nightmare and all of the ones here are members of the Apple family, same as you. Now my plan was to stick with you most of the day so you can adjust, but don't let me stop you if you feel you want to talk to some one more or do something else. And try to enjoy yourself, I can assure you there's no danger here, nothings going to attack.”

“No offense, but.. how do you know that?” Chrysoprase asked nervously.

“It's Friday.” Twilight shrugged with a small smile as if that explained everything. The purple unicorn spared a glance towards the edge of the Everfree in the distance, feeling a small tingle of her magic.

[Edge of the Everfree.]

The timber wolf reared back with a his as two of it's pack mates were vaporized to splinters. The third growled at the one before it before turning to run only for a massive steel war hammer to smash into and through it from the armored figure that had come up from behind.

The armored unicorn moved closer looking down at the remains of the timber wolf before setting it alight to make sure the creature didn't reform.

The massive armored nox-cal Guard stepped away from the burning twigs and brush before she reached up to tap a crystal on her chest, the soft glow of it showing it's activation.

“This is unit seven. Three timber wolves dealt with in quadrant two.” The guard grumbled.

“Acknowledged seven, cancel movement to aid three and four with hydra, situation green.” the com chimed back.

“Understood base, continuing patrol route.” The nox-cal nodded..

“And here I thought Miss Sparkle was just being paranoid requesting a heavier guard presence in this part of town.” The unicorn smirked.

“She was, but she's lived here long enough to know that's not a bad thing. Besides she asked the Princesses for the extra presence and with all she and the Bearers have done in the last two years alone I say if she says jump, we ask how high.” The nox-cal grinned as the pair started on with their patrol along with six other three pony units running a heavy patrol route along the border of the Everfree and Ponyville for the next three days.

“This is unit seven airborne, I'm seeing what looks like a manticore in sector three.” the crystal com unit chimed.

“Understood airborne, unit seven is on our way.”

“Howdy ya'll and welcome to the Apple family reunion.” Applejack announced from the stage with a grin at the loud collection of cheering and hollering. “Ah'm Applejack, and ah just want tah let yah know ah got a real big day planned fer all of yah.”

“Spike Spiiiiike!!” a voice called out as Applejack continued with her announcements.

“And that's Applebloom.” Spike offered pointing with his good arm to the approaching yellow filly and the some what larger caramel colored filly with a reddish mane and short tail.” And I have no idea who the other one is.”

“She's you're filly friend?” Jasper asked.

“Yep.”Spike smirked.”The yellow one not the other one.”

“Bleh.” Jasper stuck his tongue out. “ Girls are icky...”

“Give it a few years.” Spike smirked wider looking down at the six year old.

“Hey Spike, who's this?” Applebloom asked as she thundered up with the other filly.

“Holy carp, he is a dragon...” the other filly stated.

“Why yes, yes I am.” Spike chuckled puffing out his chest a bit only for Applebloom to poke him in the belly and force him to lose the pose.

“Told yah.” Applebloom smirked. “This is mai cousin Babs. Babs this is Spike, mai colt friend.”

“She won't shut up about you.” Babs and Spike said at the same time before both laughed much to Applebloom's annoyance.

“Any way this is Jasper, he's here from the Crystal Empire with his mom, not sure where he's related on the family tree but it's pretty far back.” Spike explained. “ Jasper this is Applebloom and Babs, they're like super distant cousins to you some where.”

“Hey there y'all are.. we got tha obstacle course set up fer yah . Why don't yah head on over and go fer it.” Applejack stated suddenly appearing behind the small group in a way that made the small group jump in surprise.

“Uhhhhh. We were gonna catch up.” Applebloom blinked.

“Yah ken do that during tha race.” Applejack stated starting to push the fillies along.”Come on Spike.”

One overly complicated, and quite silly, race explanation later.

Spike narrowed his eyes as the fillies took off. He looked down at the binding he had on one of his legs tied to Jasper's foreleg then back up to Applejack.

“Twilight helped you with this didn't she?” Spike asked with a deadpan tone.

“Yeah , she was a right big help. Plenty of memories tah be made in this reunion” Applejack admitted watching the others race off towards the distance flag.” Yah better hurry up spike or they'll get too far ahead of yah.”

“Doctors note.” Spike stated flatly, “ No heavy exertion until my arm and ribs heal up more.”

“Oh right... umm “ Applejack pulled a list out of her hat. “ Oh okay Twi did give you a pass here, but ah spect you ken participate in tha apple bobbing.”

“Sure because dunking my head under water with a bunch of other fillies and colts and biting at things is a great idea.” Spike grinned showing off his 'very' sharp teeth.

“Right .. well ah, yah, ah better go check on tha quilters.” Applejack shoved the list back under her hat quickly, the end of it still draped over her back as she raced off.

Spike sighed pulling his leg out of the binding and looked to a clearly confused Jasper.

“What was that all about?” Jasper asked.

“My Twilight sense is tingling.” Spike grumbled. “Come on lets see what else is going on and if it needs to be stopped.”

“Okay.” Jasper shrugged, having no clue what was happening, but it sounded fun. More fun than running a mile tied to a dragon anyway.