Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3

by TDR

Apple Family Rheita, Epilogue

Twilight Gets a Puppy
Season 3

Apple Family Rheita, Epilogue

[Crystal Empire]

Rahs stared at the statue of himself with a smile.

Damn he looked good.

This was the first chance he had to wander around and see the place. Despite the issue with the taste of her magic, he had stuck around to make sure Chrysalis stayed under control.

However now that the negotiations had gone in THAT direction he was done being a guard dog.

He actually planned to head back to Ponyville tomorrow, this had been a enjoyable trip, but he was greatly disappointed that the Empire didn't have any sort of theater left standing.

Of course he made the mistake of mentioning it and the crystal pony who over heard his brothers translation had run off with a gasp.

Next time he came back there was probably going to be a Theater with his name on it.

He rather liked that idea more than the statue to be honest.

Still he should mention that they needed to change his title. Not that he wanted a title any way.

Rahs sighed looking down at the plaque under his statue.

Trixie was going to kill the 'Great and Powerful' Rahs.

[ Crystal Empire]

“Are you certain?”

“Yes. It was one of the few that was salvaged. A number of these were used by the freedom fighters to increase their power, though after the unicorns were all...' put down' , there wasn't any more use for them.” the shop keep explained.” This one came into my possession not that long ago from some Crystal ponies looking to clean out the reminders of their former lives that remained in their homes.

“And you are certain it works?”

“Yep” The shop keep nodded. “Money back if it doesn't”

The hooded figure nodded, setting a bag of bits on the counter and grabbing the object in question as the shop keeper started counting the bits.

The necklace was a gray triangle with a red gem set in the center and a red eyed unicorn head emerging from the top. A pair of red gem encrusted wings spread out from the top as if the unicorn was winged as well.

The alicorn amulet.

Rumors of the necklaces power were everywhere, evidently some of the freedom fighters had found them to fight back against Solomon and Nightmare Moon before the crystal unicorns had gone extinct.
It seems the raid directly resulted in Solomon having all the unicorns killed off. With the power of the amulets they did a great deal of damage in their attempt , only the Witch Wolves proved to be beyond their ability to deal with.

Trixie Lulumoon smiled. With this power she would be stronger than Twilight and be able to pull Rahs away from her. The Diamond Dog and the god's child would hardly be able to compete with her when she had this.

Fuzzy would be hers.

[Everfree Forest.]

This would not do.

The place was far too protected.

Far to many of the pack had been destroyed becoming that much weaker as they sought to find new hosts.

It didn't let them. It devoured them drawing their power into itself and growing stronger and bigger.

The tower was there before him, close enough he could smell the power still lingering on it.

It would claim it.

And destroy everything in it's way.

[Crystal Empire]

“I HAVE A WHAT!?!?” Cadence screamed staring at Chrysalis.

The bug queen grinned and drew out a bit wallet, letting it unfold, showing a pink maned changeling as a little grub foal dressed up in a bunch of cute outfits.

“Isn't she adorable?” Chrysalis cooed.

“HOW!?” Cadence demanded.

“Well when a mommy alicorn and a mommy changeling decide to get their freak on, and the mommy alicorn decides to get a little more freaky and cast a spell to grow some parts that normally are only on stallions ….” Chrysalis began.

“And this is why I refused to let you do anything with that spell when I was a mare.” Shining nodded sagely.

“You can be a mare?” Chrysalis gasped.” I wanna see!”

“No” Shining Armor stated flatly.