Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3

by TDR

Apple Family Rheita, Chapter 4

Twilight gets a Puppy
Season 3

Apple Family Rheita,
Chapter 4

[Crystal Empire, several days later]

“Absolutely not!” Shining Armor stated flatly crossing his fore legs in front of his chest in a X.

“Aww come on.” Chrysalis whined. “It would only be for a little while.”

“I am not letting you 'borrow' my wife.” Shining Armor growled.

Cadence did her best not to look amused and failed.

Rahs of course found it hilarious.

The talks had been going on for a few days with Chrysalis staying in one of the guest rooms under guard. Shining still expected her to wind up in bed with them at some point, but thus far she had behaved.


Much of the discussion the three had, had revolved around the possible benefits of the heart to Changelings as well as the potential benefit Changelings could have to the Empire.

Moon Dancer and Sunburst had teamed up again to study the heart while Chrysalis actively tried to drain it. The effects were noticeable, but well within the expected range.

The heart could indeed sustain quite a number of changelings, though it would need to be recharged more often. Given the bolstering effect it had on the crystal ponies discussions were considered to double the Crystal Faire events.

The plan was to have it in the Fall and the Spring. With the Summer sun Celebration and the Winter Moon Festival adding to the power at their times.

Of course there was a great deal left to work out. Particularly after it was revealed why Celestia wanted Chrysalis dead.

There was a pair of real apologies for the wedding, and a large number of fake ones.

Well until Chrysalis decided to be Chrysalis and tried to have Cadence added as part of the deal.

[Sweet Apple Acres]

The thunderous roars of the generators firing up made Spike turn and head in another direction away from the farm house. Jasper was less than thrilled about approaching the horrendous beast that was making all that noise, though if the Brave and Glorious Spike wasn't concerned, he would try not to be either.

When the colt caught up the purple dragon was yelling something that couldn't be heard over the roaring.

Jasper was a little confused, as the sound was clearly coming from under the tent, but all the colt saw was an odd device and three old mares working on a quilt using machines connected to the roaring thing.

The green mare hit a button on one of the machines and the place went silent.

“..... Freaking oatmeal!! Where did she even get a crystal generator any way!?” Spike shouted only to trail off as he found he could hear himself. “Right. Seriously, what is this?”

“Applejack got us these things so we can finish tha family quilt.” Granny-smith offered.

“What?” Spike blinked.” Isn't the point of a family quilt that it can never be done? Don't you have to design and add a patch to it every time a new family member is born or marries into the family?”

“Yup.”Auntie Applesauce added.

“How does she expect you to get done with that then?” Spike groused.

“Dunno, but it was on that checklist of hers.” Granny-smith shrugged. “Plus she hid our rockers.”

Spike rolled his eyes and stomped off grumbling about checklists..

Jasper blinked trotting past before looking at the trio of old mares. “ I like your teeth.” he stated before darting after Spike.

“My what a polite young colt, clearly some ponies have taste.” Auntie Applesauce scoffed as the other two mares giggled.

[ Crystal Empire ]

“Absolutely not!” Princess Cadence stated flatly crossing her fore legs in front of her chest in a X.

“Aww come on.” Chrysalis whined. “ It would only be for a little while.”

“I am not letting you 'borrow my husband'.” Princess Cadence growled.

Shining Armor did his best not to look amused and failed.

Rahs nearly choked on his drink laughing as the negotiations continued.

[ an hour later Sweet Apple Acres]

Applejack and Twilight hid under a wagon as fruit bats dove down with shrieks around them.

“This makes no logical sense.” Twilight frowned.


“ How would a swarm of startled fruit bats...”


“... forced from their slumber in the middle of the day...”


“.. ignore an entire orchard of trees full of fruit....”


“...and focus soly on a wax apple on some pony's hat?” Twilight concluded.

“Well cousins, Cyanide and Codling Moth seemed tah be thrilled about the fruit bats.” Applejack offered sheepishly.

“They ate six of them... apiece.” Twilight explained in a dead pan tone.

“Reckon they're changelings?” Applejack frowned.

“Probably, you did say they married into the family.”Twilight agreed ignoring another scream.

“Ehh, ah suppose every family tree has a few bugs in it.” Applejack nodded sagely.

“Literally in this case.” Twilight agreed. “This is going to to wreck the schedule something fierce.”

“Might be a bit late for that Twi.” Applejack sighed.” Though ah am pretty sure ain't no one gonna forget this reunion.”

A loud roar echoed across the field followed by two more rumbling snarls that rose to match the first in volume. The swarming fruit bats fluttered about in terror scattering to the skies to get away from the horrendous noise.

Twilight and Applejack blinked, crawling out from under the wagon, and looked around for the source only to see Spike and Jasper standing by the roaring sewing machines watching the bats fly away. Cutting the machines off ,the purple drake and his excited colt tag along stomped over towards the pair. Glaring up at his sister and Applejack , Spike held out his good claw.


“What?” Twilight asked.

“Your check lists.” Spike growled. ”In my claw. Now.”

Twilight and Applejack looked at each other before Twilight offered her list and AJ took the one from under her hat hoofing it over.

Spike took them looked them over a moment and nodded.

“Your back up lists.” Spike demanded of Twilight.

“Seriously Spike what are...” Twilight questioned before she staggered to the side from an unexpected weight. Looking back she saw a red crystal colt had lept up and buried himself half way in her saddlebags.

“Hoff um!” Jasper exclaimed pulling a collection of scrolls out her saddle bag before dropping back down and trotting over to Spike.

“Hah, totally a rogue.”Spike chuckled taking all of the lists and setting them on fire with a burst of orange flame.

“AHH!!” Twilight yelped.

“You made the foals run themselves ragged on some stupid obstacle race, you put the quilters inside a Pikey Sweatshop, you had the cooks acting like they were working at Hay King during rush hour, then you attacked every one with bats on a hay ride. Don't even get me started about what you had planned for dinner and bed time. You set out a specific amount of sleep and time to eat!” Spike growled. “How are you two considered responsible adults?”

“Spike that's a bit harsh, we were trying to make this the best reunion ever.” Twilight offered.

“Well it's certainly one that's gonna be unforgettable.” Spike sighed. “I'm sure plenty of therapists will be hearing about this for years. And I need to send a message to Luna about expecting nightmares about fruit bats tonight.”

“So what we should just leave everything in a unplanned disorganized chaotic mess?” Twilight demanded looking quite shocked at the mere implication of that..

Spike glared up at the pair with a frown. “Let. Ponies. Enjoy. Themselves.”

The little dragon turned and waddled off with the colt hopping along with him clearly excited to have seen the flames.

Applejack and Twilight watched Spike then glanced down to the pile of ash that was all that remained of the lists.

“Well, ah think he's a might mad.” Applejack offered.

[ Crystal Empire ]

“Absolutely not!” Queen Chrysalis stated flatly crossing her fore legs in front of her chest in a X.

“Aww come on.” Cadence whined. “ It would only be for a little while.”

“ I am not going to......... wait a tick... this is pretty much what I've been trying to sneak into these negotiations for the last few days.” Chrysalis blinked as she caught on finally.

“Ehh I'm still mostly against it but you and Cadence make a convincing argument.” Shining Armor shrugged.

Chrysalis smiled.

Shining Armor Rolled his eyes and chuckled.

Cadence purred.

Rahs fled the room.

[ Sweet Apple Acres.]

“Well …. this coulda gone worse.” Applejack smiled as she watched her family mingle about chatting and talking and having a grand time now that everything was back to normal.

“So evidently, I did over do it.” Twilight sighed looking out from where she sat on the edge of the podium. “Sorry about that.”

“A might bit. Still getting every one tah pitch in tah help with the clean up turned out to be in our favor.” Applejack chuckled.” And it ain't yer fault Twi. I had yah helping me with that lists cause ah knew yah were good at that sort of thing. Figured packing that day full of events would make it tha most memorable. Didn't even think it would make ponies unable tah even do any reunioning.”

“That's not a word.” Twilight smiled.

“Which one?” Applejack smirked. “Any way, glad Spike was here tah talk some sense into us.”

“He's good at that. Dealing with my issues and Rahs' theatrics he needed to find his own nitch.” Twilight sighed.

“So he's the one with the common sense?”Applejack chuckled.

“In in the terms of his games he's got the highest Wisdom, I've got the highest Intelligence and Rahs has the highest charisma.” Twilight shrugged.

“That brother of yours don't seem that charismatic.”Applejack offered.

“Tell that to the two cities worth of ponies, the show mare, the Diamond Dog Alpha, and the mysterious mare that are all dead set on making him their 'special some dog'.” Twilight smirked.

“Really, yah noticed all that?” Applejack sighed. “Me an tha girls jus lost ten bits to Fluttershy.”

“Really betting on me not knowing my brother was being chased after like that? Why would I miss that when I can use it to mess with him?” Twilight grinned.

“Figures. So who you betting on tah git him?”

“I can't. Family members can't bet with the Ponyville pool.” Twilight sighed. “It's a tough choice any way. I know he's attracted to Jynx, but Trixie has the whole 'foal hood friend love interest' drama going on. Rahs eats that stuff up. Then we have the mysterious Saturnia, who's just enough of a 'mare of mystery' to catch his interest.”

“Not even including the cities in tha running?” Applejack smirks.

“ No.” Twilight snorted.” The pegasi will stay away if they know what's good for them. I can't say anything about the Empire save I don't think he likes the hero worship they do for him.”

“Well hopefully yer brothers love life 'll be the most interesting thing we have to deal with fer a while. We need a bit of down time.”