Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3

by TDR

Apple family Rheita, Prologue

Twilight gets a Puppy
Season 3

Apple family Rheita,

[Sweet Apple Acres]

“Gesundheit granny.” Twilight offered glancing in the box that she had just floated down from the barn loft, the older mare sneezing up a fit from the dust that billowed out from her attempt to open it.

“Ah knew ah saw that box some where.” Applejack chuckled climbing down the ladder from the loft where she had found it.

The new Apple family barn was a massive affair, dwarfing the farm house it self and even town hall. The newest Ponyville land mark was a gleaming spire made of white crystal with a large section of dome under it that the Apples had walled in and built off of making the massive structure their new barn after the last one was totaled by the arrival of the new one.

Twilight had done everything she could to redirect any questions of her involvement in it's present location.

Applejack had let it slide so long as Twilight got Princess Cadence to let them keep it.

Cadence was a little too busy with the empire to bother to send the number of ponies that would be necessary to recover it, and had already contracted some ponies to rebuild it.

Still, Twilight had gone over it a few dozen times to make sure nothing nasty was still lingering in the towers remains before she felt safe letting them build around it.

“So how are those RSVP's coming Applebloom, Spike?” Granny asked. ”Who's showing their muzzle at the reunion?”

“EVERY PONY!” Applebloom shouted sending letters into the air and getting a sigh from Spike who went back to stacking them up with one arm, his other arm still in a sling.

“Every pony?” Granny blinked.

“Every pony!” Applebloom exclaimed again.

“Yah sure?” Granny questioned.

“Well we have RSVP's from Yonder hill, Hollow Shades, Galloping Gorge, Fillydelphia, Unicorn Range, Appleloosa, Canterlot, Bayston, Wilmingtrot, Baltimare, Vanhoover, Macentosh hills, and Dodge city.” Spike listed. “Heck there's even a couple from Nox-cal in Lion Heart and at least three Apples were found in the Crystal Empire. and they wanna come tah meet their descendants families.”

“And Manehattan! Babs is coming!” Applebloom grinned flinging the letters into the air again much to Spike's annoyance.

Granny stared into space as Applejack and Twilight watched the filly bounce around them and then out the barn door as Spike started picking up the letters again.

“Well it sounds like you have quite a fun time ahead.. or at least a super busy time.” Twilight smiled.

“Don't cha mean we have a busy time ahead?” Applejack smirked.

“What? Isn't this your family reunion? I figured you'd want to deal with it like you do most of your family things.” Twilight shrugged. “I'll be happy to help if you need it though.”

“Oh dun worry girly, yer gonna be in tha thick of it too.” Granny smirked.

“What?” Twilight blinked.

“Well ya are knocking horseshoes with mai grandson and ah expect he ain't sharing yah, so yer pretty much family there, wed yet or not.” Granny offered.

“Ugh, did not need that mental image.” Spike grumbled.

“Me either.” Applejack agreed.

“Don't think yer gitting out of it either youngin. Applebloom's sweet on yah so you'll be helping us set all this up too.” Granny stated gesturing at Applejack. ”Now if ah could git this one tah look at a stallion with a bit more interest ah'll be set”

Applejack rolled her eyes at the 'not in the slightest bit', subtle hint.

“Really?” Spike blinked in surprise before looking at his sister.” This has got to be better than the last Sparkle reunion we went too.”

“Ugh, don't remind me. Uncle Placid Lake kept hitting Rahs with a broom and screaming about him stealing his dentures.” Twilight sighed.

“To be fair, Rahs did steal his hearing aid at the end of it.” Spike grinned.

“Yes, and then you planted it in Aunt Gem's purse where he could spot it. That turned the whole event into one big family brawl.” Twilight grumbled. “You two are the worst...”

“I don't want to hear it little miss 'aim for a elliptical orbit' they had to call the guard to help the family out of the duck pond after you got tired of the screaming while you were trying to read.” Spike pointed out. “ And you're the one who moved his teeth to begin with.”

“He left them on the bathroom counter! It completely disrupted the orderly flow of the sink and cabinet I had set up. I had to rearrange everything in order to get them to be fit and orderly.” Twilight ranted.

Granny stared as the siblings argued, before she leaned over close to Applejack to whisper in her ear.”Is it too late tah change mai mind about invitin them?”