Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3

by TDR

Mitchell Duel, prologue

Twilight Gets a Puppy
Season 3

Mitchell Duel,

[Three weeks after the attack on Sweet Apple Acres.]

“Rarity.... I'm gonna kill yah.” Applejack snarled.” Maybe not taday, maybe not tamorrow, but some time in tha future there's gonna be a front page spread in tha paper reading' little ole mare got mutilated late last night'.”

“Oh pish posh Applejack. I am simply helping you look your best for your release today. Besides I am hardly more than a year older than you.” Rarity hummed as she fiddled with Applejack's mane. The orange farm mare was sulking as she tried to look over a menu her brother had given her for a Chineighs place that had opened up. Lei ho Foxs. Applebloom swore it was run by a Kitsune.

Applejack winced as Rarity worked on a snarl, the beet chow mein sounded good. Anything was better than the food here, crappy food in tiny portions. She needed a great big bowl of this stuff.

The door to the room opened admitting the rest of the girls, plus Spike and Rahs.

“Oh Rarity, her hair is perfect.” Fluttershy cooed.

“Aa-hoo.”Rahs greeted.

“Pinkie Pie. You better stay away from her. “ Twilight frowned. “If you hug her again and she gets hurt again Granny Smith is probably gonna rip your lungs out.”

“I said I was sorry!” Pinkie Pie protested, but she stayed away from the bed where AJ was.

Spike looked over the open back gown Applejack was in and snorted in amusement.” Nice outfit Applejack, I'd like to meet your tailor.”

Rahs slapped his brother in the back of the head.

“Aa-hoo!” Rahs griped.

“I was being nice.” Spike smirked.

“Twilight seriously can we go, tha food they give me ain't crap, and tha portions are tiny. Tried tah sneak down tah get more, but ah guess they heard mah stomach howling round tha kitchen door. Seems tha doctor told um they better not let me in.”

“Yup. We got you cleared but one of us or other family members is going to have to stay with you for another week just to be sure. Also you will not be working on the farm for at least another three weeks. Pinkie Pie has agreed to watch you to make sure.”Twilight frowned.

“Yup I even have a new Pinkie sense for it, waggy tail, floppy ears, and pokey teeth means Applejack's trying to do something she's not supposed to.” Pinkie Pie smiled.

“Wait, you can......” Twilight started staring at Pinkie before shaking her head and flattening her ears.”Nope, not doing it, not even going to try to look into it, not gonna do it.”

“Well given you're going to be under watch for a couple a weeks you can come with me up to Canterlot
for a day. “ Rainbow Dash grinned. “Blue found a place called Trader Nick's. We can get you a pina colada.”

“A what?” Applejack asked standing up and yanking off the backless gown. Fluttershy turned a bit red as Pinkie Pie giggled. Rahs covered Spike's eyes.

“Aa-hoo.” Rahs explained.

Applejack stared at him then turned to Rainbow Dash.” Ah say again, a what?”

“Trust me you'll love it.” Rainbow laughed offering Applejack her hat. A hat she quickly pulled over her head and new mane do much to Rarity's horror.


Hooves thudded in the dirt at the crest of a hill. The creak of a wagon heard as it's puller paused a wide grin on her face as she looked out over the town from the top of the rise.

Finally, Trixie Lulumoon had come back to Ponyville.