Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3

by TDR

The Crescent Empire Episode 2, Part 6

Twilight Gets a Puppy
Season 3

The Crescent Empire
Episode 2, Part 6

[Top of the Palace]

Twilight Sparkle, was in no way a warrior.

She bounced constantly between easily distracted and insanely focused, had a list of issues and phobias, that while she had gotten better about, still affected her. As of late she had leaned far to heavily on anger to power through some of her issues when presented. This made many uncomfortable.

Twilight was primarily a scholar. She was most at home researching something or studying. She was also a clear bibliophile and thanks to her oldest friend, now sister in law, she had developed a few other odd interests.

None of which Big Mac seemed to mind.

She was also the Element of Magic, part of a set of six, and the most gifted spell caster in the last few generations.

She was still not a warrior.

She did know a few combat spells, but it had never been her field of focus.

She did exercise, but it was less to strengthen herself and more to remain fit with her otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

Twilight had also just watched her brother go sailing off the edge of a palace that stretched into the sky to save her.

She had witnessed her guard detail, one member of whom she knew very well, get trapped and possibly killed by black crystal.

She watched as the one responsible for this picked up the artifact she needed to save her sister in law and the whole empire.

Twilight Sparkle was not a warrior.

She didn't need to be.

She was pissed off.

King Sombra had no idea where the white unicorn with the burning mane and tail had come from. He did however know that he lost at least three teeth as well as his hold on the Crystal Heart when the unicorn's hoof smashed into his face.

The Crystal Heart bounced once, then went over the side like Rahs had.

Though Sombra had something more important to focus on.

Saving the rest of his teeth.

[ Through the fire and the flames.]

“This was not what I expected darlings... This way.” Rarity called making her way around a burning wagon, darting forward with a good dozen or so Crystal ponies following behind her.

When the dragon attacked Rarity had tried to help from her hat stand only to find no one was listening to her. Once she was sure Fluttershy was safe, her attention turned to some pony screaming from behind her stall. Stepping out she had seen a young colt stuck on the other side of wall of fire crying for help.

Running over to him she managed to beat back the fire with a bit of magic and the liberal use of the dirt in an old flower planter nearby.

The colt, named Garnet, was not looking for help for himself, but for the rest of his family that was trapped in their house.

Being who she was, Rarity followed the colt to a two story home wedged in between some taller buildings. The entire front of the structure was on fire and the colt had managed to slip out of a small window that wasn't burning but that the rest of his family couldn't get out of it.

Rarity wasn't sure what to do at first, though inspiration quickly struck.

Most of the houses she had seen were made of rather old wood, likely imported given they were in the tundra. The nails likewise were very old, and there were a lot of them, but they were small, and Rarity was used to working with small metal things.

With her horn glowing she grabbed all the nails holding the siding on the house and yanked them out.

A few wooden planks fell here and there, but with her urging the ponies inside started kicking at the walls.

With Rarity prying out the nails and bolts and the crystal ponies kicking they soon had a hole large enough to get everyone out of the house.

The next part had been a bit harder, the way they had come in now had a collapsed building in the middle of it, so the small group was forced to find another way.

That way led them towards a park and brought the dragon's attention to them.

Rarity didn't see who cast the shield that blocked the falling building, but she made certain to remember to find out who had done it so she could thank them when this was all over.

She didn't think she had been that close to being killed since she confronted the Bone Hounds.

Still that meant they needed to find another way through the burning city, and although Rarity was quite ready to freak out herself due to the situation, the Crystal Ponies were in far worse shape with their minds still scrambled, and she needed to take charge and press on.

“Well seems that way was a bust, let's try that side ally we passed.” Rarity said with faux cheer.

[ Inside the palace]

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyoutwoareperfectforeachotherhowhadineverseenthisbeforeohmystarsyouradorablepleaseletmeplanandpreformtheweddingwhenyougethitched.” Princess Cadence, goddess of love squeed as she hugged a confused Fluttershy and a panicking Pinkie Pie in her fore hooves.

A moment later the pair were on the ground and Applejack was in the air being spun around as the alicorn mare twirled and went air born, seeming to be in two places at once.


The pink alicorn was vanishing and appearing like she was teleporting around the room talking to all the guards consulting their love lives and declaring she had the perfect plan for Rahs to find his special someone. In the five minutes since she had drank the Shoggoth's milk, she had harassed every pony in the room, planned out her entire marriage to Shining Armor including 2.5 foals, figured out what to do about Chrysalis, and drawn up a plan for Rahs, Luna, and Celestia's love lives that took up twelve note books, five chalk boards, three pegboards, and half of the wall in the throne room.

No one knew where she got the chalk boards or the note books, let alone the pegs and string.

She was currently in the third chorus of explaining how, there was nothing one can know that isn't known, nothing one can see that isn't shown, there's nowhere one can be that isn't where one is meant to be, when she stopped.


And just like that Cadence was gone with a pink contrail of hearts following in her wake as she blasted out the window and vanished into the distance.

The room was silent a moment, the two guards and four element bearers stared after the blur.

“By Princess Luna's dimpled plot. What … The … BUCK!?!” Rainbow Dash shouted.

“Pinkie.”Fluttershy stammered.

“Destroying it now before she gets a second cup, or Princess Luna or Twilight try a cup.” Pinkie Pie nodded pulling a fire ax from her mane and advancing on the coffee maker.

[Faire grounds]

Spike slowly stood up.

Before him was a hat stand, cowering around it were a large number of Crystal Ponies who couldn't make it to the palace. Behind them the city was burning, the faire at the edge of the Palace, and the Palace itself were the only places currently untouched by the flames on this side of the city. He was vaguely distracted by a pink line of light that shot through the air over him, though the screams brought his attention back to what was behind him. The thing the crystal ponies were calling a juggernaut

Patches of his scales were broken along his right side and he could feel a sharp pain in his back, his arm hung uselessly at his side and his right eye was swelling shut from where he had been hit by part of the wall. Looking down he could see blood on the stone under him where he had landed and saw the glitter of his shattered scales across the road leading to where the massive black buffalo stood pawing at the ground nearly a block away. Spikes blood was splattered over the things head and what looked to be one of his green spines was impaled on one of the sharpened horns. Clearly that was why his back hurt so much. The library rumbled as the front wall collapsed behind the Juggernaut.

That sound seemed to be all it needed to start rushing towards him, barreling down on the dragon that dared to remain alive.

Spike flinched as he regarded the massive creature, his mind racing as his thoughts ran wild.

A normal individual might be considering how their life had turned out like this, or perhaps what god to pray to for salvation.

Some might even be wondering if they left the stove on.

Spike was thinking of none of this. He was only thinking of two things.

The first, was that there were a lot of ponies behind him that this buffalo was going to kill if he wasn't stopped, and for all the professing that he followed a Paladin code from his O&O games, this would be one of the first times he was really in a situation where it meant anything.

The second thing he was thinking about were quips.

All heroes gave some quip before they defeated their opponent and right now he was having trouble thinking of one. The only thing he could think of was that stupid Japony card game Snips and Snails tried to get him into, where every one had super weird spiky hair.

He did like the guy with the three white dragons though, he clearly had taste.

Still, it was better than nothing.

“You just activated my trap card.” Spike quipped, the last word turning into a deep inhalation.

His back hurt and several of his ribs screamed at him as tears welled in his eyes from the pain, green flames danced around his fangs and as soon as the charging buffalo got within a few pony lengths of him he let it out.

A gout of green fire burst from the little dragons mouth like a roaring inferno, engulfing the charging buffalo. Spike pressed on with the breath as the massive form reached him and blasted him with green ash that swirled and billowed around the little dragon, trailing off into the sky, leaving the street clear save a barely standing baby dragon.

[ Outside in the snow fields.]

“What the sharding fuck was that?!” Bleu growled as she landed again in front of the collected gods. Several of them looking after the pink streak that was trailing off to the distant mountain range.

“You hit me!” Celestia yelled up at the dragon.

“Whatever, you can take it.” Bleu snapped back.

“Thou hit me with mine own sister!” Luna protested. “ Do thee have any idea how heavy she is?”

“Okay, you I will apologize to.” Bleu smirked before looking back at the shield as it faded away.

“That was funny.” White added sipping a cup of tea atop of Martle's head. The white rabbit in his red vest not having been there a moment before.

“White!? What the buck?!” Celestia demanded as the rabbit drew every other gods attention.

“The time displacement on the empire is fixed, the trap is removed. Just power up the heart and you're good to go. Seriously have you ever seen some ones skeleton come out of phase three seconds after they do? It's not pretty.” White offered waving a paw. “Oh yes, we also need to deal with the fires,and Sombra, and Kayete, and this lout.”

Before any of them could say anything more about the rabbit among them, a massive cloud of green smoke coalesced in the air before Celestia.

A huge black buffalo solidified in the air crashing to the ground and spinning about trying to find out where the dragon it attacked went.

What it saw instead, was twelve gods, all with their attention soly on him.

Martle, White, Lockheed, Teacup, Ascepius, Fledge, Kaz, and a newly woken Burlap, stared at the dark solider dropped in their midst.

Iinii stared at a fallen member of his tribe.

Bleu, Luna, and Celestia, took note of all of that, and also of the bloody green dragon spine impaled on one of juggernauts bladed horns.

As one, twelve gods acted before the juggernaut had time to take its last breath.

Across Equss a flicker of magic touched libraries and school shelves alike. Scrabble connoisseurs and curious bibliophiles took note over time that one of their books had something new added.

A picture of a black buffalo with bladed horns and some sort of armor plate now resided in their dictionaries, under the definition of 'obliterated'.

[ Crystal Faire]

Spike sat down hard, whimpering as he coughed out a few more puffs of green fire. He took note of a number of the crystal ponies, slowly moving closer to him as if the check on him.

That lasted until a flash of light sent them all skittering away as a white unicorn with his fur still smoldering teleported in from the park near Spike.

Shining Armor cursed, looking into the sky for the dragon, smoke billowed from his mane and tail as embers burned along the hairs covering his body, causing him to flinch as patches of hair were chard down enough to sear his flesh.

A glance behind him showed the gathered crystal ponies huddling around the edges of the faire, though Shining Armor's blue eyed gaze snapped immediately to his younger brother and the condition the baby dragon was in.


“Yo.” Spike greeted with a wince.

A roar snapped the eldest Sparkle siblings attention back to the sky, as the dreadnought had spotted him and was coming in for the kill.

Out of all the Sparkles, Shining Armor 'was' the warrior.

He was also proof that things, other than random mental health issues, ran in his family.

The smoldering blue mane and tail the white unicorn possessed suddenly burst into a brilliant blue white flame, his fur took on a more golden coloration as if it was being lightly toasted. As he glared up at the Dreadnought. His teeth gritted in rage as his horn flared to light, nearly blinding those around him.

Far above the Dreadnought turned to dive at the unicorn, and slammed into a shield. It back winged away only to slam into the other side of the magenta globe that had formed around it.

A globe that was rapidly shrinking.

The massive dragon flailed, smashing into the barrier. It roared out screaming at the unicorn that dared to try and trap it.

Shining Armor roared back at it, smoke started to flicker up from his horn as it glowed with the heat he was putting into the spell. The fur around his horn starting to blacken and burn as he poured even more power into it.

The Dreadnought's roars turned into screams as the shield shrunk more, the sound of shattering bone, bending metal, and crunching scale heard in the air as the shield turned opaque, hiding the thing inside from view. The glowing globe shrank to half the size of a dragon, then to the size of a pony, then to the size of a rabbit. It was barely the size of a marble when the spell faded and a tiny bit of black stone fell to the cobblestone road way, shattering to dust on impact.

As the spell dropped Shining Armor staggered, falling to his knees as his mane and tail went out, trails of smoke curled around his horn, a new patch of black fur covered his forehead and a few streaks of charcoal coloration ran through his smoldering mane.

He panted heavily, his head lowered, though he snapped it up quickly as he felt a claw on his shoulder.

“What a day, huh?” Spike chuckled, wincing.

“Yeah. I really hope that was it.” Shining agreed.

It was at that point, the top of the palace exploded.


The main gate of the country of Yakyakistan burst inward as something hit it from the outside. Bits of wood and metal crashed down around the frame of the great door into the valley and sent a number of the yaks there screaming in terror, or rushing towards the gate to smash.

The soldiers that arrived however were greeted to the sight of a long trail of land clear of snow as if it had been blown away from the ground stretching back towards the frozen north where the Crystal Empire used to be.

Standing in the rubble of the gate and prancing in place was a pink pony princess clutching a crystal heart.

“OhsothisisYakyakistan,lovelyplacealsoyoutwoareatotalyperfectcouple,youshouldaskheroutandyoushouldn'taccepttheproposal,thereareotehryaksthatwouldsuityoubetterandifyoudidn'tfeelpressuredintoityouwouldseethat,hecanalwaysreturntherock.” Cadence ranted, pointing at each of the yak soldiers in turn as she spoke about them.”Anywaygotagetthisbacktotheempireyouallhavefunnowgottagobye.”

And with an explosion of motion and a rooster tail of snow about a mile high Cadence took off back towards the Crystal Empire with a sonic boom that filled the air with glowing pink hearts.

[Just before the top of the Crystal palace exploded.]

“YOU DARE MAR..PPPHH!” Sombra demanded only for another hoof to slam into his jaw from the other side. Sombra was certain he had just lost another tooth. He quickly tried to back away only for the mare to continued to rush him, hooves striking at anything she could get.

“ENOUGH!” Sombra roared, a pulse of power bursting from his horn sending Twilight skidding away from him. The mare remained on her hooves, blood dripping from her nose, her mane and tail crackling with flame. Four trails of fire where her hooves had scraped the surface of the crystal blazed behind her actually burning the magical stone. Twilight lowered her head, one hoof pawing the ground kicking up sparks as she growled at the larger stallion.

Sombra was not about to admit it, but he was intimidated as fuck.

He opted to stop talking and simply do away with whatever this mare was, his horn glowed brightly, a blast of black magic firing off in a beam at the mare.

A beam of purple magic burst from the mares horn meeting the black magic spell and causing a collision of energies. The swirling ball of magic rapidly grew larger as the two unicorns dumped more power into it. The orb of annihilation growing every larger as it shifted closer to one of them or another depending on who had the upper hoof at the second.

“A spell duel... you idiot, you're challenging ME to a spell duel?” Twilight snapped.

“After all I've seen you cast mare you've got to be on your last dregs.”Sombra snarled his eyes widening as Twilight laughed.

“Last dregs? Do you know who I am, you must not know who I am, I'm Twilight Sparkle, Bitch!” The white burning mare snapped, her power seeming to double as the energy ball pushed towards Sombra. The dark unicorn redoubled his efforts just to get it back to the middle between them, the mare barely seemed to be trying as the ball of death grew larger.

“I'm the greatest caster in the Crystal Empire. I will not lose to some random demented mare in my own Kingdom.” Sombra snapped.

“Listen here chuckles.” Twilight snapped.” I'm dizzy, I've got stars dancing in my vision, and I seem to be tasting sound. So it's a pretty safe bet you're losing to me when I've got a concussion. This would be over already if I could think straight.”

“Impossible, I was trained by Nightmare Moon in combat magic, there is none greater!!” King Sombra roared.

“Yeah, well, we kicked her ass two years ago, and then Discord's ass last year.” Twilight said as if it was old news, her words slurring a little. “You ain't shit.”

“What? You Lie!” Sombra snarled.

“The day I came to your piddly little empire was the greatest day of your life. For me it was Tuesday.” Twilight paused.... “ Or was it Thursday? You know what I don't care, I'm quoting Spike's stupid comics in the middle of a fight with a magic user who's magic I can see tastes like olives, I'm not doing the quips! I need to trounce you then go save my brother.”

Twilight's horn blazed brighter and the great ball of magical death pushed inexorably closer to Sombra.

In a last ditch effort, the black unicorn dropped his beam and threw up a shield, and lifted a wall of black crystal before him.

The beam slammed through the crystal, through Sombra's shield, through his mithral armor, then threw him back through a wall as the explosion took the roof off the tower and sent it spiraling off into space.

Comet Trail smashed out of the cracked crystal cage, snarling as he looked around at the now ruined top of the palace. The other black crystal cage was still intact and he could hear some one beating against the inside of it as Starscream tried to get out.

Looking around he spotted Twilight Sparkle wandering around shakily by the edge of the tower near where Rahs fell, and with a flash of magic she was gone.

"What the buck does she even need guards for?" Comet Trail sighed.

[Sweetapple Acres]

“Granny is lunch ready?” Applebloom called trotting into the farm house with Sweetiebelle and Scootaloo right behind her.

Big Mac looked up from the table where he was going over the numbers to see how many bits they could tuck away for the upcoming reunion, he offered the girls a small smile before going back to the numbers.

“Jus about sugar. Biscuits is about done.” Granny Smith smirked.

“Cool, thanks Granny Smith.” Scootaloo chimed up.

“Yeah, thanks.” Sweetiebelle added as well. “We wanted to eat before we started work on our parade float in the barn. Maybe we can get cutie marks constructing it.”

“Was wondering why all tha cows ran outta tha barn like their tails was on fire.” Granny Smith chuckled. “Jus remember if yah need help with power tools make sure there's an actual adult nearby.”

The fillies response was cut off as a whistling sound filled the air and a massive earth quake shook the farm house knocking things off the walls and sending the fillies tumbling.

“We didn't do it!!” Scootaloo said instinctively.

“EARTH QUAKE! GIT IN THA DOOR FRAME!” Granny shouted as Big Mac grabbed the lot of fillies in one fore leg, diving into the doorway between the living room and the kitchen. The large stallion stood over the fillies and Granny in case anything fell.

There was a shower of something hitting the side of the house and a sound like sand being poured over toys in a sandbox before everything was still and quiet.

Taking the moment to make sure everyone was alright Big Mac moved to the back door and poked his head outside. The first thing he noticed was a bunch of dirt had been thrown up every where. Looking around he next took note that the old barn was flattened again.

What had trashed it this time however was a massive white crystal spire that towered over the farm house. It's landing had leveled the barn and kicked up a great deal of dirt as it partially buried itself where the barn once stood.

Big Mac stared a moment, the spire looking like the underside of it was set on fire given the scorch marks marring what he could see. It kinda looked like one of those fancy rocket ship things one saw in the pulp magazines.

Granny poked her head out from beside Mac and looked around spotting the tower. She snorted and went back into the house.

“Durn aliens here tah steal tha cows again. Where's ma pappy's gun?” Granny Smith snapped.

[Crystal Faire]

Twilight appeared with a flash of light a few feet above the ground and fell down with a crash. She shoved herself back to her hooves seeing the blurry forms of a purple dragon and a white unicorn with a blue mane before her.

“Shiny, Spike?”Twilight mumbled falling against her older brother, her head swimming.

“Twilight .. what happened to you?” Spike demanded. “ Where's Rahs?”

“He fell a couple of minutes ago. I came down here to see where he went... what, where is he?” Twilight explained.

“I haven't seen him since he went with you to find the Crystal Heart.” Shining offered.” Where did he go?”

It was at this point Rarity's hat shop, the only stall to survive a rampaging Juggernaut, a Dreadnought attack, a epic magic duel, falling tower fragments, and the trampling hooves of panicked crystal ponies, exploded.

[Just before the top of the Crystal palace exploded.]

Rahs and Managarmr fell over the railing, bouncing down the sloped side of the palace before crashing into a small landing, a good twenty feet below where they fell from.

The pair barely noticed the impact, claws and teeth lashing out sending red and blue fur flying. The witch wolf had the bulk and strength, but flooded with the magic trap on the Crystal Heart, as well as what he ate from Sombra, Rahs was managing to hold his own.

Particularly since for some reason, his fur was white, and he was now also on fire.

Blood flowed freely from various wounds that barely managed to close up before being torn open again, the crystalline walls running red with it.

There was no banter or quips, simply savage attacks as Managarmr tried to break free of the frenzied fighting to use his larger size to his advantage.

Rahs was hanging onto the larger beast trying to use what grapples he was taught to get to any weak point he could reach.

The tearing of flesh and fabric filled the air as Rahs' pants were shredded and charred along with the flesh underneath, though his rear claws kicked wildly trying to tear open the witch wolf's belly.

The writhing ball of pain, growling, and hate might have continued until one or the other gained the upper claw, though the sudden explosion of the top of the palace dropped a few tones of rubble on their perch and shattered the platform sending the pair in a death slide down the side of the palace walls.

The crunch of bone and crystal sounded as they impacted a few ornate protrusions on the way down before the slope ended sending the pair launching out into the air to fall, still fighting, from the middle of the palace, easily ten stories up.

The sudden impact into a haberdashery, blew out the roof and partially collapsed the structure on top of them.

The crystal ponies around it panicked rushing away and giving it and the three Sparkles standing in the middle of the street a wide berth as the siblings stared at it.

There was some movement and a bloody figure rose from the rubble shoving aside a fallen wall as it hobbled forward, chunks of crystal and wood sticking out of it's form.

Managarmr snarled, sending the Crystal Ponies into a frenzy as the beast's eyes locked on the two unicorns and the dragon before him.

“It's been a long time since I've had unicorn meat.” The witch wolf snapped advancing on the trio.

The beast staggered forward suddenly, turning his head to look back only for a pair of blue furred legs in tattered pants to lock around his mid section and a clawed hand to grab the underside of his jaw yanking the red furred witch wolves head back to meet the amber eyes of the pissed off Moon Dog.

“I went for the throat this time.” Rahs snarled. His free hand slapping to Managarmr's neck, digging his claws in and yanking.

Blood sprayed from the neck wound as Managarmr roared and flailed, trying to get the moon dog off his back. Rahs pulled himself tighter to the larger beasts back his ears and shoulders getting clawed, though he sank his teeth into the witch wolves shoulder clinging on for dear life as he kept Managarmr's head pulled back , his claws still ripping at the creatures throat, tearing it out again and again before it could manage to heal.

The red furred witch wolf fought on, his roars becoming gurgles as he started to inhale his own blood, his attacks getting weaker as he staggered backwards crashing into the hat stand again and bringing the rest of it down atop the pair with a loud crash.

The rubble was still a moment more before the wood was shoved aside once again and a red furred form rose up. There was a collect gasp before it crashed back down into the debris.

Rahs pushed himself up, sparing a glance down at the dead witch wolf before taking a step away from the crushed hat stand towards his siblings.

His ears perked hearing the mummers and barely perceptible whimpers of 'witch wolf' that the crystal ponies didn't even try to suppress as they stared after him. He stopped and turned to face the crowd behind him causing many of them to flinch.

He was soaked in blood, one of his arms completely red from the elbow down. He was breathing hard and his fur was matted with blood and several open wounds were visible.

A heavy thud on the ground near him drew his attention to a bright orange coat that had just drifted down from above. He smirked picking up the coat and swung it around over his shoulders in a dramatic flourish that turned into a bow directed towards the Crystal ponies. He offered them a grin, spun on his rear paw, took two steps towards his siblings, and face planted in the middle of the street.

Twilight, Spike, and Shining rushed forward helping their whimpering brother up to at least a sitting position when a blast of air hit them and a ray of pink appeared over them.

Cadence spread her wings wide stopping to hover over the Sparkles, the crystal heart clutched in her fore hooves.

The Sparkles looked up at princess Cadence as she looked down at them.

There was a cry of 'Crystal Princess' from the gathered crowd and the Crystal Heart lit up, radiating rays of warm light that shown out and enveloped the Empire.