Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3

by TDR

The Crescent Empire, part 6

Twilight gets a Puppy
Season 3

The Crescent Empire,
part 5

[Former ice field]

“NO ONE!?” Celestia snarled, the tone enough that even Iinii had turned to watch her.” GOOD, shut up and listen. I just got my sister back and I'm not letting any of you lock her away again for no damn reason. You have a problem with the scanning spells we used to see if she was clear, blame Ascepius, she's the one who taught them to me. If you have a issue with Rahs Sparkle, tough shit as well, I helped raise him and he mauled Discord, so none of you are so much going to look at him funny.”

The naga blinked at being addressed.

Bleu after staring blankly at first started laughing, and then promptly fell off Kaz's shoulder with a thud clutching her sides as she cackled on the ground.

Kaz simply rolled his eyes

“Rhino! Fuck off! You're friendly as all get out if there's some information you want we have , but even getting so much as a sentence of information from you when lives are on the line is like pulling teeth!!” Celestia screamed out jabbing a wing at the rhino god.

“That is hardly....” Rhino began.


“Fucking off.” Rhino stated turning and very quickly headed south.

“Lockheed the only reason your over grown feather dusters of a race are not all dead is because of all the bits we send to keep them alive, your race is in shambles, your damn nobles all mostly live in Equestria. We allied ONCE to deal with the fall out of the Nightmare, that lasted three hundred years before you tried to take some of our territory and it cost you didn't it!? You're about as noble as what I wiped off my ass this morning in the bath room. You come here and try to start this nonsense with me? Guess what, that's it . You're cut off, and I'm deporting all your nobles living on my bit the moment I get back to Canterlot. Let's see how long it takes before your lower cast eats them.”

Lockheed's eyes had gotten wider and wider the more the mare ranted.

“Martle I told you centuries ago to keep your monsters out of my cities and every year I still have to deal with them.” Celestia snapped.

“I'm the god of sapient beasts, getting the dumb ones to do anything is like herding cats.” Martle muttered.” You need a Chimera to wander off somewhere, easily done, you want me to talk to a hydra? The moment it loses a head, anything that was in that head is forgotten by the others.”

“Fair enough” Celestia grumbled.

“Fledge...” Celestia glared up at the swan sitting on the buffalo's back. “For bucks sake pick a damn form and stick with it longer than thirty seconds.”

The harpy god frowned.

“Teacup, you're fine, our deal is still on with the breezies. What are we two hundred years away from completion?” Celestia muttered her hair at least no longer burning.

“A hundred and eighty nine.” Tea Cup answered.

“Good... Bleu seriously shut up....” Celestia rolled her eyes.

“No .” Bleu gasped before cackling more.”You punted him into orbit, hahhahahahahha.”

"BURLAP!!" Celestia started, staring at the orc god who was still standing in the same place he had been when they trotted up. A moment of study showed the massive green boar had fallen asleep where he stood and had likely missed the entire exchange.

"Never mind" sighed Celestia.

“And Iinii you already know what's going on, you're the oldest one here, you should have said something!” Celestia glared at the buffalo mountain.

“There was no need, you have dealt with the problem.” Iinii stated and turned back to watch the Empire.

“To be fair Celestia you knew you were going to have some problem here. Particularly with Luna turned inward so much at the return of this place.” Kaz commented.” Despite this not being her fault she is still clearly feeling guilty about it.”

“Had Kodiak not come after her, it would have stayed civil. But I have found I can only be a diplomat so long before I reach my limit. Threatening my family gets to that limit damn quick. Yes i expected issue, and yes she needs to get over it . We've dealt with this when she first came back.” Celestia looked back at Luna. Her fire having died down enough that snow was falling again. “No one with any common sense blames you Lulu.”

“Indeed.” Iinii stated. “Though there are other things here that we are still to deal with.”

“But what about my...” Lockheed began to whine.

“Stuff it Lockheed, I'll build some soup kitchens on the border, they're your people, fix it yourself for once. Bad enough I have to deal with Chrysalis on the loose again.” Celestia grumbled glancing up as a scroll burnt into existence above her horn. She unrolled it in her magic and read it. Her attention quickly going to the barrier, as she looked for the smoke creature.

“It is on the other side of the barrier. It stays too far in the inclusion zone for us to deal with it.” Iinii stated. “It is strong, but it is not showing enough power to be a god of any kind I have seen. A remnant of the darkness perhaps?”

“Sister.... what has happened?” Luna began, moving up to look at the note.

“Twilight's group was attacked. The Bearers are fine but one of your guards is badly hurt and several others are wounded. According to Spike if Rahs hadn't been there the guard would have died and the others would have been useless.” Celestia frowned noting a bit of easing on Luna's features. “They've made it to the palace.”

“Attacked huh...... this is gonna get interesting.” Bleu muttered, finally stopping her laughter.

[ The base of the Crystal Palace.]

“Letter's sent Twi.” Spike offered his gaze shifting around at his surroundings.

“Did you mention the rabbits?” Twilight asked.


“We'll send another later, let me put this some where” Twilight muttered shifting the stone slab with the doctors on it down to lightly place it on the cobblestones near the door to the palace.

Surrounding the group, scattered all across the city, sitting on the ground, the tops of buildings, random windowsills, atop lamp posts, under mail boxes, on the sides of walls, in midair, on beams of light, or on the edge of a shadow, were thousands of white rabbits. They were in reflections, under the water of a fountain they passed, clustered on the under side of awnings and wandering around in mid air.

The red eyed creatures paid them no mind and seemed to wink in and out of existence as any one got within a certain distance of them. Rahs was the only one they seemed to look at and the moment they noticed him, they vanished. Once the group had passed some of them reappeared but others did not.

They occasionally seemed to be nibbling on the edges of a building or a mote of light in the air. The one time they saw another pony, it had several of them in it's mane that seemed to be eating the strands of hair without the mare noticing. The mare quickly ducked into a building slamming the door behind her.

“This is new.”

“Yeah I'm not even going to try to figure out the rabbits at the moment.” Moon Dancer sighed glancing up at Rahs oddly.

“Right, we talk to Cadence first. Then we get started trying to fix this.” Twilight agreed. “Shining is there a library?”

“Yeah, two of them. A patrol found one down the main drag, looked excessively unused and there were chains on the doors. Had some of my team break in and the whole place is covered in dust like no one has been in there in a long time. Guess Solomon sealed it and forgot about it. The other ones smaller but it's in the palace here, probably a personal library. I've kept every pony out of it just in case there were traps, we haven't had time to do more than secure the main areas yet.”

“Okay can you spare a couple Guards to lead the research team to the locked up library?”Twilight asked as her brother nodded. “The six of us and Rahs will go see Cadence then check out the library in the palace. Moon Dancer you take over the research team for now. Spike, I need you to go with her, if you find anything, flame mail me. If we find something I'll send you something back.”

“You can flame mail each other now?” Sunburst asked.

“Yeah tuns out it's pretty easy to lock on to a target. I can send to Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, Twilight, Mom, and Bleu on top of Princess Celestia. “ Spike beamed. “It just takes a really expensive gem infused with a ton of magic to give me a lock.”

“Huh, something to look into later.” Moon Dancer pondered “ Alright ponies lets go, times a wasting we have a job to do.”

“Are you sure this is safe?” Spike questioned. “ We're splitting the party, 'in' the dungeon here.”

“Come on Spike, it's a library, what can go wrong in a library?” Twilight stated.

Both her brothers stared at her.

“Never mind, don't answer that.”Twilight sighed.” Look Spike, you'll have a bunch of Guards around, including Lodestone and you can flame mail me if something goes wrong.”

“Fine....” Spike sighed.” You're lucky my paladin code puts the needs of the many before the few.”

Despite their magical numbness the guards still split as needed and followed their respective groups with the exception of the fallen kirin. Two of the Heart Guard joined the research group and another two fell in with Shining Armor and the Element bearers as they entered the palace.

[Inside the Crystal Palace throne room.]

A pink alicorn lay slumped over the throne groaning softly as she struggled to raise her head, her horn glowed brightly, though there were heavy enough bags under her eyes to make her look like a raccoon. Her fur was some what matted and her mane a mess, she clearly needed a good preening as well.

A Heart Guard stood nearby with a campfire brewer, making several pots of coffee at once.

“Cadence.” Twilight called out as she rushed into the room with the others right behind her.

“Oh wow you look like crap.” Rainbow Dash pointed out, only to get an elbow to the ribs from Applejack.

“Greetings Princess we haven't seen you since the wedding.” Rarity chimed up. “You're looking..... well.”

“This is the worst honey moon ever.” Cadence joked. “I'm glad you're here, I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up. No pony will talk to us and the few who will don't remember anything. I'm hoping you might be able to find something or at least Fluttershy can ask the rabbits.”

“Oh I tried princess. But whatever they are saying sounds like gibberish to me.” Fluttershy frowned. “ they also don't act like any rabbits I know of.”

“Well so much for the easy way.” Cadence sighed.

“Scuse me fer asking Princess but why are you holding up that shield, ain't those more a Shining Armor's thing?” Applejack asked.

“I tried to start with, but the barrier passed through my shield like it wasn't anything, it was only when Cadence tried to help that it stopped. “ Shining Armor muttered. “Her shield is the only thing that is stopping the barrier from closing............”

“Well we passed through it pretty easy shouldn't be hard getting out.” Rainbow Dash offered.

“Yes well...” Shining looked to Cadence. “Cadence can't pass through the barrier, she's trapped here. We already tried to leave once. This place is like a trap designed for alicorns or gods or something.”

“You mean?” Twilight gasped.

“Right, if the empire vanishes, so does Cadence.” Shining Armor growled.