Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 3

by TDR

Mitchell Duel, part 1

Twilight Gets a Puppy
Season 3

Mitchell Duel,
part 1

[Ponyville, two days later. Tuesday, six am]

“Twilight Sparkle!”

“Oh stars! I was so close! SOOOOO CLOOOSE!!” Twilight whined gesturing with both hooves to the train station right across the road from them. She tossed her fore hooves in the air and flopped down on her, belly rolling onto her back and kicking her hooves into the air while screaming in frustration.

Applejack raised an eyebrow as she looked down at her friend. The farm mare was clad in her usual hat, though she was still limping a little and was covered in bandages. Her gaze shifts from the screaming purple unicorn to the approaching blue one with a frown.

“Twilight. It's Trixie. “ Applejack offered, her gaze not leaving the blue unicorn mare, dressed in her trade mark purple coat and hat. No really she had trademarked the pattern in Las Pegasus, Rarity was mortified.

“You say that like it's going to make things better, it's Tuesday Applejack, Tuesday! We were going to Canterlot to get away from it.” Twilight whined still laying on the ground.

“Did Trixie come at a bad time?” Trixie asked trotting up and looking down at the flailing mare on the ground. “ Trixie thought Rahs was the dramatic one.”

“It's been a bad few months.” Applejack sighed.

“Trixie expects so. You look like a mummy.” The show mare pointed out with a flourish of her cloak the movement revealing a silver amulet of some kind around her neck.

“Arrrghabbled rab.” Twilight grumbles, before getting back up to her hooves, dusting herself off, and putting on a bright, and very much forced smile.”So Trixie what brings you back to Ponyville, doing another show?”

“Something along those lines. Hold on, Trixie rehearsed this.” Trixie offered before stepping back a little and rearing up.

“By Celestia's wavy tail here it comes.” Twilight groaned to herself.

“Twilight Sparkle, Trixie challenges you to a duel for possession of Fuzzy!” Trixie shouted out with a flourish and a explosion of fireworks.

“And there it is.” Twilight bemoaned.

“Who tha heck is Fuzzy?” Applejack demanded.

“Rahs.” Twilight supplied.

“What? He ain't no object tah be traded or fought over.” Applejack growled.

“Of course not. But Trixie must first defeat Twilight and the others seeking his affections before Fuzzy can be hers. The magic link connecting the two must be broken and if Trixie proves herself more powerful she can take over that link and be connected more closely to Fuzzy.” Trixie explained starting to trail off as her eyes glazed over a little. “ And we shall have a love affair like Morticia and Gomez...”

“Pretty sure it doesn't work like that.” Twilight dead panned as Trixie ignored her.

“ Don't yah mean Romeo and Jenniette?” Applejack pondered aloud.

“Of course not , those two were a cautionary tail about keeping it in your pants. Seriously if either of them had the slightest brain cell between them or more patience than a four year old in a candy shop there wouldn't have been as many deaths.”Trixie explained continuing to ramble.

“I really don't think the link works like that, we've even tried to sever it before....” Twilight was again ignored.

“And we'll have a nice little split level home with a white picket fence and three point two foals, and a little dog house for a small poodle of some kind and a brick patio in the back for barbecues on Sundays and he can be a door to door sales pony and Trixie can be a stay at home wife with a blue frilly dress, a bouffant, and and pearls and he'll come home, and Trixie will ask how his day went, and he'll say better now and kiss Trixie, and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” The blue mare pranced in place seemingly lost in her own 50s house wife fantasy for a moment.

“Wait, why would that happen? Don't you wanna be a show mare and ah know he wants to be an actor. Where'd the sales pony thing come from?” Applejack questioned.

“Do not destroy Trixie's fantasy with something as mundane as facts!!” Trixie snapped at the earth pony.

“Seriously?” Twilight sighed.

“Trixie does not need this sort of abuse from you and your mare friend Twilight Sparkle.” Trixie demanded.

“She's not my mare friend.” Applejack snapped.

“Really, because Trixie heard you were dating one of the Apples and you always seemed the type to prefer mares and then there was the show where Trixie may have accidentally broken this one and the rainbow haired one up.” Trixie ranted.

“I seemed the what!?” Twilight demanded.

“She's dating mai brother and ah ain't ever dated Dash either!” Applejack grumbled.

“Really, do we have to do this? Do you know what day it is?” Twilight frowned ignoring everything else.

“What does the day matter? Trixie is on a mission from god!”

“Which one?” Applejack asked deadpan.

“That one over there.” Trixie pointed.

Twilight and Applejack looked, and Twilight's blood pressure spiked.

Sitting on a bench in front of the train station watching the altercation were three figures.

A tall pink alicorn mare with a crystal heart cutie mark was sitting there lifting kernels of popcorn from a small white and red striped bucket. She had a large mustache and goatee made of sea green hair on her face and was wearing both sunglasses and a fedora.

On her left a tall midnight blue mare with a wavy blue mane full of stars and a crescent moon cutie mark sat with what amounted to a big gulp cup filled with steaming coffee. She also sported a hat and sunglasses. Her mustache and beard were massive and seemed to be waving with a life of their own with light blues, yellows, and streaks of pink.

On the pink ones right sat a black furred mare with a number of carapace segments on her body and holes in her legs. She was sitting there looking on expectantly wearing a top hat and monocle as well as a massive handlebar mustache and floor length beard made out of the same sort of material that the one Luna was wearing was.


Celestia stared at herself in the mirror as she struggled to wake herself up. She yawned wide glaring at the mirror as she tried to figure out what felt off. Her sleep addled mind told her something was wrong, but it refused to give clues or any more information on the subject.

Celestia tilted her head to the side, turning a bit. Her mane was flowing fine, she needed to tend it as she had a bit of a bed head look. She wondered what would happen if she went out like this.

Oh wait she did that before.

It became the style for a few months. Seeing the nobles like that was hilarious.

So that wasn't it. She spread her wings idly nope still had those.

Her eyes suddenly opened wide, all traces of sleep gone from her mind as she turned shoving her rump to the mirror, showing the tiny little stub that was left of her tail.

Her mind whirled as she processed the idea before she growled.

“LUNA!!!!” Celestia bellowed


“Your sister is awake.” Chrysalis pointed out her ears perking at the echo.

“Indeed.” Luna nodded.

“WHAT ARE YOU THREE DOING HERE?” Twilight nearly screeched thinking of the collateral damage three goddesses being in Ponyville on a Tuesday could bring.

“Shipping sense was tingling.” Cadence offered as Luna pointed a hoof to Cadence and nodded in agreement.

“Don't look at me, I'm just here for the buffet.” Chrysalis smiled.

“Nope, nope, nope.” Twilight shook her head.

“Twilight, Trixie challenged you to a duel...” Trixie stated.” loser leaves Ponyville... for well at least a little while. Trixie has no plans to banish the sister of her paramour.”

Twilight twitched, a strand of her mane popping out of place as she gazed longingly at the train. She whirled about suddenly on Trixie her eyes wide.

“Right, fine, A duel it is! Onetwothree go!” Twilight shouted firing a beam at Trixie, the mare yelped and dodged out of the way as the beam hits a wall behind her and made it glow briefly. Trixie managed to right herself and fired a beam at Twilight who blocked it with a shield sending it into the ground where it erupted into a cluster of daisies.

“Oh noooo daises my one weakness... I cannot continue, I yield.” Twilight bemoans before darting over to Trixie rapidly scribbling out a list before grabbing the mares hat and shoving the list into it.” This is a list of all the things you can do today as well as the location of all my research notes on the link, good luck screwing with that as Princess Celestia was clueless. Rahs is still asleep, wake his butt up around eight or he will literally sleep until eight tonight then go to bed tired at nine. Spike should be up and he can help you but he has to go to school by eight so he can't help you wake Rahs unless you get him up earlier. Now I need to get Applejack to a doctors appointment so have fun storming the castle and don't break anything expensive in my lab. Peace out.”

Twilight Sparkle and Applejack both then vanished in a flash of light, reappeared on the train platform and quickly boarded the train. The train held up a minute more before chugging off at top speed with a clear magically assisted boost judging by the fact the smoke turned purple and the engineer was clinging to the engine for dear life.

Trixie blinked watching the train leave. She closed her eyes a moment looking down at the flowers then back up at the train.

“What?” Trixie questioned.

“Who cares, she left thee alone with our grand pup. Go and git to making great grand puppies, we are not getting any younger!” Luna called out waving a light blue pennant banner that had Trixie's name on it.

Trixie blinked and looked at the goddess before finally realizing she were right, before darting off with a giggle.

The three goddesses sat there a moment more before they looked at Luna who waved her banner in the air harder.

“Really auntie? “ Cadence asked.

“What? Her last name is Lulu-MOON. Of course we were going to support her.” Luna stated before. “Besides we know thee made thine own banner for thine favored suitor.”

Cadence sighed pulling her own flag out of her mane and waving a white banner with the name Jynx on it.

“Seriously Cady... Saturnia's gonna be mad at you for that.” Chrysalis frowned pulling out a green flag with her daughters name on it bopping Cadence in the head with it.

“We take you have informed your choices in this matter of todays situation?” Luna asked.

“Of course.” The other two mares agreed.

“So.... ten bits on whom he chooses?” Luna asked.

“Deal.” the other two chuckled.