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Latest story expanded · 9:20pm March 6th

Far Away from Home had been significantly expanded. Plus ~300 words total, mostly to ease the logic gap in between. A few corrections all over the text too.

It's marked Complete. Does it need a sequel or a second chapter, though? I mean, it is not the primary project, so no pressure one way or the other.

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A letter from a place not so far away · 9:08am March 3rd

important edit: please note that in the original story there is an asterisk with a few clarifications in the first comment to that story; the author's intended meaning was different than the one I got when I read it and when I had been publishing the text below.

My reply would not work and would not exist for the antagonist of Trixie Kicks a Bigot who advocates genocide.

I saw no such advocating in the first edition.

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A few bits about me · 11:01am February 22nd

For my soul, MLP started at Season 4, and got me invested in Season 5. I appreciate and sometimes feel a longing for the almost pure Utopia of Season 1, but it is not my home.

I am not the Grimdark author though, and never will be.

I live in Russia, so English goes as my second language. My stories are, in fact, very much improved by my proofreaders and beta-readers.

I have really little experience in fanfiction, but have a few original short stories in SF/Fantasy genres.

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