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Cloud Ring


"I'd rather sing!"

Have you ever thought, for a second, what may happen if a spirit of a world faraway and lost would call to you in the song?

The cover art from here, author of the image is CloudyGlow.

Teen for minor erotic innuendos. Dark and Drama are light, for my tastes, but better to remain on the safe side here.

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Let me guess, this is an AU where AJ and Fluttershy got dunked into the Stream of Silence?

First, yes.
Second, for this to work, Autumn Blaze herself should be much more on the careless/evil side. Still not necessarily outright evil, though.
Third, much more than that, it's needed that kirins had some power on the existential level. Up to reader to decide if the end of the world is local or global here. Probably not global: as we see it from the 'usual kirins' side, local option works too.

So, this AU is... far away from the canon.

Pete100 #3 · Monday · · ·


This was delightfully disturbing to read, a rather rare thing to see for me.

To stuck in the woods, and miss years - or ages of time, is a quite old mythology/tales/legends trop. Old, dark, and somehow forever astonishing, especially, if one who lost was awake all this time. The fear - what world we come out to, the sadness of world gone forever, the lost world, where nothing ever changes or happens, and its somehow not boring.
That. Was. Beautiful.
How many years they exactly was there? By feelings, its ages, at least, maybe millenia.

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