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Deep under the resplendent city of Canterlot lies a web of vaults, containing many secrets hidden from the common folk. One of such undercrofts shelters an extraordinary artifact – the crimson horn of King Sombra, the uneasy spirit of the corrupted unicorn still within it.

After months of careful consideration, Princess Celestia ventures down into the delves underneath to confront the fallen king, determined to aid him and bring him serenity at long last.

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Comments ( 55 )

This story delves into the feels pool, it shows that Sombra still has a little silver lining in his dark heart.

Damn, you did good with this. He has earned his rest

Remarkable, how the purest of loves can drive one to the vilest of actions.

So simple, but very well written. Even though it's length isn't that long, and to be honest your character choice could have been better, it was definitely a good read.

Simple and so lovely of a background

Truly, love knows no bounds.


Thank you kindly.


I doubt there ever was a villain without a lining like that in their hearts...


Thank you very much. He certainly did.


When hope is lost, sometimes love does not suffice.


Thank you for your honest words. I am glad you enjoyed the story nonetheless. :twilightsmile:


It's my pleasure, thank you.


Love and hopelessness often do not, no...

This is so good. You actualy almost brought tears to my eyes. Haven't had anything do this to me since FF Crisis Core.
Great job on the story.


My pleasure, friend. I am glad that my tale can spawn such reactions.

Removed from Tragedy. Does not contain Tragedy tag.


I cannot help but notice that there are stories in the group without that tag. But I shall comply, if that is the decision.

I'm cleaning them out as I speak.


How convenient. Glad to have started a clean-up action.

You are still welcome to read the story though. :twilightsmile:

It is a good story.


Thank you very much.

5255422 Ah, well, it's always great to see your reader's give an honest opinion.

This is how I always pictured King Sombra. Driven by love to do the bad things/do the things necessary. And always saw him close with the. Princesses. Though now i am curious of who the mother is.


I cannot promise an answer to that question, I am afraid. Perhaps in the distant future... :pinkiesmile:

5257746 :derpyderp2: HIINT!! That was a hint for something!!! Hmm, do you mean you might expand this at a later date or that you have plans. Just aren't fully convinced??


Forgive me from keeping you in suspense for so long, friend - I might decide to write about Sombra again, but for now I have other ongoing projects that I need to focus on. Feel free to stick around though. :twilightsmile:

Kind of reminds me of Lord Soth this version of Sombra does.


Intriguing comparison, I have to say. It did not occur to me, but I see some similarities at least, yes. :twilightsmile:

A truly wonderful and captivating story sir :raritycry:


Thank you ever so kindly... :twilightsmile:

this story warms my heart:twilightsmile::pinkiesmile:


And that makes me very happy. :twilightsmile:

5629604 good to know now have a pet baby Mexican dragon:moustache:

The feels! Love this story, just one q, did celestia kill sombra even though he said that he is stuck in unlife, i think (or something else ;3), or did she litterally free him? Anyways this is the best story i have yet to read, look foward to any other sombra stories you may possibly do!:twilightsmile:


I like to leave the interpretation of the ending to the readers... :twilightsmile:

When it comes to other stories, I will most likely write yet another about Sombra in an unspecified future. He is a very nice character to uncover and build in fiction.

Oh. now that i read it again i understood, i accidentally skipped the bowed her head part, now it`s clear to me. The end keeps getting to me! It`s so sad. The perfect ending to the perfect story.

Lovely! This is a spin on Sombra I've never read before and I have to say it's the best so far!


Thank you kindly. :twilightsmile:

And as much as Celestia knew that she did nothing wrong

Fuck that noise. Leaving a child to die because ~destiny says so~ is about the wrongest anyone could possibly do.


To some, it is indeed the case, I agree. But Celestia did make her choice, the choice she thought was best and just.

"She's not just callous! She's incompetent and has lousy judgment, too!" is hardly the best defense of the character.


I think we have suffered a misunderstanding. I am not trying to defend Celestia, nor would I agree with her choice. In my opinion, however, she is always taking the "big picture" into consideration, so her actions would be less based on emotional investment and more on calculation, despite the kind and benevolent side of her we know. It is the moral dilemma of a ruler and someone of greater understanding of the rules of the Universe.

I am, however, glad that my storytelling did invoke an emotional reaction. :twilightsmile:

You might want to reword that part of the story a bit, then, because having that kind of statement coming from the narration instead of explicitly her own inner thoughts is usually used to signify that you're stating your opinion of her actions, not her own. People will probably keep getting confused by that. Just saying "but even though she still knew she had done the right thing" instead, or something like that, makes it clear you're just giving exposition on her own thoughts.


Thank you for pointing that out then, I did not spot the fact this might have been confusing. :pinkiesmile:

It's a writing convention of sorts. The perspective you used is called the third-person omniscient point of view, where the story is thought of as told more or less by the author himself, or at least someone representing authorial fiat, who knows everything that happens simultaneously and who never states anything that we aren't intended to believe is factually true. The other way of doing it is the third-person limited point of view or "unreliable narrator," where it's assumed that the narrator is a character from the story. In that case, the narration would typically (though not always) refer to Celestia as "I" and we'd be expected to assume that the narration is her talking to us, so that we're only seeing what she knows about, feels or thinks. As it is, any part of the narration that's not describing a thing that happens in the story is conventionally considered a statement from you personally.

There are some exceptions, such as an omniscient third-person narrator who has a personality of sorts and may give opinions or make jokes, but doesn't exist in the story universe. You tend to find that in comedies, for example. As a general thing "omniscient impersonal" and "unreliable personal" are how it's done, though.

You really, really should remember that in case you ever write a story involving religion or politics, unless you enjoy hate mail a lot. Just a little bit of personal advice. :rainbowlaugh:


Fair point! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for your advice. It's good to receive it from a person with visible experience. :twilightsmile:

That ending cracked my stony heart.


My honest pleasure... :twilightsmile:

So beautiful. Makes me pity Celestia instead of hate her and that's the mark of a well-crafted piece here, IMO. I loved every second of reading this. My heart sobs for Sombra and wishes him peace and to be with his daughter and wife, despite his crimes. If it were at all possible for Celestia to do this and were it a world where death fully paid the price for one's sins, this is what I would wish upon the mad Crystal King of the North.


I thank you for your kind words, I am glad I was able to invoke such powerful emotions with my work. I was always intrigued about the real reason for Sombra's actions. Nobody is evil just for the sake of being evil, just because his "heart is black as night". And I do not believe anyone to be born vile. It is the choices we make that define us, not predestination or Fate.

Thank you once again...

*you watch as an inky blob of sombras dark magic hits the tombstone, arising slowly a deathly figure rises from the grave

"7 out of 7, I may have found a new favorite author" it says before falling on its face

Very heart breaking, and it's actually the greatest story I've ever read about Sombra, and why he's committed such crimes.


a little silver lining in his dark heart.

Or like polishing a piece of jet to a mirror shine...

Aww what sweet story.

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