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A Pole by birth, a Lawgiver by trade and a Trickster by choice. Altogether a most friendly, sociopathic madman. At your service...


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  • EYour Money or Your Life
    When mugged, it is good to encounter a professional. And Princess Cadance is lucky to... meet a true expert?
    Gulheru · 2.2k words  ·  1,360  14 · 13k views
  • EInterview with a Batpony
    Twilight Sparkle has a one of a kind chance to talk to an actual batpony. It is a great opportunity to finally learn the truth about their species. Entry to the EQD's Batpony Writeoff.
    Gulheru · 7.6k words  ·  686  8 · 16k views
  • ERendezvous with a Batpony
    Twilight Sparkle manages to set up another interview with the amicable batpony of Ponyville. Yet another chance to uncover the secrets of those remarkable species.
    Gulheru · 12k words  ·  565  7 · 8.7k views
  • EStand and Deliver
    When plotting revenge, it is good to find yourself a willing and useful accomplice among your enemies. And Queen Chrysalis is... lucky to meet a professional...?
    Gulheru · 9.6k words  ·  352  5 · 4.1k views