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This story is a sequel to Your Money or Your Life

The cunning Queen Chrysalis is back, seeking vengeance upon all of the ponies! To fulfill her desire, but avoid unnecessary exposure, she decides to infiltrate the Crystal Empire and acquire aid from one of its very residents, by seduction, persuasion, or coercion if necessary. That way, she can plot away in safety, utilizing the fool until he outlives his usefulness!

Surely a professional and ambitious upstart with a shady background, who has just been appointed the new Imperial Tax Collector, is the perfect target.

… maybe too perfect?

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I immediately love this because the saying reminds me of the bandits from Sacred


Many bandits turn to those words! It's iconic!

being such an old game I doubt I could ever find a clip f them saying it but yeah, it is the most well-known line of any character in sacred

Oh Chrysalis you poor thing. You're in for a ride.


Get ready! :twilightsmile: I'm very glad you enjoyed it so far!

Oh no, here we go again... :rainbowlaugh:

I absolutely love how you've adapted his old requst for his new job.


Well, ponies... or people, in general, do not change. We just adapt. :twilightsmile:

WOOHOO, legal and dotted line should never, ever , ever meet, the universe could not handle that level of focused chaotic lawful in one place XD


I think it's Lawful Lawful. Or Lawful Exasperating, actually. :pinkiehappy:


I'd think Basis has more sex appeal than a road accident. :rainbowlaugh:


Why, thank you, I will train my humility and accept that praise. :twilightsmile:

This is gonna be intereting.

Chrysalis, don't be a fool!

You're nowhere near evil enough to withstand the sheer wickedness that is a tax collector! :fluttershbad:


Hey, hey, let her try, she has to learn! :twilightsmile:

8702188 She may not survive... wait, why do I care? NO MORE CHERNGELERNG!! :pinkiecrazy:

Legal Basis, you are a monster a bureaucratic monster. :rainbowwild:


Oh, please, don't...

... we are not done yet.

Without any further warnings and with the most casual of motions, the stallion opened one of the desk’s drawers and produced from it an actual, makeshift club.

Nowadays who doesn't hide a club in the drawer? :rainbowlaugh: Great start!


:looks into his own arsenal: Oh, I know.

It was... creepy. And Chrysalis knew creepy like the back of her carapace... Occasionally rotating one’s head all the way around had its merits.

Yeah that was, unnerving. But I liked it, I like the idea of Changelings being slightly alien, not just in body, but mind. It makes them fun to work with. Ponies have mindsets fairly similar to humans, for the most part, but Changelings are unlike anything on Earth, and that makes them fun for me to work with, how they work, their society, spirituality, their mind, their biology, etc.

Oh my god. They just out-Vetinari’d the man himself. This is a whole new level of twisted; somewhere, somehow, the Patrician is watching and enthusiastically applauding.


It's an interesting race concept... that I honestly would have preferred retained, instead of turned technicolor, but... :ajsleepy:


Oh, I think you've seen nothing yet. :twilightsmile:


It's more than that, they have sleeker bodies and don't have holes in them anymore.


Stop tormenting me, or Chrysalis gets it! :raritywink:


I would hard.t classify that as a threat.

8702626 And they are Skittles Bugs.


That too. Not entirely sure why they changed colors other than for marketing purposes though,

8702745 Because white or brightly colorful = good, black = evil.

Gotta git dat racism established early, don't ya know? (With all the PC people in media, how have they NOT noticed this one blindingly obvious trope?) :trollestia:


So, marketing. Kinda. In the sense of new toys. Well, I suppose Hasbro is a toy company first. Eh, I still enjoy the show, I'm good.

8702762 I'm so glad "Gravity Falls" creators didn't let marketing get in the way of storytelling. Now there was a series with wit and construction the likes of which I've rarely ever seen in any animated show. It's the gold standard now for how to tell 'adult' stories for kids and EVERYONE can love it.

Am I not supposed to be shipping them?


... that would be an interesting couple, though I fear if this relationship would not have high levels of "legal domestic violence".

I can't wait to see Legal Basis's forms for that!

A Chysalis/Basis team-up...

"the only thing worse than a changeling armed with an ironclad system of rules is a changeling who's found a gaping hole in them" (<-- shamelessly ripped from HFY)


Sounds like an interesting concept, indeed. Though, there are still two reams to tame before any team-up happens. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by ChronoMitsurugi deleted Feb 1st, 2018

... no, that wasn’t quite right. The Speck of the Changelings? Alright close... but still not as clean as the floor.

She's gone delirious from boredom.

... ugh, what a disturbing image, for many reasons.


“ ‘Not applicable’.”


“Taxpayer Identification Number, perhaps, ma’am? Or National Business Registry Number?”

You would either be Discord's biggest threat, or he'd be the one being you KNOW to fear because at any moment, his mind could be turned inside out by him on a whim.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.”

This will end horribly or wonderfully.

I'm half expecting this to have been an elaborate trap and that the document Chrysalis just signed detailed her upcoming friendship lessons and/or community service.

Oh. The fine print. You really should have read it through, Chrysalis. I await the next chapter with a slightly manic grin.


Why not both? It's a comedy about legal torture after all!


Time will tell and reasonably soon. :twilightsmile:


Not as manic as me and my profession, trust me. :pinkiehappy:

Either Legal Basis has just signed her surrender, which I doubt, considering his overtly straight-laced principles...

Or he's confident that he can break her down through his following of procedures.

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