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Lovely Art By Inuhoshi-to-darkpen

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This is exactly the story I need this late at night. :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowkiss: Glad you had fun reading it.

I had a blast writing it.:trollestia:

Oh my god! This is pure gold :rainbowlaugh:

The eyes are windows to the soul.:trollestia:

Glad you liked.

We need a new tag for stories that could happen in the show.

I wasn't serious. I was just paying a compliment. :ajbemused:



I can picture you with just like the most serious face.:rainbowkiss: - i65.tinypic.com/vhs12t.jpg

Well, that was short, fun, and- snooort!

The mighty sleep snort can solve anything from war to age old disputes!

The bold drawn on eyes help as well...:trollestia:

that was terrible and hilarious and now i want to see how Luna reacts to all the ponies praising her for ending an invasion she doesn’t even know about.

This was silly, dramatic, and fun.
If not for the handful of typos, it would be silly, dramatic, fun, AND glorious.... alas, such is the way of things.

Seinfeld theme plays

Alas I can't be perfect.:rainbowderp:

I must bathe in my flaws, like a swine within the mud!:raritycry:

But at least i have Wabi-sabi! :rainbowkiss:

Glad you had fun reading.:twilightsmile:

That moment when you can’t like a story because the like button moved to the bottom and you didn’t know about it.

Sometimes websites and computers, can be our greatest foes.


Yaassss!!!! That needs happen!!!! Like NOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since you are like the second person to agree with that...


LOL :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

But seriously, want to see it happen...

Last I checked, the princesses were pretty crap at saving Equestria.

Hoping for a sequel--maybe Celestia trying the same stunt with political intrigue of the Day Court?... :trollestia:



I might see what I can come up with, don't want to rush it.:twilightsmile:

true. if you do write a sequel/bonus chapter, we’ll want it to be the same (if not, better) quality of humor as the one before it! :)

Heehee. Yep-yep!

I came up with this one a good while ago, just barely got around to writing it.:twilightblush:

its ok, writer’s block (or just general laziness) can get even the best of us :twilightsmile:

This story made me giggle so much. These short stories do make my day so much brighter.


Honestly I kep't pushing it back, because I thought no one would think it was funny.

But then again my first draft of this was Luna fake sleeping through Celestia's speech, during a celebration.

Changed it up to this later.:rainbowlaugh:


i'm happy I could make you smile, with a silly tale.:pinkiesmile:

Either way, I’m glad you wrote it!!!:twilightsmile:

Very cute, the ending was a little bit rushed, but the premise was great, the prose and grammar are spot on, and the execution was lovely.

Thank you very much for sharing!

You're welcome and Thank you.:twilightsmile:

Also yes...rushed...I totally didn't just run out of ideas on how to end it...hehehe...


ooooo yesh thats the stuff:rainbowkiss:


Also yes...rushed...I totally didn't just run out of ideas on how to end it...hehehe...

Heh, it happens, the story was still very good, I'm happy to have read it.

I laughed so hard I cried.

Always happy to make people cry.:trollestia:

Moments like this are why I love the fandom. Well done.:pinkiesmile:

Luna quickly gave a quick gaze across

Hmm a repetition here.

she quickly yawning as loud


Thank goodness they have their 'moments', otherwise they'd be the most useless characters on the show. XD

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